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SOT® – The Three Categories

How would you like to learn a technique that instills confidence and certainty in your evaluating and adjusting protocols, no matter the age or condition of your patient? How would you like a specific indicator and adjusting system the tells you where, when, and how to make the most effective adjustment for your patient and at the same time lets you know if you have accomplished what you set out to do?

In this 15-week online program you will learn the complete evaluation and adjusting protocols for the SOT® Three Category System. The demonstrations, workshopping and lecture format will give you the ability to implement these protocols Monday morning in your office.

Dr. Rosen demonstrates the complete Evaluation and Adjusting Procedures of the Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®) adjusting system. A complete SOT® examination and the findings and correlations to clinical applications are discussed. The Anatomy and Physiology of all THREE CATEGORIES are explained and the adjusting protocols are demonstrated in a step-by-step fashion. This program will give the chiropractor or chiropractic student a working knowledge of the SOT® Category system and how to apply its procedures and protocols to the clinical practice.

If you are new to SOT®, want to review its protocols, or want to hone your SOT® skills this seminar is for you.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ Clinically applicable A&P of Vagus nerve

✓ Specific evaluation protocols to determine Vagus nerve involvement

✓ Cranial, spinal, and soft tissue corrections for Vagus nerve involvement

✓ Primary organ balancing

✓ Upper cervical dural/tonal correction techniques

Resources Provided

✓ Video class modules

✓ Evaluation & technique presentations

✓ Practical demonstrations

✓ Calls to action (CTAs)

✓ Live calls with instructor

✓ Interactive private Facebook group

✓ Complete PDF workbooks

✓ Email access to Dr. Rosen & Dr. Watson

Course Contents

15 Modules | 15 CTAs

Class 1 – Introduction to SOT®

Class 2 – Introduction to the Three Categories

Class 3 – Subluxation

Class 4 – Introduction to the SOT® Examination

Class 5 – Standing and Prone Examination

Class 6 – Supine and Seated Examination

Class 7 – Correlation of Examination Findings

Class 8 – Anatomy and Physiology of Category II

Class 9 – Category II Adjusting Protocols

Class 10 – Category III Evaluation Findings

Class 11 – Category III Adjusting Protocols

Class 12 – Anatomy and Physiology of Category I

Class 13 – Category I Adjusting Protocols

Class 14 – Occipital Fiber Analysis and Adjusting Protocols

Class 15 – Clinical Applications of SOT® Category System

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