Praise For: SOT® Train the Trainer Program

Hear directly from our students about the benefits of our program.

My 3 Takeways:

  1. Having participated in the program the number one ‘take away’ has been the exposure of not being able to effectively ‘teach the lesson’ at hand. I took the ‘step’ and realized my inadequacies to convey the material. This was an invaluable experience!
  2. The second take away was revealing my strengths of being an effective motivator in a smaller group or with a one on one interaction. I realized that through my experiences and ‘story telling’ I can be a highly transformative force in impacting the life of the group/individual…both personally and professionally. I am more about the ‘big picture’ than the intricate details.
  3. For the years I have been with you guys I realized how detailed and intricate Marty’s teaching is! Reaching that ‘bar’ would be a goal of mine if I was Kenny or Courtney’s age…or even younger. I don’t desire to do that. Yet, I discovered that I can bring an additional “flavor” to the vast information that Marty presents in the ‘fire hydrant’ method.

The ‘work’ from this program has changed my life P&P by creating a greater awareness of who ‘I am’ as a person…on and off the ‘ball field.’ I am laser focused when I am working…my mind and heart is going in so many pathways of protocols and procedures in a ‘controlled’ manner thus allowing me to sense what I am doing next…and nearly ten steps ahead. In my personal life I find myself being more detailed in my daily life. It has helped me to procrastinate less…although when I do I have learned to forgive my ‘self’ and move on…eventually getting ‘it’ done…as this for example! I also realize that the ‘more’ I learn the ‘less’  I appear to know!  I like that!!!

I am in deep gratitude and appreciation for ALL you have done and continue to do for me…and also giving me the opportunity to give back. I know I say this all the time…but I must say it!

I went for coffee today at a local coffee shop spot in Red Bank…I held the door open for a guy exiting with a bucket of water…he was the owner. He said to me, ‘thanks…no I really mean it! THANKS! You’re a really special person…and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Have a great day…and THANKS again!’ One must have gratitude…and be humble…It’s what I receive when assisting you guys and the Docs at the seminars.”

Robert LaRusso, DC, CSSPP

“The three takeaways that I got from the program are:

  1. I learned how to use PowerPoint and utilize PowerPoint, in order to teach Pediatric cranials to other chiropractors.
  2. I learned how people learn, and how to reach different types of learners, for example, people who learn visually, or auditory or hands on.
  3. I also learned from other Chiropractors who are also in the Train the Trainer program.

This program has impacted my life personally and professionally, by enabling me to really learn this material, because when you have to teach the material, you really learn how to master the material. It has impacted me personally, because it has upped my income, and so, I am able to better provide for my family. I am getting referrals from patients, lactation consultants, and speech therapists, doulas, and so on.

I have been studying with Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson since 2006, they are extremely knowledgeable and professional , and I look forward to continue to work with them in the future.”

Jeanette Honig, DC

“My three takeaways from this program:

Structure of presentations, importance of storytelling, and the value of having an audience to run your presentations by prior to going live with them.

This program has increased my ability to focus my message on any given subject without feeling the need to dump every bit of what’s in my brain on them.

Thank you for this course and for the opportunities you have given me! I am eternally grateful!!”

Ken Cooper, DC

“This program will help your personal and business development. You will gain confidence in public speaking and creating presentations that will keep your audience engaged. After learning the different learning and presentation styles you will be able to build a catalog of different presentations that you can deliver to your community at any time.

This program has helped me gain confidence in speaking with authority. In order to teach, you must master that information. It has shown me areas in my personal and professional life that had some gaps and I was able to dive deeper into them.

I’m thankful that I was chosen to be a part of the first Train the Trainer program. I’m grateful that Drs. Rosen and Watson have supported me and saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. This program as well at the Peak Potential Institute has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Thank you.”

Lindsey Pfeiffer, DC

“My takeaways from the Train the Trainer program are:  It’s important to consider that not everyone learns the same way and that you need to make your presentation for a variety of learning styles. It’s also important to have an outline of what you wish to speak about no matter if it’s a short or longer presentation, and make sure you circle back to your key points.

This course has been really self-reflective about my own learning styles and how I interact with people I am trying to teach to.

I really felt this program was well organized and had a lot of great examples of teaching styles. It was fun to even watch you and Marty learn from the guest speaker you had, even after teaching for so many years…there is always more to learn!”

Courtney Neill, DC, CACCP

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“This program helps you own the material to bring it to others. It helps you reassess your approach to teaching. It gives many suggestions on teaching styles and how to teach multiple styles of learning.

I feel that it has helped me gain confidence in my ability.

This class has a gentle approach to nudging one forward. The workload is light, but the knowledge gained is huge!”

Jeanne Sandheinrich, DC

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