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Evaluating the Vestibular System: Determining, Balance, Coordination, and Processing Issues

The vestibular system including the brainstem, inner ear and midbrain is responsible for balance, coordination, and processing information from the brainstem to the midbrain and finally the forebrain. It plays a major role in coordinating information from our environment and making decisions on how we respond to this input. The physical, emotional, and neurological integration processes can be interrupted when the vestibular system is not functioning correctly.

The manifestations of vestibular damage are especially important in the evaluation of brainstem dysfunction injury. The circuitry of the vestibular system extends to a large part of the brainstem, and simple clinical tests of vestibular function can be formed to determine brainstem involvement. Knowing before the situation or condition escalates is paramount to achieving a more efficient, less stressful (both to the child and family) resolution.

This course will show you how to work with this complex sensory system. We will teach you how to evaluate systems and determine deficits and imbalances that can be affecting the person’s overall health and functional capacity. Remember, balance, posture, coordination, sensory processing, and all activities of daily living are intimately related to its proper function.

In this online program, Drs. Rosen and Watson will walk you through an understanding of the entire vestibular system, its anatomy, functions and impact on a person’s functional capacity.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ Determining whether you have a primary ascending or descending subluxation

✓ Balancing the sacral and occipital motions

✓ Correcting either/and primary sacral or occipital subluxations

✓ Uncover the primary dural subluxation in the thoracic or lumbar spine

Resources Provided

✓ Video class modules

✓ Evaluation & technique presentations

✓ Practical demonstrations

✓ Calls to action (CTAs)

✓ Live calls with instructor

✓ Interactive private Facebook group

✓ Complete PDF workbooks

✓ Email access to Dr. Rosen & Dr. Watson

Course Contents

12 Modules | 12 CTAs

Class 1 – The Vestibular System: Balance

Class 2 – The Vestibular System: Forward Head Posture and TMJ Joint

Class 3 – The Vestibular System: Posterior Weight Bearing and Anterior Boot Mechanism and Postural Considerations

Class 4 – The Vestibular System: Processing

Class 5 – The Role of CSF

Class 6 – Understanding the Cranium: The Dural Meningeal System

Class 7 – Spinal and Cranial Protocols for Vestibular Imbalances

Class 8 – Examination of the Vestibular System: Standing Vestibular

Class 9 – Seated Exam: Visual Acuity and Eye-Hand Coordination

Class 10 – Upper Cervical Evaluation: Atlas and Axis, Occipital Sideslip/Compression and Cranial Nerve Evaluation

Class 11 – Demonstration of Vestibular Examination

Class 12 – Demonstration of Atlas/Axis Dural Restriction Exam

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