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About Dr. Rosen

Dr. Martin Rosen

Over the past several years, while maintaining a private practice, Dr. Rosen has traveled nationally and internationally teaching SOT® Chiropractic and Pediatrics. In an attempt to make his teachings more available to the chiropractic profession he has complied a series of DVD's and manuals of his work. These DVD's and manuals are a compilation of years of teaching and lecturing. It is his intention to keep the work of Major DeJarnette, DC alive, and forever available to chiropractors. He is also dedicated to giving chiropractors the tools and skills necessary to take care of children and to inspire them to expand this branch of chiropractic.

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Getting Ready for the Holiday Special

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Evaluating and Removing Spinal and Cranial Subluxation Patterns
Special Price $90.00 Plus FREE Shipping Anywhere

In his newest book Dr. Rosen discusses the impact of Vertebral and Cranial Subluxations on the child's health. From this perspective he covers the complete spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols from birth through early childhood. The specific protocols are demonstrated with dozens of illustrations, charts and detailed descriptions. Included are two special chapters on the correlations and applications of the examination and adjusting protocols taught in the book, as well as some symptom specific procedures.

The purpose of this book is to offer the chiropractor and student a window into the most important and satisfying aspect of being a chiropractor: Pediatric Chiropractic Care. The ability to sustain Chiropractic, and move it into its rightful place in the healthcare marketplace, is by educating the public and our profession to Chiropractic's real impact on the individual's health and well-being.

The first two years of a child's life are the most influential period in the post-natal development. This is the time when 90% of their neurological foundation and potential is being formed. At no other time in our lives is the expression and development of our human potential so greatly influenced or developed.

Correcting Cranial Specific Subluxation Patterns and TMJ

Special Price $150.00 Save Over 25% Plus FREE Shipping Anywhere

This 3 DVD package (powerpoint workbook included) covers the anatomy and physiology of the Temporo Mandibular Joint as well as the complete evaluation and correction protocols for various TMD scenarios.

You will learn the specific cranial subluxation patterns the are present with TMJ dysfunction and their corrections. The focus will be on occipital, sphenobasilar, temporal and frontal subluxation patterns and how their evaluation and correction will assist in determining the type of TMJ correction necessary and help stabilize it more efficiently.

Intra-oral corrective procedures will be demonstrated.

The DVD's also cover the complete correction protocols for a variety types of TMD including: occlusion, rotational and translation dysfuctions, cross-bite issues, posterior mandible, pterygoid balancing, disc issues (popping, clicking and hypermobility) and other clinical applicable cranial corrections related to TMD.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy: SOT® Based Procedures and Protocols

3 Disc Set - Special Price $150.00 Save Over 25% with FREE Shipping Anywhere

Dealing with this portion of the population involves special skills and protocols often overlooked in the general chiropractic practice. In this 3-DVD set Dr. Martin Rosen, DC, CSCP, CSPP, a SOT®certified instructor, will cover many of the specific adjusting protocols necessary to deal with the hyper-mobility and pelvic balance issues specific to the pregnant patient.

The adjusting protocols taught in this program offer the practitioner a set of skills to deal with the changing neurophysiological and biomechanical presentations in the pregnant patient. You will learn safe and effective methods that can help with even the most challenging cases.

While many of these techniques are based on SOT® adjusting protocols, these videos allow those unfamiliar with SOT® chiropractic procedures, as well as already established SOT® doctors, to work more efficiently with this segment of the population. Standard adjusting protocols as well as specialized and ancillary procedures are covered and demonstrated thoroughly in this DVD series.

Pediatric Spinal Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols

Special Price - $95.00 Save Over 25% with FREE Shipping Anywhere

Different adjusting procedures are necessary to deal with the delicacy of the pediatric spine. In this video we not only address these protocols but we address the different types of subluxations – especially meningeal – that are often primary in this segment of the population. Demonstrations of multiple adjusting protocols for the entire spine are shown and correlations to the examination findings are discussed.

Since brain growth, development and neurological imprinting are greatest in the first two years of life, acquiring the necessary skills to reduce neurological interference in this segment of the population is paramount to allowing the child to express their full potential.

Dr. Rosen's Latest Chiropractic Instructional DVD

Pain Control for the Pediatric Patient

2 DVDs

In this 3- disc set (2 DVDs and a CD with PDF workbook) Dr. Rosen discusses the neurology behind acute pain situations and demonstrates specific techniques to assist in controlling the aberrant neurological and hormonal responses present in these acute situations. Some of the issues detailed in these DVDs include: ear infections, teething, colic/digestive challenges and autonomic over-stimulation.

NOTE: These techniques are not a treatment for the individual condition, but offer the chiropractor a way to access the CNS in order to reduce the neurological irritation/imbalance present with these issues.

A third disc includes a PDF workbook.

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Recent Offerings from Dr. Rosen

Evaluation and Correction of Vagus Nerve Imbalances

2 Disc Set

The vagus nerve has been shown to be involved in many physiological functions including autonomic nervous system balance, digestion and elimination, heart rate, seizure activity, respiration, and emotional stability. It contains motor and sensory fibers and has the widest distribution of any other nerve in the body. If it is impeded along it course, either by traction or compression forces, its ability to transmit impulses is altered. Evaluation of the structures, spinal vertebra, dural meningeal system and the fascial system through which it passes is crucial in determining and facilitating normal function.

In this 2-disc set Dr. Rosen discusses vagus nerve anatomy and physiology, its impact on overall health, and how to evaluate and correct the major biomechanical imbalances (subluxations) that can interfere with the vagus nerve's function. These corrective procedures include: atlas, occipital and temporal bone corrections, clavicular and first rib subluxations, fascial and muscle reflex balancing (diaphragm and psoas muscle) and soft tissue reflex indicators. These procedures are demonstrated and explained for both the pediatric and adult population. If you want to be more effective and efficient in your practice this DVD is a must.

The second disc includes a PDF workbook.

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Pediatric Examination and Evaluation Protocols

2 DVD Set

This two DVD set covers the examination procedures for the pediatric patient from infant to pre-teen.

Disc 1 explains and demonstrates the chiropractic and neurological examination protocols for the preambulatory infant. It includes palpation, reflex testing and chiropractic evaluation procedures necessary to assess the infant's spine. This evaluation will help the chiropractor to create a functional baseline and determine the major or primary subluxation pattern.

Disc 2 demonstrates the evaluation protocols for the toddler to pre-teen using chiropractic and neurological indicators to create a practical clinical assessment model.

Disc 3 contains a companion PDF workbook.

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Tongue-Tie and Palate Evaluation Procedures

The issue of tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is becoming more common in the pediatric population. To address this issue, Dr. Rosen discusses the protocols necessary to evaluate tongue-tie and what effect the different grades of tongue-tie have on the developing child. He also covers the different approaches to correction of the tongue-tie, when surgical intervention is necessary, and when more conservative procedures are appropriate. The correction protocols for the palate are also covered in instances when tongue-tie is present.

In this DVD Dr. Rosen demonstrates the protocols for evaluating the palate and its relationship to cranial mechanics and tongue-tie. Determining proper palate anatomy and physiology is crucial to evaluating the proper function of the entire cranium. Understanding palatal mechanics and anatomy allows the practitioner to determine how the cranial sutural and dural meningeal system is working. The effect of the palatine and maxillary bones on cranial bone growth, functional issues (i.e. nursing, feeding and speech) and the neurological development of the child are of paramount importance. Correction protocols for specific palate distortions are demonstrated as well as how these distortions affect the rest of the cranium.

A second disc contains a PDF workbook for reference.

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Scoliosis Ancillary Adjusting Protocols and Home Care

In this two-disc set Dr. Rosen demonstrates ancillary corrective protocols and home care exercises for the correction of scoliosis.

Disc One Covers:

These protocols are to be applied in conjunction with regular chiropractic adjustments. Disc two contains a companion PDF booklet on scoliosis care and management.

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Sales and Specials - Limited Time Offers

Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting

Special Price - $30.00 + Free Shipping to the U.S.

This 120 page booklet (6x9) contains all the cranial examination and adjusting protocols necessary to build and sustain a successful pediatric practice. Whether you are new in practice or have years of experience there are procedures and protocols that will offer new options for your pediatric patients. There are CSF directing techniques, specific cranial bone corrections, sphenobasilar corrections as well as techniques that can be used for specific clinical presentations common to the pediatric practice. Intra- and extra oral corrective procedures are included. This booklet are excerpts (3 chapters) from Dr. Rosen's complete pediatric adjusting book - Pediatric Chiropractic Care.

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Spinal Exam and Adjusting Protocol

Special Price - $30.00 + Free Shipping to the U.S.

This 120 page booklet (6x9) contains all the spinal examination and adjusting protocols necessary to build and sustain a successful pediatric practice. Whether you are new in practice or have years of experience there are procedures and protocols that will offer new options for your pediatric patients. Evaluation and both low force and standard chiropractic adjusting protocols are demonstrated for the pelvis (specific sacral corrections are highlighted), lumbar, thoracic, cervical and occipital-atlas condyles. Also extremity corrections are covered to help support the spinal adjustments. This booklet are excerpts (2 chapters) from Dr. Rosen's complete pediatric adjusting book - Pediatric Chiropractic Care.

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Clearance Items

Pediatric Adjusting - 5 to 9 Year Old

Special Price - $20.00 plus Shipping

Content: Category I Meningeal Correction; Structural Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for a Toddler; Sacro Occipital Technique Evaluation of a 5 year old and more.

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Congratulations to Wellesley Chiropractic

Voted Wellesley's Best Chiropractor

Mentoring to Mastery

With Dr. Martin Rosen

Want to excel in practice? Do you long to provide the BEST care to your patients and sometimes feel there are gaps? This unique experience is being offered to a select group of dedicated doctors who want to excel in their technique application and practice – no frills, no shortcuts, just clinically applicable techniques for the pediatric population.

Here is an opportunity to have an intimate forum to address specific challenges in your practice with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable pediatric chiropractors in our profession. Receive precise and sophisticated monthly technique training as well as sessions for case management, patient communications, practice management and caring for families with confidence.