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Dr. Rosen, Dr. Watson
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Evaluation & Corrections for Plagiocephaly and Flat Head Syndrome

In this online program, you will learn the clinical evaluation and corrective protocols for Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly (aka as Flat-head syndrome), and Scaphlocephaly.

Learn the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to these cranial distortion patterns, how to measure and monitor the patient’s progress and the treatment protocols to help resolve these cranial distortion patterns.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ Determining whether you have a primary ascending or descending subluxation

✓ Balancing the sacral and occipital motions

✓ Correcting either/and primary sacral or occipital subluxations

✓ Uncover the primary dural subluxation in the thoracic or lumbar spine

Resources Provided

✓ Video class modules

✓ Evaluation & technique presentations

✓ Practical demonstrations

✓ Calls to action (CTAs)

✓ Live calls with instructor

✓ Interactive private Facebook group

✓ Complete PDF workbooks

✓ Email access to Dr. Rosen & Dr. Watson

Course Contents

8 Modules | 8 CTAs

Class 1 – Primary Dural Subluxation

Class 2 – Sacral Occipital Motion

Class 3 – SOR Evaluation

Class 4 – Anterior Sacrum and Sacral Segmental Adjustment

Class 5 – Occipital Sideslip and Compression and Line One Occipital Fiber

Class 6 – Steps for Ascending and Descending Subluxation Correction

Class 7 – Demonstration of Primary Ascending Meningeal Correction

Class 8 – Demonstration of Primary Descending Meningeal Correction

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