Praise for CSF: The Lifeblood of the Central Nervous System

Hear directly from our students about the benefits of our program.

“Dr. Martin’s expertise shines through his substantive communication style. Every word he utters is packed with valuable content, devoid of any unnecessary fluff or filler. This experience equipped me with practical tools that have expanded my ability to assist others in ways I hadn’t previously been able to. I got out of it what I wanted to. Which was learning more about CSF flow and how to help improve that flow.

This experience provided me with invaluable practical tools that have significantly broadened my capacity to aid others in ways I hadn’t accessed before. Personally, I achieved my goal of deepening my understanding of CSF flow and learning effective methods to enhance it.

I’ve been applying these techniques with my partner, and she consistently shares feeling more relaxed after each session. That’s a significant achievement for me.

It’s always rewarding to acquire new knowledge, especially when it directly applies to my own life. The practical relevance makes the learning experience even more fulfilling.”

Ryan Hunter, DC

“The program is always very complete, the content is wonderful and I always want to learn more from this incredible couple.

Everything I learn from this couple transforms my practice. Seeing how a child can improve and how we change the lives of many families makes me very happy

I attended to a 21-day-old baby who was just crying, the parents were completely exhausted and after applying everything I learned in these classes, the baby slept for 4 hours straight and never cried like before. The parents told me it seemed like a miracle.

I’m a fan of this incredible couple and I’ll never get tired of learning from them. I never miss a course and I am very grateful to God for their lives. Without you, I would never transform lives like I transform through your teachings. So, thank you very much for everything!”

Lilian Aliberti, DC

“This course really helped to clarify the flow of CSF techniques and when to use them. I loved the notes and the transcripts for future reference and loved seeing the individual demonstrations.

The hands on demos gave me great ‘take-aways’ to use on patients right away. I love the flexibility of getting to watch and re-watch the classes at my convenience.

I used the ventricular bulb technique on a young boy with ODD and was able to calm him to continue with the rest of his treatment. Such a great tool!

Love these programs and the doctor shares with the extra tidbits”

Kathy Cantwell, DC

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“I think this had some very actionable things to do in practice right away, as well as a great refresher on how important the flow of CSF is! I also really liked that I could go at my own pace for the most part!

I will be able to use these tools, techniques and knowledge right away in practice! And personally, I always love learning more about our bodies!

I have already started using these techniques on a child with ADHD and very explosive behavior. His body feels much calmer, and while he is still working on the behavior portion, I am confident we will get there in the long run.”

Kristina Schramm, DC

“My takeaway from this program is the importance of the CSF.

This program has made me more attentive to patient’s CSF flow.

A patient, who felt anxious, felt less anxious after using these techniques

Love the content.”

Alicia Loaiza, DC

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