Hands-on Program Curriculum


Hands-on Program Curriculum

This 48-hour certificate program is delivered over the course of three weekends. Each 16-hour in-person seminar is offered twice a year.

Evaluating and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Spine

  • Identify the primary subluxation with comprehensive examination protocols
  • Learn specific adjusting protocols for the entire spine, including both meningeal and structural subluxations
  • Develop a pattern of adjusting protocols that have the greatest impact with the least input
  • Determine when, where, and how to make the first adjustment as well as corresponding types of adjusting procedures for the specific subluxation findings

Evaluating and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Cranium

  • Evaluate an infant’s cranium, including neurological, structural, and functional parameters
  • Learn how to safely make specific and effective corrections to any aberrant patterns
  • Improve cerebrospinal fluid mechanics with CSF-specific balancing and movement adjustments
  • Reduce or remove abnormal dural tension in the cranium
  • Restore sphenobasilar motion and correct distortion patterns
  • Correct cranial bone and palate imbalances

Mastering Common Challenges in the Pediatric Practice

  • Learn symptom-specific techniques for the most common subluxation, structural, neurological and soft tissue patterns
  • View demonstrations and workshop adjusting protocols and ancillary procedures
  • Deep dive into common pediatric issues, including: vagus nerve involvement, tongue-tie, plagiocephaly, TMJ issues, ear infections, abnormal palate development, nursing problems, digestive issues, and allergies, and more

Alternatively, there is a 10-month online version available.

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