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"Pediatric Chiropractic Care"

“I really appreciate the experience and intelligence that Dr. Rosen expresses through this book. While it is a definitive work of high caliber, it also was an excellent introduction to this work that was invaluable when I was learning the basics. This is my new second copy because the first one is now ragged and dog eared. This book is timeless, though not indestructible. I recommend a copy of this for EVERY level of chiropractor.”

Dr. Lisa Geiger

“Pediatric Chiropractic Care is a must have if you are interested in working with kids! It is clear and concise with plenty of clinical pearls. Dr. Rosen’s examinations and adjusting procedures have taken my certainty to the next level.”

Dr. Nicholas Novakoski

“Knowing how important chiropractic care is for children, I am glad to see a comprehensive book on the evaluation and adjusting procedures for this population. Dr. Rosen is well known in the profession for his expertise in pediatrics and craniopathy. This book gives the reader the philosophy, the science, and the art of pediatric care. And the illustrations are excellent. I know of no other book like it.”

Fran West

Pediatric Chiropractic Care by Dr. Martin Rosen is the ultimate resource to expanding your knowledge of care for kids. Whether you use it by itself, or in conjunction with Dr. Rosen’s in-person series, Pediatric Chiropractic Care is an essential addition to every library.”

John Caruso, DC

Dr. Rosen provides an essential manual that covers examination and treatment of spinal and cranial subluxations in the pediatric population. This comprehensive text is a must for your library as a pediatric chiropractor!

Dr. Jennifer Howard

“Thank you, Dr.Rosen, for writing this wonderful book! Somehow you have found a way to summarize and explain sometimes very difficult subject matter in an easy, comprehensive, and straight-forward manner. This book is a MUST for all Pediatric Chiropractic practitioners and students.”

Kjell Georg Eilertsen, DC, Trondheim, Norway

“Dr. Rosen’s new book Pediatric Chiropractic Care is awesome! Just like his seminars and DVD’s, there is a lot of great insight. I have seen first hand on many occasions Dr. Rosen working very effectively and skillfully with babies and children. His skills are amazing. I highly recommend this book.”

Dr. Joel Favreau – Chiropractor/Co-Owner of Canton Dale Chiropractic

“It is a Must have book in your library if you are working with kids. This book is simple, full of illustrations and easy to understand. Very happy to find a book with refinement of adjusting techniques for pediatric patients. Thank you Dr Rosen for sharing 32 years of your practice. This book is packed with full of precious information.”

Dr. Shirley Huynh – Chiropractor, DC Chiro-Santé-Vitalité Inc.

“I use your book as a reference guide when I am asked to speak on pediatrics both within and outside of our profession. I also refer to it when looking at cranial adjustments. I love the pictures (especially the ones of Erin…LOL). Seriously, it helps so much to see what an internal temporal bone looks like rather than just reading about it! I am a visual learner! Thank you for your brilliance in creating an easy to grasp textbook for our profession.”

Dr. Patti Giuliano

“Dr. Rosen is so knowledgeable. I learned so much in class and I use what he taught me everyday in my office. I highly recommend taking his course as well as purchasing his books and material you won’t regret it and you will make such a difference in the lives of your patients.”

Alayna Pagnani Gendron, DC

Pediatric Chiropractic Care is the absolute bible of pediatric adjusting. Adjusting a child isn’t just like “adjusting a smaller human”, there are nuances and specific techniques that need to be utilized to properly adjust a child. This book is a must have for chiropractors that work with pediatrics!”

Dr. Caitlin Morrisroe

“This text is an invaluable source of information. Not only does it dive into the scientific evidence behind specific subluxation patterns and distortions, it provides step by step analyses and treatment protocols that you can follow to positively influence and support pediatric neurological development.   If you are a chiropractor working to care for infants and children, this information is essential.”

Matt Weintraub, DC

“This is a great textbook for a chiropractor to have and read (many times) to better understand the work of the cranial bones and their impact on a child’s life.    Too often babies go through significant stress in utero and during the birth process and this books helps to explain how to help these babies after they enter the world.   Whether they are born with a cone shaped head, or develop a flat head, difficulty nursing, difficulty rolling over or any symptoms like that, babies can benefit from cranial work.   As chiropractors we should be able to care for these babies.  The book explains how.   If you are a chiropractor that takes care of babies, this is a must have textbook.”

Dr. Pamela Stone

“Pediatric Chiropractic Care is a comprehensive text that elaborates the course material.   The pictures and flow charts are extremely helpful in solidifying concepts and laying our procedures.”

DR. Randee Mayrand

“Pediatric Chiropractic Care is an excellent book for a comprehensive review of pediatric care especially with a focus on cranial treatment. I highly recommend it as a standalone book for students and doctors looking to explain their skill level in this area.   In my experience it is an absolute necessity to purchase and use this book as a companion text for any of the Peak Potential Seminars.”

Dr. Andrew Alft

“Pediatric Chiropractic Care is a must read for all chiropractors that see pediatric patients.   I have studied Dr Rosen’s material for nearly 20 years and this is by the most comprehensive, east to understand, important written material on pediatric evaluating and removing subluxations.   Dr. Rosen’s ability to share his clinical knowledge of 40+ years of practice in a way the chiropractor can implement in practice the next day is unmatched.   This is the book you will reference more than any other in your pediatric practice.”

Dr. Marie Miller

“I highly recommend this book to every chiropractor and chiropractic student to gain a higher level or clinical certainty and to have a greater level of service to the people they care for. Learning never ends and the more we refine the tools in our toolbox, the better we can serve the people with chiropractic care.”

Dr. Haig John

“Pediatric Chiropractic Care is so comprehensive and an amazing reference. Using it alongside the Peak Potential Course really upgrades the experience. I used it as a standalone before taking the courses but it becomes so much clearer and the tidbits elevate the understanding of the in depth material”

Dr. Larissa Tenzycki   

“Drs. Rosen and Watson’s book describes step by step how to evaluate and correct the pediatric spine and cranium. It is well written, easy to follow and has the images to visualize the process. I think it is a great book to follow for any good chiropractor that wants to help babies and children correct the dural meningeal subluxation that usually becomes the primary cause of tension in the future.   I have it in my office and review it often as a guide to help improve my skills.   I fully recommend this book and Dr. Rosen’s seminars.”

Dr. Eva Sepulveda

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