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Chiropractic Care for the Pregnant Patient

In this 3-month, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Chiropractic Care for the Pregnant Patient online course you will learn to competently, confidently, efficiently, and safely work with this unique segment of the population.

The SOT® based system will allow you to safely work with your patients from the beginning of their pregnancy through the final trimester. Within this paradigm of care you will get the skills to not only address the ever changing needs of the pregnant patient, but you will learn specific techniques to help with some of the most common challenges faced by this population.

You will attain the expertise to handle the unique challenges and changes that occur during this special time of life. You will be able to create a unique practice paradigm, that will not only allow you to help these patients adapt to their ever-changing body, mind and spirit transformations that occur during pregnancy, but you will also have the tools to communicate the true value of the chiropractic adjustment and its importance in creating the best physical and neurological environment for themselves and their growing baby.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ Determining whether you have a primary ascending or descending subluxation

✓ Balancing the sacral and occipital motions

✓ Correcting either/and primary sacral or occipital subluxations

✓ Uncover the primary dural subluxation in the thoracic or lumbar spine

Resources Provided

✓ Video class modules

✓ Evaluation & technique presentations

✓ Practical demonstrations

✓ Calls to action (CTAs)

✓ Live calls with instructor

✓ Interactive private Facebook group

✓ Complete PDF workbooks

✓ Email access to Dr. Rosen & Dr. Watson

Course Contents

14 Modules | 14 CTAs

Class 1 – The Chiropractor’s Role – Anatomy and Physiology

Class 2 – Stages of Pregnancy – SOT Categories and Pregnancy

Class 3 – Prone Blocking Techniques: Category One

Class 4 – Category II and Category III Testing and Blocking

Class 5 – Ancillary Procedures: Psoas, T11-T12, Posterior Femur and Acetabular Restriction Corrections

Class 6 – Sacral Corrections: SOR, Sacral Cup, Anterior Sacrum, Sacral Segment Correction and Sacral Pussy Foot Technique

Class 7 – Seated Blocking Techniques

Class 8 – Alternative Blocking Techniques

Class 9 – Orthopedic Blocking and Non-Osseus Corrections, Pubic Symphsis Correction, Supportive Exercises and Sacro-iliac Belts

Class 10 – Pelvic Constraint Technique with Blocking

Class 11 – Case Management: Morning Sickness, Hemorrhoids

Class 12 – Case Management: VBAC – Past Due Date

Class 13 – Case Management: Constipation – Generalized Swelling – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Class 14 – Case Management: Premature Labor – Inability to Maintain Pregnancy or Conceive

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