The SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

Demonstrate your commitment to your profession and patients, enhance your skills, and place yourself on the road to mastery in the art of chiropractic adjustment.

About the Program

Welcome to the SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program and the home of Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting TM methods. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive pediatric certification programs in the chiropractic profession. With over 80 years of combined clinical practice and teaching experience, our commitment to education and chiropractic excellence is second to none. 

We are seeking individuals who are committed to elevating the delivery of the chiropractic adjustment as the forefront of their practice. If you share our passion for advancing patient care through precise and effective adjusting techniques, we invite you to join our community and embark on a journey towards professional excellence with us.

Our Pediatric Certificate Program provides two avenues for certification: a 10-month online program and a 48-hour hybrid (16 hours online, 32 hours in-person) seminar series. Upon completing either of these programs, participants will be listed in our exclusive Pediatric Referral Directory and invited to join our membership program. Our members, who have found their professional home with us, aspire to master our techniques, and may eventually choose to join the Peak Potential Institute as part of our training staff.

Welcome aboard, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Certification Process

Follow these steps to receive your SOT® Pediatric Certification and membership to our referral directory.

  • Complete the 48 Hour In-Person OR 10 Month Online Pediatric Certification Program

Online SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

10 Months | 40 Modules

  • Interactive Modules
  • Evaluation and Technique Presentations
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Practice with Calls to Action (CTA)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Live Calls with Instructors
  • Email Access to Drs. Rosen and Watson

In-Person SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

32 In-Person Hours | 16 Online Hours

  • Hands-on Training from Dr. Rosen & PPI Staff
  • Evaluation and Technique Presentations
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Connect with Like-minded Practitioners
  • In-depth Q&As with Instructors
  • Qualify for CE Credit in Select States
  • Receive membership to our SOT® Pediatric Referral Directory

Join Hundreds of Practitioners in our Pediatric Referral Directory

Grow your client base and demonstrate your commitment to mastery in the art of chiropractic adjustment.

  • Join our SOT® Pediatric Certificate Membership

SOT® Pediatric Certificate Membership

Receive access to exclusive content, discussion groups, and program discounts.

  • Take Certification Exams: SOT® Spinal Pediatric Practitioner, CSSPP and SOT® Cranial Pediatric Practitioner, CSCPP

SOT® Pediatric Certification Exams

Each certification will demonstrate your commitment to chiropractic adjusting, enhance your practice, increase your personal skill set, and open the door to new opportunities at Peak Potential Institute.

  • Reach the next level of Mastery with our Train the Trainer Program

SOT® Train the Trainer Program

Rise to the next level of mastery and effectively communicate our chiropractic adjusting techniques.

Meet the Instructors

As early as first quarter in chiropractic school they were attracted to each other’s commitment to chiropractic and the pursuit of excellence.  Their combined 80 years of personal and clinical and teaching experience, in delivering the chiropractic adjustment is unparalleled in the chiropractic profession.  Their international outreach through teaching, writing and lecturing has been a driving force in their personal and professional careers since their first seminar taught together as students, in 1979.

Their years of experience have taught them what works and what does not work to create a successful practice and lifestyle. The more competent and comprehensive your expertise you will find that more patients will seek your services and your practice will grow exponentially.

Feedback from Our Students

Testimonial: Martin Cook, DC

“1) This program is incredibly thorough. Lots of information pertinent to being a great pediatric chiropractor. Gaining and understanding of the material presented provides an incredible skill set that will improve your outcomes. However, staying up to date with the modules is important as the quantity of information is vast. Reviewing the modules to ensure you retain this info is also important.

2) Practice these techniques during the modules and after. This brings greater certainty and skill when applying them to your new and existing practice members.

3) While adjusting a paediatric population can sound and feel daunting at times, if you fall back on the principles taught in this program, it provides answers for the times where you don’t know where to begin. Review the print material regularly so this becomes more natural for you.

Throughout this program, I have found myself becoming more confident in my approach with adjusting kids. Having this improved confidence has also helped improve my certainty, which provides the parents of the children I am seeing with more confidence in me. This shared improved confidence translates into a better outcome as parents choose to continue with care, especially with those more difficult kids that need more care. From this course, I find myself enjoying seeing kids even more and have great joy throughout the day.

For me, the biggest take away from this program was not an application of one specific technique that had an amazing outcome, but the ability to know where to go next. My biggest problem prior to this program was I had lots of information in my head about how to care for the pediatric population, but now how to put it all together. Seeing how Dr. Rosen moves from assessment to correction gave me clarity on ‘where to go to next’. This wasn’t just with one patient, but with every patient, which improved the outcomes for them all and gave me more confidence at the same time.

I would highly recommend the program to anyone considering working with kids. SOT and Dr Rosen & Watson’s approach in applying SOT principles & techniques to kids ensures that you have the confidence and skills to manage all the common and uncommon conditions and syndromes experienced by kids, while also providing confidence to the parents. It delivers an incredible understanding of the anatomy & physiology of the developing baby and blends that with easy to follow and progressive assessment and corrective techniques that are safe, gentle and effective. What more could you want? If mastering chiropractic for the pediatric population is your vision, or if you are just looking for some extra help, this course delivers everything you will need and more.

Thank you both for your dedication to the chiropractic profession, especially the pediatric population & the chiropractors looking to master their skills. The breadth of knowledge you share within the program is incredible and something that I know I will use for the rest of my career. Without the dedication of you both, I fear that not only would some of these techniques get lost, resulting in our ability to care for kids to also suffer, but less chiropractors would also have less enjoyment in their day to day lives. Again, thank you both for your dedication to the profession and the health of kids globally. The profession continues to need masters like you both to help guide the knowledge and skills of less experienced chiropractors. This ensures the greatest possible health outcomes of our pediatric population. This program goes a long way to delivering this.”

Testimonial: Dr. Pamela Stone

“I took this class series to learn even more about cranial work and pediatric adjusting. Though I’ve been in practice 23 years, there is always something new to learn, better ways to help patients, and so many ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Cranial work is very important to babies and we can really help these infants more if we are specific with our adjustments and communicate that to parents and other providers.

This program has just given me a bit more certainty and has helped when talking to others about pediatric cranial work and how it’s different from cranial sacral therapy.

Dr. Rosen is the guru in this area, and everyone can learn something to better help our patients. We always need to be open to learning more.

In-utero constraint and birth trauma is significant in our babies today. What may seem like a minor issue is really a major issue to a newborn/infant/child and we cannot overlook this.”

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