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Mapping Fascial Distortion Patterns with Dr. Martin Rosen and Dr. Nancy Watson

I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Martin Rosen back to the podcast along with his wife, Dr. Nancy Watson, to discuss the fascinating topic of fascial distortion patterns, especially as they relate to children and child behavior and development. They dive into the importance of a healthy pregnancy as well as the first few years and milestones of a child’s life, and how they are all connected to the sheath that covers our muscles and attaches to the nerves! This is an amazing discussion illuminating that everything is, indeed, connected.


Aligned Birth — Ep 57:
Pediatric Chiropractic Care and Cranial Adjustments

Dr. Shannon sits down with pediatric chiropractor, author, and instructor, Dr. Martin Rosen to talk about all things pediatric chiropractic care and craniopathy. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Rosen’s book about Common vs. Normal when it comes to cranial distortions and pediatric neurological development and lots of other topics.


Dr. Martin Rosen with Michael Marinus

Milestones, Common vs Normal


Quiropraxia - Quirowork Podcast (Edição Especial)

Bem-vindos ao sexto episódio do Quirowork Podcast! Um podcast sobre Quiropraxia que conversa com Quiropraxistas! As perguntas são as mesmas, mas as respostas você confere a cada episódio, mas não desse vez!Neste episódio especial conversei com nada mais nada menos Doutor Martin Rosen, direto dos Estados Unidos da América.


Well-Adjusted Mama Podcast

Dr Martin Rosen discusses “Common” vs “Normal” and the new CDC milestone guidelines with Dr Laura Brayon on her Well-Adjusted Mama Podcast.


Tummy Time

Dr. Martin Rosen

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Healthy Births, Happy Babies Podcast

Dr Martin Rosen speaks on the changes to the Developmental Milestones by the CDC with Dr. Jay Warren on the Healthy Births, Happy Babies Podcast.


Pathways to Family Wellness Podcast

We have a special treat this episode in that we will be speaking with Dr. Martin Rosen, pediatric specialist and chiropractor, about the CDC’s updated childhood milestones as well as the difference between common and normal. Has the bar been lowered? Is crawling important? Are we normalizing dysfunction? Find out this and more!


The Tongue Tie Experts Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: Dr. Martin Rosen - The Safety and Efficacy of Chiropractic Care for Infants

In this episode, Lisa interviews Dr. Martin Rosen, a chiropractor, author, lecturer and teacher, regarding the safety, efficacy, and advantages of chiropractic for infants and children, and the reasons why chiropractic is helpful for infants with tongue tie.


The First 2 years of Life - A crucial window for your child's Neuro-Development with Dr Martin Rosen, Chiropractor

In today’s episode I am honored to interview Dr Martin Rosen, who wrote 2 books and is a leading expert in chiropractic pediatrics and cranio-sacral work with over 40 years of experience in this field. His most recent book “It’s All in the Head”, was written to inform and bring awareness of the implications that cranial distortions can have in the initial stages of childhood growth and development. He shares this wisdom with us as we go through common misconceptions and myths as well as the importance of prevention. Finally, we go over how changes to the Developmental Milestones by the CDC were made, the difference between “common” and “normal”, what this means for our children and of course, what to do about it.


15 Minute Matrix and the Functional Nutrition Alliance

Dr. Martin Rosen’s discussion about temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders on today’s podcast spotlights how connected the full body systems truly are! TMJ offers important clues about how we manifest and hold our stress. Dr. Rosen details for us the two-way cascade of influences between TMJ and the cranial, immune and musculoskeletal systems, adrenal imbalances, gut health and more.


Women Seeking Wellness with Dr. Stephanie Maj

Achieving Optimal Infant Neurologic Function


Katie The Traveling IBCLC

In this tongue tie world, IBCLC’s and Pediatric chiropractors are BFF’s!

IBCLC’s have clients with tongue tie babies needing bodywork, having knowledge of the best pediatric chiropractors is essential, the opposite being important for chiropractors. In this episode Dr Rosen and Katie Oshita discuss how to support tongue tie families throughout the process. As we say, rehabilitating tongue tie is a process not a procedure!


The Mother Wit Podcast

Drs. Rosen and Watson discuss their most recent book “It’s All in the Head”. It was written to inform and bring awareness of the implications of growth and developmental challenges in the early stages of childhood development. Their book empowers parents to understand normal developmental milestones and to recognize problems in the earliest stages allowing them to seek appropriate care before problems become intrenched and create diagnosable disease processes.


Listen to Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson discuss their latest book with Doug Stephan and Radio America Network

The Breastfeeding Talk Podcast

In this episode, Jacqueline and Dr. Rosen talk about why an infant would need to see a chiropractor, the signs to look for, and how to seek proper care with the correct professional. They address common issues that could cause breastfeeding stress and steps to take to relieve those issues. Dr. Martin Rosen also shares his perspective of common issues from a professional clinical standpoint.


Playground Talks Podcast:
How Chiropractic Can Help Your Child's Development

  • Did you ever think of taking your kid to chiropractic due to developmental delays?
  • So what’s chiropractic has to do with the brain and child development?
  • How does a child’s nervous system work?
  • How chiropractic can help your kid?

Dr. Rosen is an expert in pediatric chiropractic. For over 40 years he has maintained a private practice and has traveled nationally and internationally teaching chiropractic techniques, pediatrics, cranial adjusting, chiropractic philosophy, and practice management.


The Milk Minute Podcast

Poor Latch? Let’s Talk Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting

In today’s episode of the Milk Minute Podcast we invited Dr. Martin Rosen, DC, CSP, CSCP, CSPP of Peak Potential Institute to share his expertise in chiropractic care for babies, specifically how the structure and function of your baby’s body relates to their latch for feeding. Tune in to learn more!


The Mile High Podcast: Striving for Expertise in Chiropractic

The very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast is Dr. Martin Rosen. Dr. Rosen has taken to heart his favorite quote: “You never know how far-reaching something you think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” B.J. Palmer.

On this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • The importance of pediatric care
  • What it takes to be an expert
  • Why it’s important to walk your talk
  • Focusing on the ART of Chiropractic


The Importance of Natural Health + Pediatric Chiropractic Care with Dr. Martin Rosen and Dr. Nancy Watson

The challenge for the next generation of parents is becoming evident during this unique time. Children, in many ways, are more challenged than ever. Their ability to adapt and thrive is being tested. We must step up, not shy away from the challenge.


Nervous System Glitches and Your Baby with Dr. Martin Rosen

For today’s episode, Shelly is joined by Dr. Martin Rosen. Dr. Martin shares the importance of bodywork as early as the baby has come out of the womb. It is emphasized in this episode that early assessment is vital for developing the baby’s nervous system. Shelly and Dr. Martin share their knowledge in their respective fields while agreeing that each practitioner has their own set of specialties, and there’s no shame in recommending others when it’s not a great fit.


"Common" vs. "Normal" development in children with Dr. Martin Rosen Unfiltered Healing Health & Fitness

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Martin Rosen, a leading expert in the world of pediatrics.

Common versus normal is a huge topic regarding the development of children and why milestones like crawling, sitting and others are of vital importance for the development of your child’s brain and nervous system.

Many pediatricians are missing the mark because of a lack of skillset knowing the vital importance and proper treatment for children’s nervous systems. In this episode we discuss how the first two years of life in a child are the most important, proper milestones that should develop, reasons for failing to meet them, and tools to help regulate them.


Developmental Delays Now "Normal" with Dr. Martin Rosen

The trauma to our children over the last two years has devastated our next generation and resulted in more than increased suicide rates and depression in our youth but also the socialization soft skills damage let alone developmental disorders in our infants and toddlers.


Prime Pediatric Podcast

We had the absolute honor of getting to chance to interview the one and only Dr. Martin Rosen. We have talked about the direct linear impact with have on a child health and now hear it from our source and mentor! Attending his seminar series is an absolute must for any doctor wanting more confidence and clarity in the pediatric world! You do not want to miss this outstanding interview with another amazing thought leader in our profession for over 40 years!


Author Mastery Interview: Dr Marty Rosen and Dr Nancy Watson

Author Mastery is for chiropractors wanting to learn how to write a bestselling book to market and grow their practice in a rapid and sustainable way. We teach the Expert Alchemy Formula, a step by step strategy to make it accessible and easy.


American Posture Institute Pediatric Posture Virtual Summit - I

Dr. Rosen discusses why cerebrospinal fluid is the lifeblood of the central nervous system with Dr. Krista Burns.


American Posture Institute Pediatric Posture Virtual Summit - II

Dr. Rosen discusses the foundation years of gait and balance for the first two years of life with Dr. Krista Burns.


American Posture Institute Pediatric Posture Virtual Summit - III

Dr. Rosen discusses the global effects of developmental compensatory patterns and how they impact neurology and postural dynamics with Dr. Krista Burns.


Become a Chiropractor with Dr. Marty Rosen on Pre Chiro

Pre Chiro helps you develop yourself and learn through experience to determine your most inspired path to become a Chiropractor.


Dr. Rosen on Building the Ultimate Pediatric Practice


Dr. Martin Rosen and Dr. Marcus Chacos Discuss Chiropractic Research

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