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Understanding SOT® cranial adjusting has helped me elevate my examination and adjusting skills, especially with infants and the immense growth and change that takes place in the first few years of life.

Dr. Brandi Benson DC, CACCP

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Dr. Cecelia Mikles, D.C.

After taking both the 10-month online pediatric SOT® course and the three-part in person SOT® pediatric courses, I can say without a doubt the confidence in my skill and knowledge grew exponentially. The in-person classes increased my competency and expanded my comfort zone. Having hands-on practice and feedback was invaluable to grow my skill and technical tools. The 10-month course work increased my confidence due to the in-depth curriculum and protocols with constant practice. Drs. Marty and Nancy have made these courses fun and have delivered on raising the entire profession to a new level. Their dedication to the art of chiropractic is like no other. I’m grateful for all I have learned and looking forward to studying with them in the future.

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Dr. Tyler Kuntz, D.C.

I wanted to gain further understanding on treating pediatrics, especially with evaluation and adjusting protocols. Pediatrics was an area I was interested in growing in to be able to provide this service that was lacking in my community.

I think this course is full of information, so much so, that it would be beneficial to take this course multiple times to master the material. Great program to help gain confidence in communicating with the public that chiropractors should be the primary healthcare providers for any child with a neurological deficit. There is a good combination of theory and practical application with a lot of hands on during the course of the seminar.

Taking this program has increased the amount of tools available when treating pediatric cases. I am finding that results are happening much faster with the new tools that I have been able to slowly implement into our practice. I have also used a lot of the general information learned in the seminar in spinal workshops that we offer to our patient to help increase their knowledge.

Currently I am working on a severe plagiocephaly case in an infant who has a twin brother with normal cranial alignment. Progress has been made in the severity of the deformity. Mother has noticed significant improvement in the shape of the cranium and also in the head carriage positioning.

Great course and thank you!

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Meet Dr. Rosen

Dr. Martin Rosen
Chiropractor and Educator

Dr. Martin Rosen is an internationally renowned chiropractor and educator in SOT® Chiropractic, Pediatrics, Cranial Adjusting, Philosophy and Practice Management. He has been practicing in Wellesley, MA for over forty years. He has built his career on the foundations of authenticity, mastering his chiropractic skills, sharing his years of clinical knowledge, and a commitment to excellence.

His newest endeavor, in partnership with his wife Dr. Nancy Watson, D.C. is the creation of the Peak Potential Institute, offering online and in-person programs for chiropractors and chiropractic students. These videos, online programs and manuals are the product of decades of teaching and lecturing hundreds of chiropractors.

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