Referral Directory

The following doctors have completed either our SOT® Pediatric In-Person Certificate Program or our SOT® Pediatric Online Certificate Program. They have chosen to continue their learning, experience, and proficiency beyond the normal standards of study.

This certificate member directory is designed to give those looking for specialized pediatric chiropractic care, a directory of practitioners they can trust to take care of their children, safely, efficiently, and effectively.

For the practitioner it is a way to show that they have taken the time, undertaken a level of commitment, acquired a level of expertise above and beyond the norm, to be able to help children and their families be healthier throughout their lives.

We are both proud and privileged to have been able to work with thousands of chiropractors over the years and are especially delighted to be able to acknowledge those who have gone the extra mile to uplift our profession and serve children to the best of their ability.

Our Certifications

CSSPP*** – Certified SOT® Spinal Pediatric Practitioner – Register for the Examination
*** Indicates doctors that have earned this additional credential

CSCPP – Certified SOT® Cranial Pediatric Practitioner

Pediatric Referral Directory

The following doctors have achieved the Certified SOT®
Spinal Pediatric Practitioner, CSSPP

Kenneth Cooper, D.C., CSSPP
Battle Creek, Michigan

Jeanette Honig, D.C., CSSPP
River Edge, New Jersey

(TianYing) Rebecca Huang, D.C., CSSPP
Los Altos, California

Robert R. LaRusso, D.C., CSSPP
Brooklyn, New York

Grant K. Lisetor, D.C., CSSPP
Charlotte, North Carolina

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