Praise for:
Chiropractic Cranial Immersion

“Before taking this class, I was doing cranial adjusting from what I learned through KST. I wanted to dive into intraoral work and understand deeper how to decrease dural tension and increase CSF flow.

 I wish every chiropractic school would put as much emphasis on cranial adjusting as they do upper cervical analysis.

  1. This program elevates the level of service that I and any chiropractor who takes this class can give to their patients. There have been dozens of people who I have cared for over 28 years that for the first time I have found other neurological imbalances and addressed it.
  2. The online program is perfect for the practicing chiropractor since one can view a short video and practice it right away. A weekend seminar provides through information, but for me would be too much to process and integrate. This is a slow drip method that one can do at their own pace and they can watch and rewatch over and over again.

 I have seen an array of cases of the past 28 years yet there was still room to broaden my scope to be able to help more complicated neurological cases. The 12-year-old boy with Rett’s for instance was up out of his wheelchair and put pressure on his feet with the help of his mom for the first time in 2 years after only 2 cranial adjustments!!! Before coming to the office, he would have a seizure every time he urinated and that is gone too!!! Those results are priceless and will open the door to see others like him whose parents are looking for solutions. Personally, that has brought me immense joy to have that kind of impact on a family who has to give this sweet boy 24/7 care by easing their stress and giving them some hope. An added message…When the mother took her son to his neurologist the other day, she told him what I was doing with her son and he looked me up on my website, social media, and reviews and then explained to her how this technique I was doing was helping her son!! That was a WOW to me and is soooooooooo much more rewarding that just helping someone’s back feel better. Our office is about family wellness, so by sharing this testimonial with other people we serve, we will attract more new people with cranial issues that we can successfully address.

 Another example would be instead of just adjusting someone’s TMJ as I would in the past, I now am addressing cranial distortions that are causing the TMJ to many of my patients. This is bringing more long lasting results.

 YES!!! I would recommend this program.  Everyone has had an impact to their cranium (chiropractors too) and unless it is addressed, it will continue to affect the physiology of their body. No matter what technique one uses, this course will only maximize results and better function for their patients.

 The two of you are masters at cranial work and I appreciate feeling like a beginner at something even after 28 years of practice that I feel is a game changer to making what we offer even more special and unique than the medical profession and what other chiros in my area are doing.”

Dr. Karen Ferguson

“I decided to take this course because I wanted to perfect my skills and get deeper details to take my CC exam through SORSI soon.

My takeaways are that the finishing techniques are very important. The sphenobasilar can clear out a lot of cranial distortion. And lastly, that there is a hierarchy of cranial correction related to the brain-occiput (sphenoid for kids), temporal, frontal.

This program has helped me add more cranial corrections to my practice. I have gained more confidence in this work.

I have added better skills in using visual analysis for pediatrics. My frontal bone corrections have become more specific related to the head tilt. I have seen the cranial shape improve a lot and the head tilt disappear right there.

I would absolutely recommend this course. I love how deep, but also bite size the information is. I have been doing cranial work for 12 years and still got SO much from this program.

The Cranial Immersion program is one of the best comprehensive cranial courses that I have taken. It covered most aspects of cranial work and went into the basics that some of us that have been doing this work for a while skin over.

The fact that it was dropped slowly forced me to focus on some of the topics that it’s been awhile since I have learned. Some of the topics that I didn’t realize were so important were taught in an easy way showing me the importance and I implemented them in practice right away and saw increased results.

Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m excited to keep learning from both of you!”

Dr. Jeanne Sandheinrich

“Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting has truly been a game changer in my office and has improved my abilities to care for my patients with a unique set of skills that I intend to continue to improve upon. This course allowed me to dive deep into every facet of Cranial Adjusting one piece at a time, improving my understanding of the material.

This is the most comprehensive course on Cranial Adjusting that I have encountered, the availability of Drs. Rosen and Watson to answer any questions from all the Doctors was greatly appreciated, and the Doctor share Q&As were a wonderful adjunct to the course material that tied the concepts taught together wonderfully!

 This program has added depth to my understanding of Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting and the ability to effectively apply it within my office.

 Temporal movement and corrections are simply one. This week, a young man fell backwards striking the back of his head on an end table. Shortly afterwards, the boy developed tics and spasms globally throughout his body. MDs cleared him from any type of injury that they would recognize. Along with addressing the sagittal suture and sphenobasilar, he showed a bilat ext. temporal subluxation and upon releasing these and balancing the CSF, that night the tics and spasms resolved.

 There is so much information being released at this time on the subject of cranial work, yet much of it is littered with inaccuracies and outright wrong information. Having a course on the subject that is accurate and supported by decades of clinical experience is invaluable to this subject matter and Chiropractic as a whole.

 This course was a wonderful addition to my studies of Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting, being able to dissect the information one step at a time at this pace allowed me to truly grasp more on the understanding and application of this information and techniques.

 Thank you so much for the effort in this and all of your programs! I appreciate it!”

Dr. Ken Cooper

“I took this program to expand my knowledge and skills thus improving my effectiveness as a practitioner and person.

 This program is 1. Extremely comprehensive 2. Highly organized 3. Gives you the necessary tools to be the Chiropractor you dreamed of becoming.

 From a young practitioner I have always known when what I was doing wasn’t serving me or my patients. It was like hitting a wall. I felt that in 2018. I prayed for an avenue to new knowledge to improve my skills. In the ensuing days Drs. Rosen and Watson’s Pediatric Seminar appeared on my Facebook account. I am still learning which has lead to countless ways that Peak Potential…Marty and Nancy…have changed me as a Chiropractor…having re-invigorated my knowledge and skills…and as a person…to which has added purpose, inspiration, and motivation to everything that I do…with my family, friends, and life itself!

 This is an everyday occurrence. I was treating a woman who was 5 months pregnant. She was diagnosed with papilloma. It was putting pressure on her optic nerve causing blindness and affecting her CSF pressure…measuring at approximately 38 mm. Since she was pregnant they couldn’t operate, which gave me some time to work with her. After three months of treatment she went in for her appointment with her Ophthalmologist. The doctor stated that the CSF pressure had significantly diminished, she was no longer going blind, and that the papilloma was no longer present. As a side note, I do not take credit for this! I learn, acquire knowledge, and then apply it to the best of my abilities…always looking to upgrade, reframe, re-pattern, and improve myself and my skills as a Chiropractor and personally as a human being. Marty and Nancy through Peak Potential have given me the opportunity to do exactly that!

 This program is a no brainer! If you are searching to become an impactful Chiropractor…and really make a difference with your patients and yourself…well, begin Peak Potential…challenge yourself, see the many opportunities that lay ahead as you study and do the work…and don’t look back! You will be very happy that you put the time in! It WILL change your life!

 Marty and Nancy…offer the most unique programs to treat any and ALL conditions/manifestations/subluxations that befall the human experience. The “Major’s” work that they have so eloquently organized and expanded on…what should be taught within the Chiropractic curriculums…is a choice all Chiropractors should choose to make!

Thank GOD every day for Marty, Nancy…and their “baby” of Peak Potential being in my life..even after all these years! Retire…NOOOOOO!”

Dr. Robert R. LaRusso

“This program was the natural next step in deepening my understanding of cranial adjusting, and I took it with the hopes of refining my skill set. 

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson are an invaluable resource when you consider their experience, expertise, and genuine passion for this work – it’s clear that they want to equip doctors to have a full toolbox of techniques to care for their patients. In this program they do a great job of painting a full clinical picture so that the application of the techniques is clear, and then the additional contact through the live Q&A and the Facebook group helps you be able to tie it all together. 

I think it’s vital for growth, personally and professionally, to be a lifelong learner. Completing this course gave me more techniques to be able to use in practice to better serve my patients. This was also an opportunity to be reminded that investing energy, time, and money in improving myself will absolutely always be worth it!

 The fruit jar series is probably what I use most from my babies on up in practice, and as of late the maxillary straddle has made a huge difference for those struggling with sinus pressure – many report they feel relief before they even sit up!

 I absolutely recommend this course! This is not my first course with Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson, and so I went into it knowing I could gain valuable insights and techniques to improve my skill set in practice. But what I think speaks even more to this work is how excited my patients are when they hear I am furthering my learning with these great doctors; they know their care has been elevated through this training.

Even if you never used any of the techniques taught in this course, you come away with a better understanding of the intelligence and balance of the entire body and chiropractic’s role in supporting that, which is foundational training every doctor should be reminded of. But these techniques are too good to not utilize! I have patients come to mind as I’m learning the clinical pictures of cranial subluxations, and it’s made all the difference to 1) be aware of the cranial subluxations that are impacting the entire system, and 2) have techniques and tools to address them.

I really, really appreciate you both and am so grateful you’ve created these online programs to allow me to continue learning in a season when traveling and being away from my children isn’t always an option!”

Dr. Josiah Hackney

“I took this program to further understand cranial mechanics, and learn more to help the adult population as well as pediatrics.

 My three takeaways:

  1. Understanding the sphenobasilar is KEY in having success with those hard cases that have not responded in the past.
  2. Drs. Rosen & Watson are gifted educators and a joy to learn with! They can help you drastically improve the outcomes in your practice.
  3. Once you learn visual analysis…watching people in person or on TV will never be the same again 😉

 I have grown so much in my understanding of the whole body, especially the cranium, and am so thrilled that I have so much more to offer my young and older patients. I have also loved using these techniques on my husband and daughter, helping them both so much.

 I worked on balancing the sphenobasilar in a patient with chronic headaches that had been using botox and other injections in her upper traps and neck muscles for years, and after only a few adjustments and utilizing cranial adjusting she was headache free, and hasn’t had one now for months, whereas before she would suffer almost daily.

 Yes, I would recommend this program. I began with the Pediatric certification, but this broadened my understanding of chiropractic cranial adjusting, and it has been a real game changer for me in practice.

I love that the lessons are short and able to be completed even during a busy work week. The thoroughness of the slides plus videos makes it easy to study and master.

 I highly recommend the program, and look forward to continuing my learning journey with these wonderful mentors!”

Dr. Angela Taylor


“I took this program just to stay ‘immersed’ in the material as it is so rightly named! I had just finished the 10 month peds spinal/cranial cert and loved it! I just knew there was more to learn and felt like I had momentum so it was the right time to dive even deeper!

 With this program, you will learn about the nervous system in a way that will help to deepen your understanding of the nervous system. How it’s built, how it develops, what limits its ability to go through that process and most importantly HOW YOU CAN HELP! Your certainty to deal with even the most complex cases will skyrocket! It has allowed me to grow as a clinician not just in a scientific sense, but also in an artful, chiropractic sense. Truly it has been fulfilling to learn with you.

A young girl, developmentally delayed in a number of different ways, had been getting conventional chiropractic care and was doing well, but had reached a plateau. Doing general external work on occiput, temporals, sphenobasilar, frontal was able to push her through that glass ceiling. Shortly after very basic level work, she was able to crawl out of a pool. She was able to go up the stairs on her hands and knees in a coordinated way. Small feats, but her motor coordination/output was so poor she had never been able to do that before. Addressing dural tension and subluxation from a craniospinal standpoint was able to help this little girl’s nervous system integrate all of the adjustments and therapies that she had already undergone. The family was ecstatic to say the least.

 If you have peds cases in your office with any depth of complexity or severity you HAVE to have this training!

My experience is wonderful and enriching. It’s amazing the way the content is dripped out, and the video content is easy to digest. The transition from online learning to hands-on application is amazing.

I hope that by now you guys see that this work and studying with you lights me up! And the awesome part of that is that people get to experience amazing principled chiropractic care! Thank you so much and I look forward to more!”

Dr. Jacobe Holman


“I took this program because I had previous exposure to cranial material and a desire for more depth to put into practice.

My takeaways are:  Positional skull deformities are often secondary to upper cervical dural/meningeal stress. More than cosmetic asymmetries of the head and face, these [PSDs] can alter and be a detriment to optimal neuro motor development. Our greatest opportunity as chiropractors to help a human are in the first 2 years of life when the bulk of brain development occurs. Some of the more common challenges not met by spinal adjustments in the adult population are reachable when proper cranial evaluation and care are introduced.

This program has sparked a renewed interest and fascination with chiropractic that will continue to benefit my patients and my family in perpetuity. I’ve gotten a lot further with adult migraine, TMJ, vertigo, and trigeminal neuralgia cases utilizing basic sphenobasilar, temporal, and intra oral evaluation and corrections. My understanding and certainty in approaching infant evaluations and care have improved dramatically.

I would absolutely recommend this course to other chiropractors, especially if you are caring for infants and children. This year I chose an online and in person series from Drs. Rosen and Watson, there was a lot of redundancy overlap and repetition that was instrumental in committing the material to memory. The material is very detailed and intricate and is best learned the way they are teaching it.

It’s simply been an honor and privilege to learn from them, and I look forward to more!”

Royce Barnett, DC

I decided to take this course because I see a very high percentage of infants in our office, and I felt like I was missing some keys to be able to help them.

There is so much more to infant adjusting than spinal adjusting. Cranial adjusting is foundational to the development of a child. It doesn’t take a lot to be super impactful if you know what you’re doing.

I feel much more confident treating infants and getting much greater results. I also have higher standards of care in terms of the outcomes I’m looking for before I transition them to more wellness based care.

I had a baby that wasn’t breastfeeding and was struggling to take a bottle. I worked through their cranium, paying extra attention to their palate, and afterwards they were able to take a bottle, and with a few more visits had them back at the breast.

I absolutely would recommend this program.   If anyone is seeing infants, they should absolutely be taking this course.  I have been seeing them as a high percentage of my practice, and still learned a ton, and upped my efficiency and my results for the families and the babies that I work with. Thank you for putting together such a great program!”

Dr. Michaela Laughrin

“It was love at first sight! I am passionate about cranial work and had never seen anything like this one you offered. The amount of detail is unbelievable and so well organize and broken down and it is great to have the opportunity to communicate with you about real cases.

 This program has given me a much greater picture of the crania-sacral system, and many more tools to work on it. I use what I learn in this course several times every single day! Patients have totally realized I have been working in my cranial knowledge and skills.

 I would recommend this course to every DC, although I believe this should be taught at school. because we don’t get any of it, many DCs, don’t get the importance of cranial courses.

I Loved it! It gives you an amazing big picture of the crania-sacral system and at the same time that offers a greater amount of detail for analyzing and correcting. This is must do program for any Chiropractor no matter of your experience.

 I just want to thank you, for all the work you do.”

Dr. Amaya Alonso Perez

“I took this program to take my cranial adjusting to another more consistent level.

This program fills in some of the knowledge gaps from the in-person seminars. Some because it’s not the first time hearing the information so are able to take on board a deeper understanding. Some of the gems that Dr. Martin says off hand are gold. The clinical application is next day. 

I have a more concise approach to cranial adjusting, for more reproducible results. I never knew there were multiple parts to the FFJ adjustment. I am finding that using the three components is producing better results. Explains why I would get mixed results before.

Although I have already taken the in-person seminars multiple times and thus my ability to do 90% of the adjustments were good this course has deepened my understanding of when to apply these techniques, thus using them more often.

The clinical application of the course is brilliant. The knowledge I have gained has helped my cranial adjusting to no end. Better application, more appropriate and precise delivery with better note taking this more reproducible. This is the best online course I have done.”

Dr. Kathy Johansson

“I decided to take this course so that i could accurately assess and adjust the cranium.

My three takeaways:

1) how to examine the cranium

2) what to feel for and how to train yourself to feel it

3) a multitude of ways to adjust the cranium.

I’ve used the fruit jar technique on a few babies, and it’s been incredible for releasing some of their tension patterns.

I would recommend this program because you will have a much greater understanding of how to be specific with cranial issues. This is by far the most thorough course I’ve seen on cranial adjusting. I have so many more tools in my belt now.

Thank you for an awesome and very thorough program!”

Dr. Alexis Wien

“I took it to learn more about cranial adjusting, specifically to help with pediatric patients. I have learned so much and it was great taking things away from each module and implementing them right away in practice and seeing the results not only in kids but with adults as well.

 My three takeaways:

  1. You get a great in-depth knowledge for evaluating and implementing the cranium.
  2. These are things you can take away and start analyzing patients right away to then know how to help them more.
  3. They are presented in a way that is not overwhelming and you can learn a little bit at a time.

 I have been able to use the techniques I learned along the way and feel more confident with my cranial adjusting and ability to help others.

 I used the techniques from this course to help a baby with plagiocephaly. Through adjusting and the cranial techniques both his mom and I noticed a huge improvement in his skull starting to round out

I would recommend this program Because of the vast knowledge and understanding you gain about cranial adjusting.

 I enjoyed learning it module by module so that there wasn’t so much information all in one weekend to try and go home and remember it all. This way I was able to get comfortable with things and slowly add more to it. I would recommend it to others to gain more confidence in cranial adjusting and add to their overall skills.

 It was a great course and I look forward to taking other courses from you!”

Dr. Avery Grossart

“I decided to take the course because I have been doing the basic cranial moves since learning Applied Kinesiology and SOT and after reading the course topics I felt more detail would very much enhance my work.

This program:

  1. It is very comprehensive and very worthwhile giving so much more information than we got in chiropractic school.
  2. The methods of presenting the material were varied with transcripts and scheduled question and answer time with the instructors making it easy to learn the material.
  3. I would encourage every chiropractic student and doc to take this course because you can use it on both adult and pediatric patients.

I feel much more confident when dealing with the many symptoms that are presented in my day to day practice. I am 73 and in this late stage in my work I only wish I had done this sooner.

I recently had a 70-year-old woman present with what she called ‘head bobbing’ that had been an issue for years. This head movement was continuous in every postural position. I assessed her neurologically and proceeded to adjust her finishing off with the cranial adjustments I have learned in this course and at the end of the treatment when she got out to the front desk to check out and her ‘head bobbing’ was no longer an issue. She commented that her neck pain and stiffness was also gone.

This course should be offered while we are in school because the depth and specificity is essential in refining our protocols.”

Dr. Theresa Gormly

“I took this program to delve deeper and train more in the skull, because it really is as the book says, ‘it’s all in the head’.

I learned that as chiropractors we have the duty to evaluate the skull, especially of babies, to improve the children’s neurological development and health. How can we solve cases of asymmetry, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly?

It’s always impressive to see how enchanting and fascinating the universe of skull learning is, and how wonderful it is to transform lives.

I applied the cranial adjustments to a one-year-old child who did not smile, only laughed when tickled, had speech delays and was suspected of having autism. A week after the first adjustments, she started to speak her first words and smile normally at everything. The doctor removed the suspicion from the diagnosis. The parents cried with joy.

I recommend this and all of Martin’s courses to all my professional colleagues and students. Learning from Martin and Nancy is always amazing. I cannot measure the admiration I feel for this couple. Excellence in explaining, care with live classes and questions, always responding so quickly and attentively. I become more of a fan every day and I take all the courses they have. Every time I finish one, I thirst more for more. Thank you for everything. You are my inspiration!”

Dr. Lilian Aliberti

“I took this program because I appreciate Dr. Rosen’s experience and expertise and believe it’s best to learn from the best.

My three takeaways:

  1. It’s dense info that is given in small enough pieces to learn.
  2. It covers basics to advanced, and after practicing for 20 years I still learned a massive amount, including relearning forgotten info.
  3. I can’t think of a patient who wouldn’t benefit from having a doctor who understands the importance of cranial health.

Professionally, I have found the education has given me both clinical tools but also a way to speak with patients about their body that allows them to understand the importance of cranial work. It has also helped my patients to understand the importance of more subtle changes in their bodies. I would say the same for me personally, understanding the subtle changes in my body to help me gauge my overall health.

I had a new patient with chronic sub occipital pain for most of her life. She had seen dozens of chiropractors to no avail, including some who had done various cranial techniques. With her I found a frontal issue that once resolved, a few visits resulted in not only the headaches disappearing, but a feeling of tension around her liver/diaphragm resolved, and her blood pressure dropped into a much healthier range without any other changes.

 I would recommend this course to anyone considering learning cranial, working with pediatrics, trouble helping with headaches, or desire to impact the nervous system in a complete way. The way this course is designed it really does start from the bottom and move up. It doesn’t overwhelm and allows for time to learn the material. Furthermore Dr. Rosen and Watson are there to answer any questions.

 If you are interested in cranial work and really want to understand it, you are willing to put in some time to learn and practice, this program can have no other impact other than positive on your practice”

Dr. Matthew Colman

“I took this program because I was looking to clean up my cranial work and continue to make everything make more sense.

I loved being able to go deeper into every topic and process it over a long amount of time. Hearing Drs. Marty and Nancy talk more about how they apply each of the different pieces clinically was amazing – been using ventricular bulb a lot more!

I feel like I’m actually offering the high quality of care that I feel so passionate about. Ventricular bulb – patient with extreme seizures and brain fog since a TBI years ago – been seeing great results for years – she was having a rough day and applied that technique and literally watched the lights come on. Afterwards she was discussing how even after being with us for years this is the most clear she’s ever felt.

Yes I would recommend this program.  If every pediatric chiropractor applied this work our profession would look different.”

Dr. Anthony Pellegrino

“I took this course to take my understanding of the cranium to another level. I want to be able to provide the best experience for the patients that I treat and realize that a better understanding of the cranium: how to evaluate, how it correlates with the spine, how to correct subluxations, is important to my overall service to my patients.

Making this cranial course a slow-drip process helps to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of material.

This program has given me more tools and understanding into how to treat my family and to better understand my own health.

I have a child with plagiocephaly. While the plagiocephaly is not completely gone, his parents are delighted with the results and the child, who was bound to be helmeted, was able to avoid the procedure.

I would most definitely recommend this program. This has been the best source of information for understanding the cranium, cranial movement, and correction of cranial subluxations that I have been able to find. Chiropractic colleges give a new doctor a good foundation in anatomy and spinal care. However, not all problems are solved with a spinal adjustment. The cranium is an essential piece that should be added to a chiropractor’s arsenal to truly be able to the whole body.

I enjoyed the course. I thought that the presentation and material were great.”

Dr. John Erickson

“I took this course hoping to gain a better understanding of not only how but when to adjust cranial bones.

Three takeaways are:  It is important to look at the stress of the whole dural system. The sphenoid is a very important bone for the body. You’re influencing the cranial vault, not just moving bones.

This program has changed how I view the connectedness of the body’s systems, as well as my evaluations of cases that are not progressing.

I had a child who was experiencing motor control issues as well emotional issues, and after a couple of sessions where I finished working with his sphenobasilar joint, it was night and day difference.

I would recommend this program. This was a great in-depth course that was challenging and offered way more value than initially expected. I think that everyone would benefit from taking this course due to not only the high quality information that is presented, but also because of how much Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson care about you learning and retaining it.

I greatly enjoyed this program, thank you both so much!”

Dr. Brendan McGuire

“My goal was to feel solid with cranial work and be prepped to test out with you in the spring. 

My three takeaways:

1) Watch the doctor share videos even if you can’t be on live

2) Try not to be like me and cram it all it all towards the end of the course.

3) Take notes and make note cards to really get it down

This program has helped me become a better chiropractor.

I had a patient last week with severe vertigo. Adjusted C1 via toggle, sacrum, and internal temporal then balanced with TRT. Vertigo resolved while he was in the office.

I would recommend this program. It’s great and unique information that I have not seen taught anywhere else.”

Dr. Grant Lisetor


“I took this course in order to get more information on cranial subluxation patterns and how to assess and address these in practice.

The program was really complete and well worth it! It has me questioning and looking to assess what subluxation patterns might be present in patients who present with certain symptoms that are not pain related.

 In assessing a TMJ issue for a newborn who was having a bit of trouble breastfeeding. The correction helped and he was able to feed more easily.

I would recommend this program because the information is really helpful, important and the course is really complete. The course is easy to do because you can do it from home by watching the recordings, and you can go at your own pace, or rewatch anything that might not have been as easy to understand the first time. The information is also applicable right away, and the practice videos are really helpful.

Thank you!!”

Dr. Camille Dallaire-Dahlager

“I have taken a couple other cranial courses and I wanted to further develop my knowledge and skills.

My three takeaways from this program:

  1. The online format is excellent.
  2. The content is first class.
  3. The cranial adjusting is the missing component to patient care.

This course has helped me personally care for my own children. And professionally provide expanded care for my patients.

I was helping a 3-year-old little boy and before care he was struggling with chewing food. Then after care he has started to eat more diverse foods.

All chiropractors should be evaluating the cranium in their office.  When it comes to the best content delivered in the best way this is the best.

Thank you both so much.”

Dr. Michael Miller

“I wanted to take this class because I wanted to further my knowledge on cranial adjusting and gain some skills to further help my patients.

 The program does a great job of explaining how the adjustments are performed and why.  It is helpful to have a skull in front of you while watching the videos for hands-on learners.  For this specific program, it was a little overwhelming at first since it had been a long time since reviewing cranial anatomy – but it did a great job of reviewing and being able to re-watch or slow it down was helpful.

 I had a baby in May and it took me a little longer to complete than I had hoped, but it gave me knowledge to help my baby who had a traumatic birth that affect her cranials big time. Professionally it has given me more confidence to help babies in my practice that have cranial issues that I would not have been able to identify or correct without the course. 

I have a patient that came to me at 3 months with severe colic, reflux and slow weight gain. By integrating the external cranial techniques, she has caught up in weight and no longer struggles with her initial symptoms.

 I would recommend this program. So many people (especially babies being born) have symptoms that can be stubborn to spinal adjustments and learning cranial work has helped me see long-term results for my patients, especially in holding upper cervical and pelvic adjustments. 

My experience was a positive one. During my time taking this course I had a baby with a less than ideal birth. Because of a severe shoulder dystocia she was stuck in my pelvis and required a vacuum, leading to some severe cranial dysfunction and dural tension. I did not know that that would be our birth story, and I’m so thankful I signed up for this class because it gave me the knowledge and skill sets to help my baby heal. So many mom’s and baby’s go through this and I’m excited to have techniques that can help them, especially since not many chiropractors in my area have training in cranial adjusting.

Thank you! It was a great course and I look forward to completing more courses with you in the future.”

Dr. Kirsten Friberg

“A few years ago, I started a deep dive into SOT. I have become very comfortable with spinal and wanted to be more confident with the cranial component.

This course gave me greater certainty with my evaluation and adjusting protocols. I have also noticed improvement in my patient outcomes!

It has given me much more certainty while practicing. This has improved patient communication and my outcomes with patients! I love what I do.

I’ve had two pediatric patients avoid surgery over the past 3 months using cranial. One was for ear infections and the other was for a deviated septum.

I would recommend this course. Cranial is a very complicated topic and can feel like a firehose of information. This course organizes the information in a very digestible way. I was able to immediately utilize the techniques on my patients.

I took Dr. Rosen’s SSP 2 course for the pediatric cranium and became very interested in cranial work. I was able to add a few protocols into my practice. This course was not only a refresher for what I learned in SSP 2, but also greatly expanded my repertoire of cranial techniques I use in practice. Dr. Rosen does a great job of explaining this complex topic.

You guys are awesome! I look forward to continuing to study with you”

Dr. Nick Novakoski

“I took this course to deepen my understanding and knowledge of cranial work.

This program has an immense amount of information packed into 38 weeks. I appreciated the well-organized lectures. My knowledge and confidence increased.

I was encouraged by the program to study SOT and incorporate more adjustments in my daily practice.

I have incorporated the Vestibular Bulb and on multiple patients, the cervical spine relaxed drastically

I would recommend this program because it is very detailed. Other DC’s would benefit from the course study of the dural meninges and how their adjusting procedures can be improved, expanded and focused.

Thank you for your teachings in the work of Dr. DeJarnette and SOT.”

Dr Norri Collier

“I took this program to gain full insight into the treatment of the human body.

 That treating a person involves 3 things: 1. the biomechanics of the spine 2. Treating the organs reflexively is important. 3. the biomechanics of the skull follows or in some cases precedes the biomechanics of the spine

I learned insight into the whole person and the continued recurrence of complaints that are better understood through skull treatment.

I would recommend this program because of its completeness. It is a full package.

Thank you in advance for your tireless efforts and especially your passion…. very important in life.”

Dr. Patrick Callaert

“I took this program because I am always looking for ways to improve my care for patients and myself (long standing issues with headaches, sinuses, jaw).

This program has excellent instruction, well organized materials and a thorough exploration of the subject

I look at faces, those of others and my own, entirely differently

Even though I wasn’t entirely sure about my approach, the balancing techniques aided in the healing process of a patient going through intense dental work. He had long standing severe teeth, jaw, head pain, possibly originating from a childhood head trauma

I would recommend this program.  This material and skill should be taught at chiropractic colleges: Others should study this material because of modern life, from birthing techniques to dental interventions to lifestyle puts multiple stressors on the nervous system

Thank you for sharing your expertise!”

Dr. Irene Gabriel-Thomas, DC

“I want to share with you from my experience in taking two of your courses some reflections I hope you will consider and give me your feedback.

First, in order to do cranial therapy properly, it is essential to understand the relationship between structure and function, the anatomy and physiology of motion of the components of tissues that are involved in normal and aberrant cranial motion.  Your course has been most excellent in this regard.

Secondly, understanding how to assess and correct specific cranial abnormal motion of bones, dural tensions, and monitor cranial rhythmic impulses is most essential. Considering to do so requires touch and utilization of kinesthetic sense, which is difficult to transmit thru electronic, visual/auditory media , you do an excellent job in  sharing  your understanding  to  impart thru  visual and auditory teachings an understanding that promotes the  imagination and visualization  of the student to feel  that which is imaged.    Your dedication to excellence and an ongoing striving to learn thru practice is an encouragement to other practitioners.  So, thank you again.”

Dr. John Helton

“I have taken the pediatric Certification program before but felt it was too overwhelming and difficult to comprehend and memorize all. With this course I have been able to absorb, understand and memorize the procedure better.

 The course gives a good overview of the principles of the origin of the problem, the key to find the main lesion and the procedure of adjusting. It has helped me to get more security in my adjusting and awakened an interest to deepen my knowledge.

 I would recommend this course as an introduction to cranial therapy. The course is not overwhelming and a good start in learning cranial technique.

 I really enjoyed the doctor sharing classes as they were a good review of the lessons.”

Dr. Berit Antman

“I took this course to perfect my SOT skills and develop confidence in using the techniques.

There are greatly detailed step by step instructions, summaries, and checkpoints incorporated and it’s given me more tools to use to subtlety perfect the care I provide.

I would recommend this course especially for those who prefer working with their hands but wish to incorporate more tonal adjusting into their practices.”

Dr. Karen Raiwet

“This program is comprehensive, well-structured and mostly well explained. It’s certainly helped create a more cranial practice, helping conditions I have felt less sure of in the past. Personally, given me a specialty, more confidence with certain conditions.

 I had a patient with a dysfunctional eustachian tube where it was constantly closed, affecting her hearing, also with severe right lateral head pain, jaw pain and tension that resolved fairly quickly with cranial work.

 I would recommend this program because of the a-z comprehensiveness.”

Dr. Adam Cullinan

I took the course to refine my cranial adjusting skills.

My three takeaways of this program: The first two years are very important for brain development. 12-17 months is a critical time for fine motor skill development. There are many ways to assess cranial facial distortions, such as comparing facial features (eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose crease, nostril flare, orbital spacing, temple symmetry, do eyes track symmetrically, jaw pull with open/close, etc).

This course served as a good review of information previously learned in ICPA seminars and chiropractic school.

I purchased the magnetic skull and showed it to a Mom so she could better visualize how the cranial bones were distorted in her child’s skull, causing asymmetry.

Ashley Curtis, DC, CACCP

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