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‘This program has made me a better chiropractor technically and increased my confidence to know I am improving the well-being of my patients. Every chiropractor should take this course. It will only enhance their clinical skills.”

Peter Kevorkian, D.C.

“Having hands-on practice and feedback was invaluable to grow my skill and technical tools. The 10-month course work increased my confidence due to the in-depth curriculum and protocols with constant practice.”

Dr. Cecelia Mikles, D.C.

“Taking this program has increased the amount of tools available when treating pediatric cases. I am finding that results are happening much faster with the new tools that I have been able to slowly implement into our practice.”

Dr. Tyler Kuntz, D.C.

What makes us different

Clinical Excellence - Mastery

Since 1982, Drs. Rosen and Watson have served the public and their profession. Their years of clinical experience and expertise has made them two of the most clinically knowledgeable chiropractors in the profession. Their teaching, research and clinical skills are constantly being updated and improved to be able to offer an exceptional level of care to their patients and students.

Mentoring to Thousands

With over 80+ years of combined clinical excellence and teaching experience, we have developed highly respected and comprehensive programs designed to provide chiropractic professionals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to excel in their field.

Commitment to Education

A commitment to education is critical for both professional growth and the public’s perception of chiropractic. Prioritizing educational opportunities and information for both professionals and the public has been a focus of Dr. Rosen’s career and one of the purposes of creating the Peak Potential Institute with Dr. Nancy Watson.

Four decades of Clinical Experience

What is unique about Dr. Rosen is that in addition to his international travel and teaching, he has maintained a clinical practice in the metro West area of Boston for 41 years. During this time, he has kept in touch with the clinical changes that come from running a hands-on practice while constantly incorporating new information and research in his teaching programs.

Are you a chiropractor or chiropractic student who wants to build mastery in delivering the chiropractic adjustment?

Peak Potential Institute offers in-person and online programs designed
to develop technical excellence in chiropractic care.

Meet Dr. Rosen & Dr. Watson

Dr. Martin Rosen is an internationally renowned chiropractor and educator in SOT® Chiropractic, Pediatrics, Cranial Adjusting, Philosophy and Practice Management. He has been practicing in Wellesley, MA since 1982. He has built his career on the foundations of authenticity, mastering his chiropractic skills, sharing his years of clinical knowledge, and a commitment to excellence.

His newest endeavor, in partnership with his wife Nancy Watson, D.C. is the creation of the Peak Potential Institute, offering online and in-person programs for chiropractors and chiropractic students. These hands-on, online programs and manuals are the product of decades of teaching and lecturing thousands of chiropractors.

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