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SPP3 Mastering Common Challenges in the Pediatric Practice

“I took this course after establishing my own practice and having my own daughter, I wanted to expand my expertise and art to provide for the pediatric community. The main takeaway from this course is to conduct a thorough examination outlining specific neurological indicators and track them through treatment to determine how you are influencing that patient’s nervous system. I plan to utilize the cranial evaluation techniques to provide further support to all patients I am fortunate enough to work with. This work is indescribably important. I can’t express how grateful I am to have gotten to work and meet Drs. Rosen and Watson.   I hope to someday be able to serve and provide care at their level someday”

Matt Weintraub

“I took this course because I wanted information on pediatric care. This is not just “surface stuff” . There is lots of meat that you are able to put into practice immediately – including not only technique but also head space. I plan on implementing the pediatric exam techniques, adjusting the TMJ/cranials.   I spent some valuable time this morning getting into the right headspace with your help. Thank you for helping me mentally and emotionally as my life got tipped over having challenges with my mother.   You helped me make a change because the old way won’t work anymore. You met me where I am at!”

Christina Gray

“I took this course to expand my knowledge of pediatric evaluation and adjusting.
I especially took away great information to use when I return to my practice on Monday on the Vagus nerve and tongue tie protocols. I plan on doing the vagus nerve checks on every patient.   I am thankful for the help on how to communicate more clearly what it is we are doing.   I especially appreciate the information and explanations on dural tension and how that must be addressed or the patient with continue to return with the same presentation and frustrating results. Thank you so much for continuing to share your knowledge with chiropractors. I appreciate your clinical pearls.”

Marie Miller

“I took this course to increase proficiency in cranial work/dural work to help babies with feeding issues/torticollis/plagiocephaly. The unique approach to cranial adjusting, TMJ assessment and dural work will be extremely helpful immediately in practice. I am going to use most of the material to help breastfeeding issues right away.   I’d also like to use some of the information and background to change up some of my communication with new and existing patients to create more value for lifetime chiropractic.
I REALLY appreciated how in this module we discussed evaluation AND treatment at the same time instead of evaluation one day and treatment the next.”

Katie O’Connor

“I took this course because I needed a refresher and wanted to see Colorado. I love this material!!!

This material is extraordinary and also robust. Dr. Rosen is adept at connecting the dots and each class he points out different constellations of connections and it’s brilliant.

I am more adept and able to support my patients better. What a gift, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. There is so much to do!!

I am particularly fond of the moves that support good sphenobasilar function. And the parents often lift their child and feel a difference in their child’s tone. They begin to thrive, relax, uncurl, latch and wow

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson have created an extraordinary resource of knowledge contextualized by technique, history, and decades of experience. The course is robust and stunning.

This is the gold standard of supporting our clients and healing the world. I do not say that lightly.”

Lisa Geiger

“I wanted to take this course because I thought the condition specific adjusting protocols would be helpful for my patients and to expand my knowledge of these conditions.

This is the third time taking this course and I feel as if this class is so helpful in integrating the analysis and adjusting techniques learned in the first two classes. There are so many specifics in all three weekends and I enjoyed this as a review for the details and looking at common clinical presentations in the pediatric population.

I will definitely be doing more vagus nerve work.  I did not remember each point of it specifically. I think integrating each point will help significantly.

I am eternally grateful to both of you – Dr. Marty and Dr. Nancy.   Thank you for all you both do to share your gifts so we can all serve our patients to a higher level”

Whitley Caruso

I took this course to improve my care of my pediatric patients and increase my knowledge of the many pediatric conditions I see in my practice. Dr. Rosen’s understanding of the pediatric spine and cranium surpasses any instructor I have ever taken a class with.   There is not a more comprehensive class on the subject. I have already implemented many of the SOT protocols in my practice and I will continue to add to my adjusting ‘tool box’ This class is a must for anyone with a pediatric practice.”

Lauren Hamm

“I decided to take this course to expand my knowledge on treating children in my office.   I heard Dr Rosen was the best, so I signed up. I loved the hands on!   My takeaways are that less is more, trust your instincts and the follow the indicators. I have taken all 3 of the Pediatric Certificate courses and so far I have implemented cranial work, palate work and primitive reflexes. After this third seminar, I plan on going back and implementing an updated exam, new patient paperwork and re-evaluation forms.
The class has been great to not only expand my knowledge but my confidence as well with treating children and difficult patients with not typical chiropractic issues. Class has been wonderful!”

Rachel Steiner

“I took this course because I wanted to pull together the whole series.   The more repetition of this material, the clearer it becomes and the more pearls appear. Drs. Rosen & Watson are the smartest people I know.   These courses are so well developed and full of amazing clinical information.   This information leads to big changes in patient’s lives. I will definitely implement the TMJ analysis after this weekend. I find the material shows up in flickers through the months after and is slowly integrated.  The courses build and the more you learn the more it starts to make sense. I love you guys!   Thanks for sharing your brains with us.”

Larissa Tenzycki

“I took this course to expand my knowledge and ability to help more children and babies.   My area is lacking healthcare and I can bridge a gap (Florida Keys). I plan on implementing the assessment of the baby/toddlers sutures including the intra-oral.  I can feel the love and enjoyed watching these masters at their craft.   I am excited and inspired and will be back.”

Liz Morin

“I took this course to gain more skill and know more techniques to better serve and help my clients. The cranial structures are so VERY important in the growth and development in the infant population. I plan on implementing more of the evaluation of the cranial structures that I have done in the past. I will use the tongue tie evaluation and corrections learned at this seminar. There was lots of information and plenty of items to practice”

Kyle Klim

I took this course to improve my skills and my art.   The pediatric portion of my practice is growing rapidly and deserves the best possible care. The hands-on portion is invaluable. Much better than learning online and just watching.  Being able to listen and then apply immediately solidifies the concepts. Dr. Marty’s experience comes through in the ease with which he answers questions. Unraveling the dural tension, recognizing that dural tension that is unresolved can prevent subluxation from releasing, makes this concept much more important than I had previously realized. Thank you for your inspired work. I look forward to repeating the course and attending with one or more of my sons.”

Karolyn Surmont

“I decided to take this course to improve my skill set to better help pediatric practice members in my practice.
I am always amazed by the depth and amount of detail the courses go into. Dr. Rosen is always very thorough with his explanations and having multiple aids to help during the breakout sessions is very beneficial. I plan to implement almost everything I have learned but I am excited to implement the TMD/TMJ and the tongue-tie evaluation because we see a lot of babies with latching issues at our office.
I just want to thank you all for putting on these amazing courses.   I have gained so much knowledge and confidence communicating and working with families in my community.”

Dr. Joe Klein

I took this course to add more tools to my pediatric toolbox and expand my practice in this population.    I learned so much and gained a lot of confidence not only in learning the material but also practicing it. I will be implementing all of the cranial work as well as thee spinal and Orthobionomy techniques. Learning all of the indicators and when to use these techniques was very helpful. I feel a lot more knowledge and confidence in treating the pediatric population by taking this class.”

Jillian Porter

“I decided to take this course to grow and better serve our pediatric population. The amount of information taught and shared will set up to continue learning and growing for years to come.  Specific cranial work can and will be life changing for many patients, young and old. This series has given us a new way into working at and assessing patients through indicators and visualization lending us to put puzzle pieces together so we can give each patient specific and individualized care. Addition of more specific cranial work for not only pediatric practice members but everyone.   Implementing new and different tests within a new patient exam, utilizing cranial indications. Thank you for your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge and show examples of presentations. You are changing more people than you know by sharing this with us.”

Harper Rentz

“We have a mostly pediatric and family practice and I am always on a pursuit to improve so I can care for people better.    The importance of the dural meningeal system and the approach to analysis and correction have been life changing. I have more tools to utilize to serve the people better.
I plan on implementing the analysis of cranial and sacrum function and the approach to correcting them. I have also gotten more interested in CMRT and I will be increasing my intention and focus on cranial distortion. I would like to share that I have enjoyed the whole process of this program.   The flow was excellent and even though there was a LOT of material it was easily digestible and implementable in practice.   You have created a wonderful tribe of people, a real family of service. I will definitely be participating in more events. This course is a comprehensive approach to patient care that I have been looking for – from adjusting and clearing the dural meningeal system to education and communication to the patient. Doctors of chiropractic at any stage of practice will get something to bring to the adjusting table when serving their patients.”

Haig John

“For 25 years, I have wanted to learn cranial techniques to help children with birth trauma.  This was a great opportunity to learn from the best. My chiropractic school (NWCC) taught very little cranial work.  I did adjust sphenoid/occiput in my practice, but at a very elementary and basic level.    The level of excellence that this class has been taught from opens a completely new aspect to my practice that I can spend the next 50 years studying and perfecting. I cannot thank you enough!
The cranial aspects of the program will be a perfect complement to my practice.   I currently do tonal drop piece and instrument adjusting.   Working hard to add the elements of what you’ve taught into this practice.
You have really created a wonderful balance of rigorous and comprehensive science and practical technique along with a remarkable feeling of community and family.   This is only possible if you passionately love what you do.   It’s so obvious that the two of you absolutely have passionately pursued excellence in caring for children and are on a mission to build an army of doctors to carry that vision on.  So glad to be part of that team.”

Andrew Alft

“I took this course to continue to add to and sharpen my skills.  The repetition of learning and surrounding me with like-minded colleagues keeps the passion in my alive. There is an increasing need for our specific care in our ever stressful world.   To be an expert, the doctor needs to continue to sharpen their tools and Dr Marty and Dr Nancy share their expertise in a way learning you feel full! I plan to share knowledge gained with students at Life West-Bellevue Nebraska to have an understanding of SOT principles and the help the doctor relay how important early detection can change the lives of our patients. Marty and Nancy are more than mentors.  They become your chiropractic family.  They truly care about the continued development of our profession.”

Jenny Howard

“Took this seminar as part of the Pediatric Certificate Series, but was excited to learn more clinical presentations and practice implementation. Every amazing clinical result I have in practice comes from implementing Dr. Rosen’s techniques. These seminars are truly practice changing. I loved all of the condition specific protocols.”

Christie McLarty

“I took this course to expand my knowledge, experience, technical skill and stay grounded in chiropractic philosophy. This course is a great experience with precious knowledge and immediately usable techniques and information. I just happen to be in a place where the content of this course is very important to me in order to expand, grow and practice with confidence.”

Thomas Fastiggi

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