Praise for:
SOT® Pediatric Online Certificate Program

I am ALWAYS wanting to learn more and value you all! I have taken your ICPA courses twice back when you taught there and was excited to take this!

There is an incredible amount of information that I will continue to come back to and study and learn and develop my cranial skills. I also really enjoyed the simple right now strategies that we could utilize in practice as we just started to incorporate this work into practice.

As a parent I have of course been thinking about and utilizing what I am learning on my own daughter. I also love combining the knowledge I have with this lens and think about how it all ties together so beautifully. It is so much fun!

It has really helped me tie together some of the concepts I have learned on airway, tongue ties and palate assessment to kids of all ages in practice (and my own child) I would recommend this program. It is a lot but an amazing foundation to come back and visit and study ongoing to develop a deeper understanding and skill set I think all chiropractors should invest in continuing to deepen their knowledge of what we do and how we impact the developing child and this course helps deepen knowledge and also gain more adjusting assessment at an advanced level.

Love you guys! Thanks for your work!

Amy Lynn Spoelstra

“I took this class to gain a deeper understanding of pediatric chiropractic and was hoping to gain technical skills to help kids as well as confidence in my technique. Three take-aways would be how to properly diagnose cranial problems, confidence in proper technique and new tools to treat pediatric pain and other difficult issues.

This class has impacted my life because it has given me tools and understanding to help my own children in new ways and better manage their growing and developing nervous systems. Has impacted me professionally by increasing my skills to a place that chiropractic was able to change a life and now parents and other professionals send their babies and children to me for that change.

Had a 4 year old with red ear, active pain, crying. Used dollar sign neutralization technique, ventricular bulb as well as adjusting temporal and occiput. Yes I would recommend this course to all chiropractors who are serious about being specific with their skill and anyone identifying as a pediatric chiropractor. I believe that the skills gained in this class could bring the entire profession to a place where there is no doubt that what we do for children is safe and needed. I think all chiropractors could learn so many different things from this class. The most important thing they will learn is specificity. Something I have noticed for years is the lack of cranial education in our profession, most know there is a certain bone that is wrong and that they ‘adjusted’ it, but are never very clear on how or what they did. This class clarifies the what, when and why very nicely. I now have the skills to identify which way a cranial bone has shifted and have an entire tool box to help each specific issue.

Drs. Marty and Nancy have made learning these topics fun and relevant. I know the future of this specialty is in good hands with these two. I truly believe anyone working with children NEED to take this course.”

Cecelia Mikles, D.C.

“I took this program to improve my examination skills and to develop a better understanding of SOT®. My three takeaways:
1. Better examinations
2. Specific findings to know exactly where you need to adjust
3. Improved palpation skills.

Personally, this is adding more tools to my toolbox to help patients. Professionally, being able to take a deeper dive into assessing the patient and having a sound protocol to help them improve their health. I have been working with an infant with congestion. After working through sphenobasilar, temporal, frontal and palate, parents have noticed an improvement in the congestion.

I would definitely recommend this program to other practitioners. There is a lot of information, but each module you are able to apply skills learned to practice on Monday. This course has been great. For me, it’s going to be the continued practice of the techniques taught. I loved this program. I wish I would not have fallen behind and wish I would have made the live Q&As. For me its practice, making charts and improving my palpatory skills.”

Darci Jurgens, D.C.

“I wanted to have more techniques to unite not only structural subluxations, but visceral and emotional subluxations as well. My three takeaways:
1. Super amazing and interesting information
2. Better communication skills with parents
3. Overall knowledge increase.

I am feeling much more excited and confident in ways I can help my pediatric community. The sphenobasilar and dollar and crest signs and techniques that I use daily have made a difference in my differential diagnosis and hence in the patient’s results.

I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a complete perspective on chiropractic, not only structural based, but based on neurology. The experience has been very professionally fulfilling and can’t wait to continue applying all the knowledge gained. Simply a big THANK YOU! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, thank you for your time and empathy with me as well these past months. I’m very grateful.”

Alicea Luciano, D.C.

“In my community there aren’t many pediatric chiropractors and being one of the few, I promised myself that I would do my best to learn as much as I possibly could to better myself as a pediatric chiropractor. There’s no better way to do that than by learning from Dr. Rosen and Watson who are experts in the field of pediatric chiropractic. Three takeaways I received from this course:
1. Properchiropractic care in the pediatric population cannot be underestimated especially because that is when the body system is most vulnerable and developing very quickly.
2. Craniosacral and SOT® are very highly effective techniques when it comes to treating the pediatric population.
3. Less is better.

I feel like I still have much to learn from the course. With that being said though, I do feel like taking this course has given me a different perspective and ability on how I do my evaluation and treatment on the pediatric population. Thus, slowly building my confidence and skills.

In my practice I deal with many tongue tie and lip tie issues. Currently I had a 3 month baby get a revision done but continue to have difficulties with breastfeeding which left the mother hurting and discouraged. After doing some intra oral correction and the fruit jar procedure, we were able to get a significant improvement in the baby latch and feeding which created less pain for the mother.

I would highly recommend this course to other chiropractors. Dr. Rosen does an amazing job of explaining, simplifying, and demonstrating the methodology behind his evaluation and adjusting protocol. Which in turn inspires you to want to get to that same level of expertise.

You don’t realize the lack of knowledge and skills you have when it comes to treating the pediatric population until you go through this course. I’m very thankful to Dr. Martin and Dr. Watson for taking the time to put this course together to help other chiropractors like myself become better and successful in treating the pediatric population. It’s truly an honor to learn from Dr. Martin and Dr. Watson!”

Denise Miranda, D.C.

 “I serve a large pediatric population that comes in with plagiocephaly, breastfeeding issues and colic. I wanted to gain expertise in being able to help them on a more profound level. I wanted certainty that I could correct the subluxations and release ideal tension.

The course lays the groundwork on performing an examination. All the tools that were presented were able to be implemented in the office the next day.

It was great to know that there were other professionals around the world that were also dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others abs improve their professional mastery. I was able to spend time on myself and learn, which is one of my favorite activities. I loved that I could do the course at my own time abs when I wanted. I was able to re-watch the videos to have a deeper level of mastery.

The fruit jar was a technique I had known from taking the ICPA SOT® course years ago but I had not reapplied it until this year. I routinely used the fruit jar to help those who had “chronic” sinus discomfort that would not drain get relief. I also used it routinely with many who were undergoing Invisalign who were able to increase their results in a quicker amount of time.

I would absolutely recommend this course if someone is wanting/willing to really work. It is a great time commitment but it gives so much information that has direct application! The videos allowed time to re-watch for further mastery. The QA format allowed for greater understanding and application. The Facebook group allowed for questions to be looked up seeing how others hassle the same questions and concerns.

I appreciate the understanding of the completion of examination, assessment, indicators, adjustment and follow up care. The communication was pivotal for sharing the importance of the care and the whole package was important for clinical application. Many times we have learned bits and pieces and without the full picture it is difficult to bring it home to the clinic.”

Erin O’Daniel, D.C.


“I took this course to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the world of pediatric adjusting and chiropractic. I had heard the level of skill that Dr. Marty teaches is unmatched in the profession today. I had to get plugged in somewhere!
My three takeaways:
1. My certainty in communicating the need for chiropractic intervention early.
2. The complexity of the cranium and its impact on the developing health and wellbeing of the pediatric patient.
3. Better clinical exam for pediatrics from newborn to child, and determination of findings to better know progress in a child and their care plan progress.

Personally, this program has given me a different perspective with approach to my own children. Professionally has helped me with certainty and continuation of learning how to be the best doctor to my patients but set myself apart in the community.

I have used the balance of the sphenobasilar junction on a regular basis with our patients and even some adults who suffer from chronic issues. It’s almost like we haven’t had a pediatric patient NOT respond to our care since implementing even just a few of the protocols taught here.

There is nothing like this in the profession. While the content is thick and heavy at times, If you want to truly understand the complexity of the pediatric patient, then this is the only course to take you there.

This program with Dr. Marty and Dr. Watson is at an unmatched level. Thank you all for the work you have done to make it so easily accessible. I look forward to attending in person seminars and training.”

Adam Smith, D.C.

“I decided to take this course to refine my adjusting skills for the pediatric population. I was hoping to simply gain more knowledge and feel more comfortable with that population.

Online access makes it easier to go at your own pace and is more convenient to balance family, work and education. Very informative and supportive group throughout the program.

I am definitely more comfortable with cranials now as my knowledge prior to the program was very minimal and I have also started implementing some of it on the adult population. I also stepped up my game in spinal adjusting with the pediatric population.

I have a child with ADHD who came due to issues with sleeping. He would wake up in the middle of the night and go join his parents every single night. I have been adjusting him and doing cranial and while he still wakes up in the middle of the night, we still have been seeing improvements. He has been falling asleep faster, he has now transferred to the couch instead of his parents’ bedroom and he is sleeping longer. We are slowly working our way towards better sleeping habits.

I think there should be a disclaimer that a big part of the program is intra-oral adjustments. As a chiropractor working in NYS, I will not be able to use any of these techniques and I feel like my money was wasted in some kind of way. It is very informative, but I think the program is too long. I feel like it should be given in bouts with some “resting” periods so that we don’t lose track or interest due to the heaviness of the material.

Chiropractic school does not teach us enough about pediatric adjusting and I think this program is a great addition to our training.”

Sara-Maude Demers, D.C.

“I signed up for this course to take my training as a pediatric chiropractor and craniopath to the next level.
My three takeaways:
1. Clear, concise instruction via video and handouts in an organized fashion.
2. The ability to study the course content on my own schedule.
3. Pre-recorded videos allow the student to repeat the material to better understand the content.

This program upleveled my practice’s ability to serve families in my community.

Since my craniopathy training was mostly applied for adults, receiving a deeper understanding of correcting cranial subluxations in the infant and toddler population has been valuable for the large number of young pediatric patients seen in the practice.

Any chiropractor wanting to help more children and families would benefit from the content presented in this course. Easy-to-digest pediatric chiropractic/craniopathy material that is broken down into manageable sections to allow the student time to learn and practice their new skills without requiring travel time or expense.

Thank you Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson for your commitment to the chiropractic profession as well as to the future health outcomes of the next generation.”

Laura Brayton, D.C.

“Infants are harder to help than they used to be. Having been in practice over 30 years I need more tools and different options as I evaluate a child. Have always dabbled in cranial on infants and I wanted to expand my knowledge (Dr. Rosen is great at teaching this).

Three take away from the program: Loved the detailed presentations on cranial adjusting. The videos and demonstrations are excellent. My education was very minimal in the cranial area and SOT® courses over 30 years ago. If I had taken this in person I would have hit overload very quickly, the shorter weekly lessons gave me time to digest, re-watch and learn a new language, then work on the techniques taught. The spinal Evaluation procedures will help when I get stuck and need to come at something a different way than my normal.

Don’t do too much too fast. Dr. Rosen has a very systematic approach as he teaches and some things are multistep; part of me wants to follow exactly and do all, but reality is that I need to pick 2-3 corrections at a time and improve those and not try to do all. If need be, clear with what I know then go back to notes and add a new correction next time. Watch, submit questions , participate in the Q&A, so good! Repetition but some invaluable nuggets (see below). Loved learning from Dr. Marty and Dr. Nancy are a great team and have SO much knowledge we can benefit from.

A specific instance where I used these techniques: New patient under 5 months, neither parent are patients but great grandparents are. Initial visit lots of cranial distortion very visible, MD talking helmet. I was a bit nervous in that I knew some but we were still proceeding through techniques. But I kept it simple, spinal adjustment then a couple of specific cranial releases (my mind wanted to “do” more but “don’t do too much too fast” came to my hands so I did a couple of the cranial/CSF finishing techniques we had covered, and Stopped! 2nd visit: I sure wish I had taken day 1 pictures! This infants head was a totally different shape, it was beautiful! Parents saw the absolute change and some of the subjective symptoms that were there had improved as well.

I believe it was in one of our Q&A sessions that Dr. Rosen covered a hyoid question from a doctor: I have an Adult patient who has improved greatly with his subjective complaint. He was very non chiro. initially but we have helped him greatly. We got to talking about his cervical spine surgery at least 3 years prior and that when they intubated him something went wrong. Since that time he has difficulty swallowing and more throat related issues. This Q&A session was within the 2 weeks prior to this conversation so I did the maneuver. Totally Great Response! I was stunned patient thrilled. We continued to do it a few treatments in a row, it feels different to palpate it now and will just check as needed. He quizzed me about how I knew to do what I did and It was one of this moments I told him that the good Lord had to have just placed him and my education in the right place at the right time as two weeks prior I would Not have known this maneuver and he had never told me about the swallowing problem until now.”

Nancy Hinders, D.C.

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“I decided to take this course after hearing about it from my friend Dr. Amy Spoelstra. She has been caring for my 3 year old daughter who initially presented with significant developmental delays. My daughter has seen amazing results and I knew I needed to improve my skill-set as a chiropractor to not only help her but also other children. When I registered for the course my goal was to become more confident in my analysis of pediatric patients as well as become more familiar with SOT® and cranial work.

The first takeaway would be that I wish I would have learned this technique and analysis before graduating from chiropractic school. The second takeaway is that everything I learned during these 10 months was easy to implement in practice and we’ve been able to help more complex pediatric cases. The third takeaway is that I’d like to continue learning from Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson!

This program has helped me analyze and care for my own daughter who has had significant struggles neurologically and physically. I’m so thankful to feel confident and to be able to address the nervous system imbalances she has faced. Obviously I’ve also been able to apply what I’ve learned in practice as well and I’ve seen great results in our pediatric patients.

The first baby I was able to help using these techniques was a 4-month-old who had difficulty nursing. She was not latching well and was not gaining weight. Within a few adjustments the baby was nursing well.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others as a way to become better equipped to deliver quality care to the pediatric population. I wish I had known this before graduating school.
Thank you both!”

Erin Sousley, DC

“I just want to thank you for creating this online program for so many reasons! To help me grow as a practitioner to help more kiddos and families, (helping adults too), helping me stay engaged and learning, (a passion to always g row and learn), during this crazy season of no gatherings and travel. This course has been inspiring and I wish I could imprint all the teachings in my brain and re-watch the videos when I need insight. I know asking questions too will help! This course has also shown me to share more with parents about their child’s physiology and not avoid details. Parents are more engaged and interested in hearing about the dural meningeal, CSF, sphenobasilar respiratory connection, the cranial sacral, and the neural system and how it pertains to findings and corrections versus speaking about subluxation and its impact on function and healing. Like attracts like. I’m analytical, so why would my patients not want to know the details. Thank you for showing us how to communicate – the doctor shares were so important And I apologize I was not in person for almost all of them. I am grateful they are recorded to go back and learn more! I love the format of watching, reading and engaging as it solidifies concepts and someday soon hope to connect in person!

Thank you for all you do for our profession and the community of patients you and Nancy serve. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn.

Q: How has this program helped your practice?

I love the science the why the how and the opportunity to help my community more. I first decided or rather my decision was solidified to become a chiropractor when a doc I worked for while doing my undergrad helped a young boy that had been adopted, (no health history), with plagiocephaly. It’s always been a passion to pursue but somehow been held back – mostly belief in myself – now I know more and understand so much more – I hope I get the opportunity to make an even bigger difference to help kiddos and families start life and live life at an entirely new level.

Q: What are three takeaways from the program?

a) Helping parents understand the different areas we look at in a child’s physiology when adjusting them. The CSF, Respiratory mechanism, ascending and descending pathways, sutural integrity/motion, nerve system impact, the dural meningeal system – to help them see it’s not just about symptom “X”. b) The importance of the sphenobasilar synchondrosis joint in our youth. c) I have so much more I want to learn as the human body is so incredible and innate is amazing when it has no interference!

Q: How has it changed your practice?

I’m checking everyone’s skulls, whereas before I was only checking school age til great grandparents from the occiput to the coccyx. How much more I can help kiddos with more thorough assessments and provide more care versus only using some craniosacral I had learned along the way, (only the tip of the iceberg). I’m excited to share more, write more, teach my community more as I continue to grow and learn! I’ve noticed some adults with troublesome migraines being relieved faster. I’ve seen littles whom have come in fussy, (under the age of 1), settle quicker, sleep easier and rest and digest better. I hope to be able to share more so I can serve more from the age of 1-101. I too have seen a couple of my concussion clients respond much quicker as well and last longer between visits. I am grateful for this course and inspired by our profession even more! I am hoping through this my communication is stronger and more people grab on to a better understanding of chiropractic for them and their families within our community and outside of our community!”

Dr. Wendy Coburn

“I took the course to further my understanding and ability to treat pediatric patients; knowing the SOT® model of addressing the entire body when doing cranial work, I hoped to gain a set of tools to help complement my pediatric cranial practice. My three takeaways:
1- The pediatric certification program is extremely thorough, even for those of us already doing SOT®;
2- the course teaches a holistic approach, not a technique;
3- this course is not anyone looking to take a weekend seminar to pick up a few new tools, it’s a deep dive into understanding and delivering pediatric care.

Within 1-2 months I was able to help my patients more than before the course, and it has helped me understand how much treatment I was leaving on the table – and that other pediatric specialty chiro’s I’ve been co-treating with aren’t taught about much of this either!

I recently adjusted a 4 year old to address chronic hearing issues (all tests normal) and fluid in the ears. Later that night his ears ‘popped’ while hiccuping and he asked if they had turned the TV up and why was everyone talking so loudly.

Not all pediatric courses are equal – which I’m unfortunately learning as parents come to me from highly regarded ped offices near me and yet I’m seeing foundational things left unresolved or even unaddressed.
In chiropractic school it seems we get enough pediatric training to not be dangerous, but we have no idea how unprepared we really are. I would highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to thoroughly understand why and how pediatric care needs to be different from treating adults. I recommend this course specifically because the cranial adjusting being taught here is in its truest, safest, and most effective and complete form. It’s a huge commitment, but there’s also huge support and guidance.

Ten months is a long time for a course, however I’d almost say the amount & depth of the material might be better over 12 months. As my clinic Dr. at Palmer said, ‘SOT® is a technique for people who really REALLY like to think.’ I’d like to thank you both for continuing to grow this institute. I give presentations every year about what I do (which now feels like a sliver of what you guys do), and the physicians I’m educating are always surprised and disappointed there isn’t an SOT® chiro near them, especially peds.”

Kelly Hibler Wells, DC

“My practice is currently very maternity focused, and I wanted to upskill to offer a similar level of competence and confidence to the newborns.

My three takeaways from this program: A) it is VERY content heavy, so make sure you’ve got your concentration cap on!! B) It is extraordinarily thorough in terms of content and delivery. I was concerned about doing a purely online course in a hands-on based discipline, but the thoroughness of the materials presented really alleviated that concern. All bases were covered, and to be honest, I probably absorbed more of the information than if it was presented live at a seminar. C) Do the homework as it’s presented! I decided I wanted to review the material before completing the CTA’s, but I ran out of time and ended up stressing myself out!

This program has most definitely given me more confidence in my work, both in a pediatric and adult patient base. This confidence has also impacted my personal life in a positive manner, although I think my husband may be a little sick of hearing me talk about ‘the new baby that I saw today’!!

I had a 4 week old brought into me, lethargic, constipated, and generally flat. After clearing the spine, I used the Hypofunction technique on him, and the change was phenomenal. He loved the technique itself, you could just see the way his whole body relaxed, and his Mum reported multiple dirty nappies a day afterwards, and a more alert, engaged and happy baby afterwards.

Without a doubt, I would recommend this program. The content delivered is exceptional, and has the potential to set you up as a leader in the Pediatric field. The value for money is fantastic, and the program delivers the information in a very ordered and considered manner.

Right from the get go I was excited about this program. The content is so well put together and delivered, that it really affords a deep dive into chiropractic pediatrics, and especially cranial work. The videos were cleverly done, and really allowed you to see the contact points, and the basics of the movements required. I’m not actually convinced that I would have gotten more out of the program if it had been an in person seminar (or series of them!), and the opportunity to go back and watch and re-watch the cranial techniques was gold in terms of gaining a proper understanding of the technique, and confidence in applying them.

Thank you so much for the time you have both taken in putting together this program, and in making yourselves available to answer questions and clear up concerns. I have thoroughly enjoyed this program, and look forward to gaining proficiency and then hopefully mastery of the techniques, which is most definitely going to take longer than the 10 months we’ve already spent!”

Meggan Gregory, DC

“I have a growing number of kids in my practice and when speaking with midwives and lactation specialists I saw a growing need to improve latch through improvement of the cranial vault.

I took your ICPA cranial seminar years ago and was able to apply and start practicing some of the corrections at that time. I feel that that base of development allowed me to learn and apply more of the adjustments and cranial/palate corrections right away. Without that, I feel that I would have struggled through the content. The amount of repetition in the course is very helpful and allows the student to move on before mastery and still be able to understand and apply specific corrections as they come up. If I wasn’t currently treating 10+ babies per day I do not think I would have been able to leave this course with the confidence I was seeking. It is my opinion that this course is for an experienced chiropractor who has had a large portion of infant and adolescent patients for greater than a year.

I have grown significantly in my knowledge and confidence when it comes to cranial correction in infants. This has provided greater, faster results and I have seen that population grow faster than I ever expected. I have also grown greatly in the way I am able to examine and communicate the importance of care for the child to parents. I know that I will need lots of time and practice to master all of the corrections but I feel like I have accomplished a great deal these last 10 months in my professional skills and I am very proud of myself and thankful to this program.

Just the other day, I had a 5 day old come in that was set to have a tongue tie in a week and the parents had been told to see me before the procedure. Baby presented in a tense primitive fetal position with very little stretching out or head movement reported. Mom said that the baby was very hard to dress and seemed very uncomfortable. I assessed, and did an occiput and sphenobasilar correction, palate work and facial fruit jar after, and released psoas on the left. I saw the baby 2 days later and she presented with her neck able to extend, her arms and legs relaxed, and parents reported more content and much easier to dress! I will continue to see her until her tongue tie and help her to heal and acclimate to the release.

Yes I would definitely recommend this class to others! It is very organized and repetitive to help with understanding the deep dive into SOT® and pediatric modification. The instructors make themselves fully available for questions and the course assignments are very helpful with application of each module.

Anyone looking to dive deeper into evaluation and correction of cranial distortion will benefit greatly by joining this study! It was a challenging 10 months, but it was very rewarding for me and I came out with an incredible confidence to better care for the infants and children in my practice.
Thank you both for an excellent course!”

Dr. Cassandra Conry

“My goal was to become more proficient and detailed in my care for youth athletes in particular. I also like being able to take care of babies when the opportunity presents itself! The level of detail in this program is astounding and far beyond anything we learned “Advanced Pediatric Technique” in school.
My three takeaways:
1) Commitment to Chiropractic will determine your success
2) Chiropractic care is so much more comprehensive – and this class gives us so many tools!
3) The cranium is an integral part of neurologic health.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson are so passionate about chiropractic – you can’t help but get excited with them! I am beginning to implement some changes with my youth athletes to address their care even more comprehensively than before and interest them in their nervous system health overall. I was able to adjust my 3 month old nephew and help relieve some digestive distress.

I absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in growing a pediatric practice! The level of detail and comprehensive nature of the course leaves you certain that you can make a significant change in these children and set them on a path to optimum function!

Take full advantage of everything this program has to offer! The course is laid out in a very organized fashion and the CTA’s are very helpful in integrating the information. This program is so comprehensive and will allow you to take care of pediatric patients with much more confidence and certainty!
The information and format are fabulous. Thank you so much”

Veronica Jucknies, DC

“I took the course because I was having a challenging time getting through the pediatric book on my own, and figured a structured class would help push me through it. I also wanted to provide the next level of care to my pediatric clients- as more challenging cases are always pushing me to learn more, as well as having a better explanation of why I do what I do for the parents who do not understand why they have been sent to me.
The overall setup is good. Breaking down the information into modules is helpful. Building up on the information through a practice perspective helps in applying the new information. Q&A’s is a great way to go into more detail and personally get questions answered. The app is helpful to take the program on the go (I listened to each new segment on Mondays on my way to the office).
This is a masterclass level. As such, there is definitely a level of independent study and focus required. I do not feel that I always had the focus needed, but it still provided me with valuable insight into my current practice, areas where I need more practice, and areas where I still need more education. It also helped me realize how much I already do know, and some of the finer details within the class definitely upped my in-office game and communication.
This year has had a lot of sinus/ears/congestion. The segments on cranial and drainage have been my most requested session offering- both in the adults and the older pediatric clients I have. My success with plagiocephaly has actually decreased, and I think that I was doing better when I was doing it more intuitively. However, with more practice, I know that the clarifications, the assessment, and CSF finishing will shoot me forward in the care I provide.
I have recommended this course to a couple other chiropractors in my area. We desperately need more advanced pediatric chiropractors here. However, honestly, there are not very many that I feel are up to the level of independent study required for this course. I already have a strong pediatric practice. I have many clients that I can test out the new things being shared. For a new apprentice, or someone wanting to increase their pediatric reach…. I think this would be difficult.
This information is tremendous. Dr Rosen and Dr. Watson have truly pioneered this information into an actual course.
I appreciate what this course is going to do for pediatric care. I appreciate the ability to take this course from the comfort of my own home, after the kids are in bed, without having to travel, pay for hotels and be away from my family. It has been worth the time and monetary investment. I hope that my observations are taken as constructive insight, as I really do believe this course has a lot of value to our profession and our communities. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.”

Jenny Brost, D.C.

“I decided to take this course to further my knowledge and skills in caring for kiddos both in practice and at home. I wanted to grow my confidence and skill set in pediatric chiropractic care.

I found this program very in-depth and learned a lot of skills and info to add to my pediatric tool kit. Three takeaways were how incredibly important the first couple years of life are especially for development, how to specifically assess and correct cranials, and pain reduction techniques for kiddos using aspects of SOT® cranial and sacral techniques.

How Has Taking This Program Impacted Your Life, Personally And Professionally?: I feel much more confident in my assessment and care for kiddos both in practice as well as with my own littles at home.
I have used the palate exam and assessment and found a high palate. Using the techniques taught in this course I was able to work on the palate and allow baby and mama to improve their breastfeeding relationship.

I would definitely recommend this course to others as Dr. Rosen is a wealth of knowledge and this is a very in-depth and intensive course. I learned a lot and will definitely review my notes from time to time as there is just so much incredible information.

I really enjoyed this course and as a business owner and mama of 3 littles, I really appreciated that it was virtual. I learned a lot and feel much more confident in my examination and skills when it comes to taking care of kiddos. Dr. Rosen is a wealth of knowledge and it was an honor to have the opportunity to learn from him.

This program was jam packed with so much knowledge and wisdom, I already learned so much and I know each time I reference back to my notes I’ll find even more tidbits and pearls! Thank you for all that you do”

Sara O’Connell, DC

“To hone my examination and adjusting skills, more particularly towards infants. I definitely feel more confident and comfortable delivering the highest quality of chiropractic care to children in my practice.
Cranial work is not just great for pediatric patients, but also for anyone of any age groups, especially those with neurological indicators. This course has provided enough guidance when it comes to full evaluation and specific adjustments.

This program has increased my awareness towards the importance of pediatric care, especially those who have undergone stress causing cranial distortions during birth.

My 3 year old nephew is autistic and I am really glad that he showed significant improvement in terms of development after cranial work.

Yes, I would recommend this program. Drs. Rosen are very detailed in explaining and the program itself proves apparent success.

After the course, I have applied the skills learned not only on pediatrics but also on older populations who are suffering from eczema and insomnia. The skill has helped tremendously in my practice, getting me more referrals and enabling me to help more patients in need.

Learning from professional Drs. like Dr. Watson and Dr. Rosen ensures you to get tons of hands on properly as they are very engaging on and off screen.”

Lim Pui Yi, D.C.

“Have you ever listened to Dr. Rosen speak and think, ‘Wow, that was incredible and I only got 23% of what he said – I wish I could replay that!?’ Well, now you can. My first course with Dr. Rosen was early in practice when I was going through the ICPA’s series – it was overwhelming and amazing. A couple years ago I attended another of his classes and learned things I was able to bring to practice that week, but even with a stronger foundation going in, it was still a lot to process. The online course was a perfect solution to go in-depth on the information in a very user friendly manner. One of the main things I was excited about going into this was the ability to pause, replay, and replay again when I needed to slow down or hear something again to better understand it.

Taking this program has given me more knowledge on cranial adjusting, a system to determine when to use the techniques, and ways to better communicate with parents not only the findings, but the importance of this work to their developing child.

I think every person, but certainly every doctor should continually be learning and finding avenues to better serve their community. Professionally, this course has added to my toolbox and provided even more ways for me to care for my patients. Personally, this course was an investment in myself and a reminder that with persistence and determination I can accomplish something as great as this, even when life is crazy and I give birth to twins in the middle of it – but hey, I have two adorable craniums to practice on now!

I had a 2-month-old little guy come in recently who never had an issue feeding, but after a quick movement when he lifted his head and it flopped down, he was crying when awake, wouldn’t nurse, and by the time I saw him 5 days after the incident, wouldn’t even take a bottle and was being syringe fed pumped milk. They had taken him to two pediatricians who reported everything looked fine. After adjusting upper cervical, sphenoid, and doing the fruit jar technique, he drank 3 oz. from a bottle on the way home from his first adjustment. After the next visit he was back to the breast!

This course was designed with you, your experience, and your success in mind. The videos cover the material in detailed, yet consumable segments of time. The calls to action give direction and encourage application of the knowledge gained. And Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson are there every step to answer questions, share insight, and inspire.

I’ve mentioned the mountain of knowledge that this course holds, but I think what is also important to note and has been my experience is that Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson have a passion for this work and a desire to help other doctors learn it. When I had my twins and got off track from the timeline, they reached out to check on me, ask if there was anything they could do to support my study, and were genuinely encouraging. And that is something I will never forget!

I am so appreciative of the work you have done in chiropractic the last 40 years, and that you have taken on the labor of love of passing your knowledge and experience on to other chiropractors. The lives you have impacted because of that are countless; I know everyone in my practice is grateful I’ve had the opportunity to learn from you!”

Josiah Hackney, DC

“I love working with kids and pregnant ladies. I strongly believe that forming a good foundation is much easier than solving the problems later in age. I hope to get a set of tools in hands to serve the paediatric populations in Asia, having more kids to grow functionally healthy is my vision.

The programme is systematic and the group is being very supportive. The contents of the course are eye-opening to me, as a beginner in the field of paediatric chiropractic in South East Asia.

I’m more confident to deal with kids in my practice, and the case sharing sessions provided me with great insight when we come across difficult / rare conditions. My adjustment style has changed so much from more mechanical based to neurological based.

My favourite is CSF balancing technique for the majority of my patients, including adults. It’s incredibly useful in Singapore, such a stressful city. Besides that, I started to attract newborns into my practices. I’m having a hearing dysfunction newborn under my cranial treatments.

Definitely would recommend this program. It’s an excellent skill set to have in hands and I love the systematic content structure that comes along with group discussion.

Personally I love the systematic content structure that comes along with group discussion. As a beginner in paediatric care, I would say it is comprehensive yet beginner friendly. The Dr. Sharing sessions provided me with practical advice from senior chiropractors. Most importantly, I feel supported to practice such a unique technique far from the US.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson, I am grateful for your guidance and wisdom! I’m so happy that the course is available online which I could access without physical barriers”

Min Lei Chong, D.C.

“I decided to take this course because I was looking to further understand the dynamics of the dural meningeal system and the cranial movement patterns associated with brain nutrition and CSF flow. The ultimate goal was to gain a better understanding so that I could do more cranial work with my clients.
My three takeaways:
1. Dynamics of the dural meningeal system and cranial bone movement patterns
2. The importance of a properly functioning cranium for optimal brain development
3. Correction of common cranial dysfunctions.

Personally, I understand the importance of the cranial system further and it’s also made me realize how LITTLE I knew. Professionally, I feel better equipped to share my experience with parents and talk to them about the importance of cranial dynamics.

I’ve used the fruit jar techniques on kiddos and adults to help with earaches and tinnitus.
There is more content in this program than anywhere I’ve ever seen. The videos have easy to understand demonstrations and it’s easy to follow and broken down into short, palatable chunks.

If you want to know more about how the primary respiratory mechanism in the body works, then you MUST take the course. I believe this course leads us to identify more primaries and give a deeper level of care to anyone at any age.”

Dr. Daniel Kimbley

“I have been using SOT® in clinic for a number of years and I wanted to become more proficient with incorporating cranials into the way I practice. I wanted to understand why my own child has the cranial distortions she has which is why the course was a bit hard for me.

Three takeaways: By the time a child gets to the age of 2, they have developed 80% of the adult gray and white matter volume. If there is stress in that system, it will affect the ability of the grey matter to develop, and it has lifelong consequences. If we minimize the cause of that stress on the system, that removes the primary subluxation in that 1st year of life and allows for normal neuro-development and ultimately optimal function of the nervous system,. Less is more. Use all of your skills when assessing a patient, not just the orthopaedic. We underutilize the things that sets us apart as chiropractors from other health professionals and that is our ability to palpate. Use this to feel more than just musculoskeletal, use it to feel fascia, tone, breath, CSF, CRI. Look beyond the secondary subluxations; find the underlying cause, the primary subluxation of the dis-ease for longer lasting relief for the nervous system, allowing optimal and normal developmental growth patterns.

This course has increased my understanding as to why and when I should implement adjustments at particular times and increased clinical clarity. I have a more effective and efficient evaluation of not only my paediatric patients but everyone under my care. I am changing the way I explain what chiropractic is and stop dumbing it down by minimizing explanations based on my perception of what they can understand, with the air to allow the patient to have the full understanding of the power of the nervous system. Some of the content was triggering for me due to PTSD from the birth trauma of my own daughter’s cranial distortion patterns. Prior to the birth of my daughter, I would have said that I was confident in basic cranial adjusting. After her birth, I lost all my confidence. I am not back to seeing paediatric patients and the number of them I am seeing is increasing dur to patient referrals.

Last week: mum of a 4 week old baby boy came to see me just for a spinal checkup because that’s what all her friends do with their kids. During the exam discovered that breastfeeding was extremely painful to the point she is considering quitting but would prefer not to. Evaluated and adjusted bub (absent left suck reflex, wasn’t using tongue effectively, mum has never seen him raise his tongue, right TMJ restriction), mum fed directly after and was in tears because that was the first non-painful feed she has experienced. Second visit in the week bub was poking out his tongue, lifting it comfortably, suck reflex bilateral was great, TMJ no longer restricted. Whilst we have more balancing to do mum was so happy that she can see the path to a long breastfeeding journey now. For me it really reinforced the power of chiropractic, minimal but focused adjustment to facilitate optimal and normal growth patterns. My place in my community is to support mums, raising a child is hard, but so much harder when their nervous system is less than optimal.

I have already recommended this course to a number of people in my network. In particular those in my clinic, not only for their further education but hopefully to continue to refine my skills and understanding when we have our own team education staff meetings. There are some fantastic clinical pearls throughout the whole course. When you’ve tried adjusting in a certain way, I like how you’ve offered what you should be looking at next to help balance the system and look beyond symptom relief, focusing on the primary subluxation. I found that really helpful, guiding me to what I should be looking for in my patients when I am not seeing the desired outcome. I have attained my basic & advanced certification here in Australia, which allows me to table educate for categories and CMRT events. I have attended many of the advanced cranial seminars offered in Australia, including intra-orals, TMJ, suturals, cranial specifics and non-specifics ( some of these multiple times). I think for SOT® practitioners in Australia who have undertaken the seminars available in Australia that your course offers a next level of understanding as to why and when we should be implementing particular SOT® techniques.

As a first time mum returning to work, it helped me with clinical clarity and confidence when working with the paediatric population. I really liked the platform it was presented in, the app allowed for easier re-watching when I couldn’t get a concept to stick, the booklets and transcripts helped to reinforce the trickier aspects of the theory components that my post-natal brain struggled to retain. As a chiropractor who is nearly 10 years in the workforce, the course has guided me to search deeper for the cause not just symptoms. And as an SOT® practitioner your course offers a next level of understanding as t1o why and when we should be implementing particular SOT® techniques.

The content was great. I struggled at times. I think if it were not for the course having set deadlines I very well could have stuck my head in the sand. I look forward to doing more courses with you in the future. My confidence has really picked up with your course and we are planning a second baby so on a personal level, your course has helped in unintended but positive ways, thank you.”

Kathy Johansson, DC

“My practice is predominantly mums, infants and children. I have completed many short paediatric courses, with a long term goal to attend the seminar series in the US. What a joy to be able to partake online!

Thank you for multiple pathways for learning the content. Videos, transcripts, workbooks, and Q&As have all helped bring the content together. There is a lot of content! Sometimes I found it overwhelming, then I would be checking a child and realize I had done something I learnt in this course without having to check my notes!

My skills and confidence in paediatric chiropractic care has grown significantly! I love working with families, particularly infants, and have developed a thriving SOT® practice based on referrals from Mums, IBCLCs, midwives and doulas. There are very few chiropractors in my community who check and adjust more than spinal issues with children. This course has enabled me to offer so much more in my practice, and to educate the practitioners who refer to infants and children to me.

I recently helped a 5 day old do their first poo! Mum brought bub to see me as a last resort before medical intervention to remove the meconium. Using the skills learnt in this course, I checked bub, releasing the dural pressure and allowing her body to relax. I then cried happily with Mumma as bub pooped!!

I recommend this course to all chiropractors working with children. Many courses are focused on spinal adjusting; this course covers cranial, visceral, common pathologies, and spinal. It’s essential information for paediatric chiropractic.

The format of the course is achievable for all, an hour a week online to learn, and then apply in practice. The bonus of Q&A times with Drs. Nancy & Martin were fantastic tutorials. I will continue to read through my notes for many years, to gain more experience to help my community.

Thank you both for creating this online course. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and implementing the skills. This is the most comprehensive and well-structured chiropractic course I have taken. The care, wisdom and skills, matched with your accessibility and compassion is second to none. Thank you.”

Kirstie Kendrick, DC

“I have been seeing an increased volume of infant and pediatric clients, and I realized that my knowledge and skills were limited. I was hoping to gain more confidence, clinical certainty and effectiveness in helping these kids to a greater degree.

Understanding cranial motion is absolutely essential for properly providing chiropractic care to infants and babies. Many of the subluxation patterns that I so often see in adults have actually been in place since birth. It is imperative that those of us interested in adjusting babies become experts at doing so.

I have gained significantly more confidence and certainty when working with my young clients, especially infants, babies and toddlers, as well as my ability to relate to the parents the importance of proper chiropractic care.

I have now had two cases where a child was delayed in motor development, one with crawling, the other with walking, where I was able to identify that the issue was primarily due to top-down interference, and was able to correct subluxation effectively enough to get the children making developmental leaps within the first week.

This course provided me with a much deeper understanding of where, when and how subluxation shows up in the early stages of life. It also provided me with a deep, complex understanding of the infant cranium and what proper development and motion SHOULD look like, as well as a plethora of adjusting techniques I can use to help address the signs of subluxation safely and effectively in young children. Taking this course fills a heavily overlooked gap in both understanding the cranium AND understanding infants/baby adjusting, in general.

I did find it difficult to follow along with the intense amount of information and to apply it all as I went. I think it was understated that we should plan to attend a hands-on seminar, either beforehand, midway through or afterward, to help integrate and apply the info. Additionally, and perhaps more easily, I think it would be of great benefit to spend more time going over cranial motion dynamics. I know that this was done early in the course, but I often felt, if only I could visualize the mechanics of the cranium more closely, I’d have understood how to apply some of the more challenging techniques more effectively.”

Dan Continenza, DC

“Bueno, decidí tomar este curso primero por la vasta experiencia del Dr Rosen y su profundo conocimiento en el cuidado pediátrico, a esto se agrega la capacidad de enseñar de manera detallada y específica cada elemento del programa de pediatría, pudiendo notar esto en la entrega que pone en cada una de sus clases, aclarando conceptos y dando ejemplos sobre cómo abordar en cada caso.

Además de todo esto, sentía que me faltaba un conocimiento más profundo sobre el manejo pediátrico, más allá de la formación de pregrado y los seminarios de fin de semana. Buscaba una formación con Certificación que fuese lo más completa posible y a la vez accesible desde un lugar tan remoto como Chile. Todo esto lo encontre en este programa del Dr Rosen y aún más.

1. Es un programa muy completo, que incluye manejo craneal y espinal, además de ofrecer demostraciones claras y precisas sobre las técnicas junto con ordenar de manera clara el contenido.
2. Permite el tiempo suficiente entre clase y clase para digerir el conocimiento así como también la posibilidad de aclarar dudas a través de las sesiones regulares de preguntas y respuestas.
3. Tiene una gradualidad temática muy ordenada, pasando de conceptos básicos, al análisis, ajustes y demostraciones hasta terminar en casos de razonamiento y condiciones específicas.
ha cambiado totalmente la forma de trabajo en mi práctica, ya que si bien se enfoca en pediatría, ofrece herramientas que puedes aplicar desde el mismo dia que las aprendes también en adultos, a través de un abordaje más suave, menos resistido, de tipo tonal con respuestas más rápidas y duraderas en los pacientes.

Recuerdo un caso de un paciente con iliaco PI persistente que luego de los estudios con el programa, note que en realidad el problema de fondo era un sacro AI, aplique técnica sobre el ligamento Sacro-tuberoso y fue increíble como se fue notando la baja en la tension del ligamento así como la modificación de los indicadores a nivel de ligamento nucal. después de ese ajuste no hubo mas alteraciones en la zona Sacroiliaca. en el caso de niños, me ha tocado mas de un bebe con problemas de cólicos que resuelve tras el ajuste espinal.

Solo dar gracias al Dr Rosen y a la Dra Watson por su entrega, por su pasión al enseñar, por su paciencia para educar, por su esfuerzo en cuidar cada detalle, y espero, humildemente poder tener algo de esa chispa que brilla en los ojos de ellos cada vez que hablan de Quiropráctica, Dios les bendiga y sigan enseñando a muchas generaciones mas esta hermosa profesión.”

César M. Segura Pantoja, DC, CSSPP

“I chose to take this course to enhance my experience of what I already know w/CST and adjustments. I also wanted to have more experience applying SOT® techniques for my pediatric population. Three valuable things I would share w/colleagues: 1. Attention to detail in recognizing difficult problem areas and how to solve them. 2. Understanding in-depth anatomy is a must. 3. Excellent job at tying all the concepts together. I have been a physical medicine specialist for almost 17 years. This course has helped me to find my niche and really educate not only my patients but my students how important it is for us to articulate and help our pediatric population in a different way without overwhelming them with drugs – showing that hands on modalities can help w/healing processes. While it took me a while to get through this course, the biggest take off for me recently was after Class 4 working w/the concept of sphenobasilar junction correction after I do a frenectomy release. Feeding coordinations have improved significantly post frenectomy. I was doing CST prior to release but when I fine-tuned it after the class; I noticed a big change post frenectomy w/improved latch. It doesn’t matter how long one has been practicing or doing similar work. You can always learn more but even better enjoy a different perspective to help enhance your skills. I have found this class to be invaluable to me. I never stop learning. And Dr. Martin and Dr. Watson made this class very user friendly! For me, I am the first ND (I believe) to take this course w/physical medicine background. I feel more providers need this course that are working with the pediatric population. When we look at environmental factors as well as internal factors, there’s so much more we can do with touch. I would encourage this class to be open to NDs, chiropractors and osteopaths. I just want to say thank you both for being patient with me getting through this course. While the videos were difficult to lip read, I found the transcripts to be helpful and going through the modules and exercises was a fantastic reminder and tool to process the information given in the course. I would like to make only one suggestion – in some of the transcripts, there were [inaudible] comments put in. Would it be possible for someone to correct that for a future deaf doctor to read? I appreciate the accommodations you made to make this class accessible for me. Thank you both again so much!”

Jill Ghormley, ND

“I felt limited in my knowledge and skill set when dealing with the pediatric part of my practice. I loved working with babies in particular and have been getting more referrals over the years from Mm and baby groups, midwifery offices, etc because I had been helping them. But I could see distortions (especially cranial distortions) but didn’t know how to address what I was seeing. I also didn’t know what to do next with those babies whose issues weren’t totally resolving. I did Dr Rosen’s module with the ICPA and though I found it helpful. I felt like there was a lot more to it. I also wanted to have more knowledge about when a tonal vs structural adjustment was appropriate.

The program is very thorough, Drs. Rosen are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the material. I have more confidence to try more of the cranial techniques outlined.

I definitely need to continue to go over the material over and over as I gain more experience, but I feel like I have more to offer my patients.

Recently, one of my little patients who I have seen off and on since his birth (he is now 18 months old) came in with sinus congestion for over a week. I adjusted him as I usually do and then did the fruit jar technique cranial adjustments on him at the end, He won’t lie down and I have to adjust him while he is sitting on mom’s lap so I have to adapt my approach. At the next adjustment, mom reported that 15 minutes after leaving my office, his nose/sinuses just started pouring out mucus and he had not been congested since.

I would recommend this course to other DCs who have an interest in deepening their technique and confidence in working with the pediatric population and who would like to add cranial work to their practice.

Though the time commitment to do this course has been pretty intense for me, it has been well worth it. I feel that my knowledge depth and confidence has increased. I do feel that now the real work begins whereby I add and refine the techniques I have learned into my day to day practice. I expect I will get better with more practice and experience. It feels like a lot right now and that I have definitely not retained everything but will continue to evolve as I put more and more of the information I learned into practice.

Thank you for putting together this great program. Honestly I don’t love online format learning generally but I would not have had access to this program otherwise. Being a chiropractor with 23 years’ experience, I definitely got more out of the cranial section of the program which I loved. I will need to go back over many things to get more organized in my head and in my day to day practice. Overall it has been excellent!”

Alicia Steele, DC

“I felt like I was limited when I saw babies and I adore working with them so I needed a way to upgrade my knowledge.

This program is very accessible and well done and complete. I think it is the best course I have taken in the last 20 years. It is complete, it is interesting and we can implement it right away in our practices and it makes a bit difference in the results we get. It gives more confidence and many more ways of helping our little ones. I loved it.

Personally this course gave me a lot more confidence, and professionally it made me feel like I am legitimate to tell my patients to take their family in so they get the best chiropractic care as soon as they are born. That is priceless.

I had a 10 year old that came in because her mother thought her posture was not correct. I did a first evaluation and she had internal strabismus when I tested eye movement. She complained of cloudy vision on that side. She also had an increased lumbar lordosis and anterior head carriage. After adjusting her upper C’s, I did some of the fruit jar techniques and I wrote to Dr Rosen to ask about this case. He recommended working on the occiput and sphenobasilar, which I did. After 5 – 6 visits, her mom said she went back to the ophthalmologist and she did not have to wear glasses and they had said she was going to need them. The eye doctor said that her eyes were great and she never again had that feeling of blurry vision.

I strongly recommend this course to any chiropractor that simply wants to have more ways of helping their patients. It is a really great experience, it is complete and the videos are explicit and the notes are complete. Whenever I had a question, I had an answer very rapidly and I was blown away with the efficiency.

I signed up for this class to improve my care to children and, at the end, it did a lot more than that for me. The class has taken me to another level of confidence regarding children’s spinal and cranial care. I had never done such a thorough exam on children and babies before. From the beginning of the classes, we can already apply what we are being taught because it is well explained but also because of the support you get from the group. They answer quickly and specifically to all our questions. That is amazing. We always have a lot of encouragement. When you hear Dr Rosen and Dr Watson share their knowledge and experience, you feel their enthusiasm and it is contagious. I felt like I belong to this wonderful chiropractic family and I recommend it to every chiropractor. Thank you so very much for all that you are.

I want to say thank you for all of your help, your guidance, your confidence in me and your encouragement.”

Sandra Genest-Boudreau, DC

I took this course originally to help my own kids because I knew there were things I was missing to help them better, now I can help even more kids!

My three takeaways:

1) confidence in assessing children and babies.

2) confidence in understanding how to explain things better to parents

3) a renewal in philosophy.

This program has improved my confidence even after being in practice for 10 years my confidence wasn’t that high. The biggest change was in my daughter’s face, I worked on all areas of her skull and my family started commenting on the change in the shape of her face. Every time I do a big cranial session she sleeps soooooo well!

I would absolutely recommend this course to others, the amount of information and access to you guys is incredible (even if we don’t utilize it as much as we should) Hands down the best cranial/assessment approach for kids/babies to boost confidence and knowledge. I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this course!

Sliding in and getting finished just in time; I LOVED the content in this course. Overwhelming at times but that’s my own fault for not being consistent like I was advised to be. The amount of information that I have already been able to apply in my practice is amazing. I will be reviewing the information to continue to grow and utilize in my practice for the rest of my practice career. Thank you for putting this course together!

Keltie Warren

I took this program to improve my ability to take care of the pediatric patient and offer superior care while continuing my knowledge over the years of practice.

1. Pediatric care is vital with cranial growth and development in the first two years of live, we have to set these kiddos up for success in their nervous systems.

2. We must continue to grow and develop our own profession past adjustments to the spine only, cranial work is powerful and much needed.

3. Working with children allows us to make such profound changes and these principles can be applied to our adult patients as well.

I feel that I have worked on my own children in a much different way as well as seeing a much better outcome in my own patients and quicker results.

Plagiocephaly is a very common condition I see in my office. We have much higher success rates and less cranial helmet referrals after implementing all the cranial work.

I would recommend this program. We need to constantly continue to better ourselves for our patients and continue to grow our knowledge in the pediatric field. We should be required to take this in school.

This coursework is amazing and so powerful. This coursework offers pediatric care and is nothing short of amazing. To be able to see changes immediately in your practice and positive outcomes for kids is truly a passion and I love what this course has done for myself and my practice members.

Brooke Desser

I decided to take this course because I wanted to learn more about SOT pediatric and also to have more tools to be able to treat babies and kids in my practice.

My takeaways:
1) How it is important to check out the cranial system
2) Look out for the dollar and crest signs
3) Everything is related
4) It is important to find the subluxation before for the age of 7.

This program made me focus more on the patterns than just the adjustment by itself. I learned that it is important to prevent and to educate my patients.

I saw a 15 day old baby come because she had difficulty turning her head to the right and wasn’t able to breastfeed on the right breast. Using the SOT protocol, after 2-3 treatments, the baby got better and the mom realised the difference.

Yes, I would recommend it because you don’t learn at school and SOT is a great tool to have.

This course helps me a lot about cranial work, about the way I should explain it to patients, how to better treat the baby and to connect with them.

I would like to thank Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson for the time, the material, the clear explanations and their help.

Kunnaker Lung-Tor

I wanted to learn more about cranial adjusting and this course exceeded my expectations.

I would recommend this course to any chiropractor. I have expanded my knowledge of the SOT technique, the pediatric spinal exam and adjustment, and cranial adjusting. I have been able to put this into practice immediately and I am pleased with the results.

I have been able to look at a person with a new perspective and system of analysis. It has helped me with new knowledge and new adjustments. That always improves my life and the lives of my patients.

I have been wanting to learn the sphenobasilar junction adjustments, which is why I signed up for this course. A couple of months after starting this course, a mom brought her 7 month old in for care, concerned his anterior fontanelle was too small. He was extremely subluxated in the upper cervical spine and cranium. After clearing his upper cervical spine, I adjusted his sphenobasilar junction, and when he came back for a follow up visit, his head shape was noticeably different, and his mother was extremely happy.

I have recommended this course to multiple others. I tell them they will learn more in this class than any other class they have taken.

There is so much information to learn from this course. Dr. Rosen has it designed in a way to make it as easy as possible. You can watch a video and put it into practice the same week. The weekly videos make it easier to learn than trying to cram it all in a weekend course. I highly recommend it!

Thank you both so much!

Miriam Mosley

I recently graduated and work at a practice where no one has any knowledge of pediatric chiropractic care.
I wanted to learn more to be able to provide the best care possible for infants and kids.

My three takeaways:

1. It’s so important to learn the WHY behind pediatric chiro care and be able to convey that to families.
2. Cranial work can be so incredibly powerful.
3. The pediatric exam is so important and can give you a huge amount of information to guide you in a care plan.

This program has given me a starting point for creating a pediatric practice as well as some confidence in examining and adjusting kids.

I have been using some of the CSF balancing techniques on a patient with conversion disorder which has been helping him to have fewer “episodes” and sleep better than he has in a while.
This course was definitely overwhelming for me having no experience with SOT or cranial work, but I like that I have access to all the information to dive deeper into it whenever I am able and to understand it better over time with practice.

I think that any pediatric chiropractor should take this course to gain a better understanding of the cranium and the neurology behind the cranial adjustments. Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson have such a vast knowledge of pediatric care and have been so helpful throughout the course to answer any questions I had about techniques or cases I had in practice.

I think it was a great experience for me and I so appreciate the guidance and generosity of the knowledge Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson have!

Kari Breuer

I decided to take this course because I’ve been practicing with a focus on pediatric and prenatal care for 16 years and wanted to have more tools in my toolbox. I’ve wanted to take the course for a long time but it just didn’t fit in my crazy schedule and it finally did.

My 3 takeaways are:

 1. Kids are not simply small adults, we have very specific techniques to help them best.

2. SOT cranial work not only helps to resolve symptoms that kiddo’s present with but also to reset their nervous system and set them up for optimal health and development.

3. It’s important to watch for a pattern and not simply what’s happening on a single day.

This program has impacted me as a doctor in the manner that I assess babies and kids as well as the techniques that I use. It has helped my adjustments create faster results and a more comfortable adjustment.

I had a kiddo with a severe ear infection that was not responding to antibiotics. Mom was a nurse and her friend referred her to us. When the kiddo came into the room, his ear was bleeding and he was in a lot of pain. I used the techniques that you taught in this course to do cranial work, sinus drainage and cervical adjusting. Within a few minutes after the adjustment he was smiling and his color was coming back to normal. There was no obvious bleeding and the mom was in awe.

I would recommend this course to others because it gives you tools that help so many kids that you can’t get anywhere else.

The course is set up in a fantastic format for busy doctors. You can take it at your own pace but still have the very intricate training as if you were in person. Dr. Rosen does an amazing job by video in playing out and explaining each technique and the reason for it. After 16 years, I feel that I have a great toolbox of techniques for children but this expanded my abilities dramatically.

I really appreciate all of the work you did to put this program together and I’m thankful. I do wish the certification was automatically part of it because the extra cost is not easy for all of us doctors. I also wish there were continuing education credits associated with it so that it increased its overall impact with credentialing each year. Thank you so much!

Dr. Ashley Jones, DC

I decided to take this course in order to better understand movement of cranial bones and how to correct patterns. Easy to follow. Small enough information each week to stay on top of it and not fall behind. Great for learning in depth about each cranial bone and how they move.

This program has taught me a better way to observe and action steps for how to correct what I do find.
I recently had a little one come in with torticollis causing plagiocephaly. I was able to apply the exam protocols to figure out the main issue, address it, and keep the little one out of a helmet!

I would recommend to anyone who is wanting a better way to assess and care for the pediatric population, specifically in the realm of cranials.

I enjoyed the depth that this program offers. I have been interested in learning more about the cranium, how to assess and address certain issues and this program offered great resources to do so. I am so grateful for the information I’ve gained and will continue to apply what I’ve learned in practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed this program. I liked that it was broken up into sections each week that were manageable and easy to stay on top of. I am only in my second year of practice so some things were very hard for me to grasp and apply, but part of that was because I am a kinesthetic learner and thrive on immediate feedback. My main goal with this program was to get a better understanding of cranial work and I definitely did.

I know it is impossible with online programs to give personal feedback to each person and I appreciate y’all’s willingness to help us and offer the live doctor Q&A’s. Thank you so much for this program and the work you put into it!

Hannah Boone

I wanted to build up my confidence in treating the pediatric population so I was hoping to learn effective adjustment techniques and also learn when to use them.

1. Everything you learn is comprehensive from the first visit, ROF, exams, and adjustments.

2. Learning the indicators gives you so much knowledge about how to effectively evaluate a patient’s nervous system and helps you determine which adjustments to use.

3. Everything you learn in this program is a huge confidence boost to you as a practitioner. They give you everything you need to improve your skills and feel confident in using them in your practice.

This program has given me more confidence overall both personally and professionally. I feel like I’m a better practitioner now, which improves your life in both a personal and professional way.

I started using the Ortho-bionomy techniques on various patients and saw immediate results and relief from the patient which was very encouraging for both of us.

I would definitely recommend this program. You learn so much that overall makes you a better doctor.

I had a great experience learning from both Drs. Rosen and Watson. They are both extremely knowledgeable in this technique and clear on communicating it to others. They were also always available and responsive to any questions you had about the material. Their hands-on seminars combined with this online program really helped solidify my knowledge in learning and using this technique..
One of the most thorough programs I’ve taken. I learned so much and it was worth the investment!

Jillian Porter

I have just finished the Pediatric Certificate Program and I have to say that it has been a truly wonderful experience and has added so much detail to my understanding of the biomechanics and treatment protocols. I have been in practice for 39 years and I am well versed in Applied Kinesiology as well as many other techniques and treatment protocols.

I continue to study with Michael Lebowitz DC, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Dr. Chris Astill-Smith in Epigenetics and of course the late Wally Schmitt DC.

I am pleased to be able to add Drs. Rosen and Watson to my list of mentors. I have signed up for more of Drs. Rosen and Watson’s seminars due to the fact that they provide such comprehensive and extremely important material that all chiropractors should be taught while attending chiropractic school. This seminar has added so much more understanding and depth to my practice.

I have treated all ages throughout the years but since I have taken this seminar my pediatric clientele has definitely increased. I am so looking forward to continuing with all the upcoming programs that they offer. I highly recommend taking any of the seminars they offer as you won’t be disappointed!

Theresa Gormly

I have been practicing for 16 years with a focus on prenatal, pediatric and family care.

Our practice is tonal and neurological based and we see a lot of families who want optimal health and wellness for their families. In 16 years I’ve taken many seminars and courses for kids, pregnancy and families and I have to say that this is one of the most in depth and impactful programs.

Since taking the course I have implemented the additional exams and protocols and have seen an increase in optimal results from pain and symptoms to emotional, mental and learning outcomes. I love having ways to help calm and relieve over-stimulation for our kiddo’s in this overstimulated world. I really appreciate how much this is helping me as a practitioner and my patients overall experience.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us so that we can help so many more families.

Ashley Jones

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