Ken Cooper

Dr. Ken Cooper, D.C., CSSPP

"You are getting tons of hands-on guidance by master doctors that live these techniques every day. Not one of my questions ever went unanswered!"


Cooper Chiropractic

Battlecreek, MI


SOT® Pediatric Program




In-depth exploration of pediatric anatomy and physiology

“I had originally taken Dr. Rosen's class through the ICPA courses and that class is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to what is taught in the Certification series. The ICPA class was an introduction to Dr. Rosen's work, but even his stand alone 16-hour Pediatrics class is at least twice as much information as the ICPA class was.


Comprehensive protocols that lead to better patient outcomes

“The Certification Series…is where you truly begin to work in the world that Dr. Rosen has created in the evaluation and care of Pediatric Patients. This information allowed me to come home and immediately [start] affecting infants and children on a level that is no less than life-changing for babies and moms! From ear issues to colic to feeding issues, so many things have a link directly to how the Cranial vault is functioning in that baby. Clear out those cranial subluxations with these techniques and you will literally see a whole new child emerge right before your eyes in many cases!

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