Praise for Our 10-month SOT Pediatric Certificate Program

More than ever qualified pediatric chiropractors are in demand. Families are desperately looking for health care providers that are informed, experienced, able to communicate and have the practical skills to address the myriad health care challenges facing their children.

With over a combined 80 years of clinical experience, Drs. Rosen and Watson’s 10-month premier SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program is answering the call.

In this online comprehensive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting program you will not only acquire the skills to become the go to pediatric chiropractic in your area, but you will build your confidence, up your game and acquire a level of expertise second to none.

Our program is the one of most comprehensive spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting program in the chiropractic profession. You will learn a complete pediatric evaluation system for spinal and cranial dysfunction as well as meningeal, tonal, and structural adjusting procedures applicable to all your pediatric patients. Be confident, be successful, be able to produce the results you promise and create a fulfilling, lifetime centered waiting list practice.

Join us today.

Dr. Chelsea Pearson

I have taken Dr. Rosen's class in the past, and learned so much technique and knowledge that I still use today. It was a game changer for me. I see a lot of babies and kids and wanted to pursue this technique and be better at it to help our community. It makes such a difference in my practice and the results I see. My knowledge and confidence has definitely grown and the results are what brings back patients and refer others. So my practice has grown. I have a wait list of patients. I don’t need to do any marketing. I don’t have time. I get to focus on patient care. I had a patient with colic, reflex and torticollis, go from screaming every time they fed and would spit up, to the happiest baby girl in less than a month of care. Her pediatrician told her to stop nursing and go on formula and medication. She opted not to and tried cranial/chiropractic. It worked! Mom is still nursing, the baby is happy and no medications are needed. Thank you. It has made a huge difference in my practice and more babies and kids are getting results. It’s not a technique that is one and done, but something that has to be continually practiced and learned. I am a life time student!

Having studied with us, what would be three take away you could share with others about this program?

1 – Technique is easy to follow and grasp – but lots of information, so it takes time and repetition to "perfect".

2 – He explains the science behind it (I am more scientific in my head) and the “why and how”. Makes it easy to explain to your patients.

3 – You get results. It's gentle and effective technique and less is more.

Dr. Ashley Mayes

I took this program because I wanted to expand my knowledge and ability to confidently care for children of all ages. This program has improved my confidence in care and improved patient results. Three takeaways are that a thorough assessment initially saves time in the long run, that assessing and correcting subluxation patterns of the body as a whole yields the best results and to always address the cranium. I have a set of twin patients that had a difficult birth. They had complicated cranial subluxations and significant birth trauma. When I started applying the techniques from this course, specifically addressing sphenobasilar restriction, they improved dramatically. They just had their first birthdays and are happy and healthy! This course was so helpful in impacting my ability to help our patient community. I am still integrating all the information and continuing to see better results all the time. Thank you so much!

Dr. Jessica de Nooij, BSc, DC, CACCP

I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing course that you created and put so much time and effort into. I truly LOVED it — and found so much value. Every lesson that I learned I had something new to bring to my practice on Monday morning. It has been so valuable in creating certainty when working with my pediatric practice, especially in the areas of: plagiocephaly, Torticollis, feeding challenges, jaw and sinus issues, and so much more. I have started to do cranial work on many of my adult practice members as well, and they have been loving it. My cranial adjusting skills have improved exponentially and I have already witnessed the results. The doctors Q & A replays were really important for me as it gave me the opportunity to clarify I had and review many of the skills that were presented in the main content. Thank you again for an amazing learning experience!

Dr. Marie Battaglia

I took this course because I had an exponential increase in pediatric patients and wanted to increase my clinical skills to best serve these patients. My certainty and skills have skyrocketed since taking this course and I have developed a high demand wait list for new patients since starting this course. I liked that the course was broken down into small chunks and this helped pace myself. The most surprising part of the course was the impact that cranial work can have and I have added to my examinations and my day to day checkups and adjustments.

I would recommend this course for it will increase your clinical certainty 1000 fold and give you so many more tools in your tool belt for working with pediatrics. I really enjoyed working with Drs. Rosen and Watson on this course. Even though it was virtual, the live Q and A's gave you more of the in person feeling that we all crave when it comes to Continuing Education. I loved the way it was broken down into small chunks, with detailed notes and opportunities to ask questions both in the lives and the Facebook group. I was able to ask specific case questions in the Facebook group and received actionable tools to use right away. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your craft and for being willing to share it with our amazing profession.

Dr. Taryn Mason

I really appreciate you putting together the online program. I still want to do your in person classes but being able to go back to the videos and go over them at my own pace was really helpful!

Dr. Rebecca Huang

I decided to take this course because I took a previous course with Dr. Rosen before and it was very helpful in practice. I've always wanted to work with the pediatric population; this course expanded my skills to work with pediatric patients and their parents.

This program is one of the most comprehensive and thorough courses I’ve ever taken outside of school. It is very applicable especially with the ‘Call to Action’ questions that are at the end of every class. The connections that you can make in the material taught really opens up the way you think about cases and what other possibilities there are when treating a more complex case.

I've recently started to work with a more pediatric population and this has been very helpful and applicable when treating complex dental cases and special needs cases that diverge from the average population.

I started to see a minor autistic patient that's 4 years old back in March. The child cannot communicate properly and would scream and throw tantrums whenever he didn't understand something or wanted something. He would never look at anyone directly and would always avoid their gaze when asked to greet or speak with them. We started to work with him doing only extra-oral techniques and some light supplementation to help bring down his brain inflammation, and last week his mom said that he has been able to tell you what he wants instead of scream or pulling you. He’s also been able to learn more words quickly and look at people in the eyes when he greets them.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great way to look at SOT and cranial work in a different light. There are certain things like adjusting techniques that are more clear in person than in the videos because the way the videos are filmed or angled doesn't make it as clear it is at an in-person seminar.

John McAtamney, D.C.

So proud to be part of the Peak Potential Institute and Drs. Martin Rosen and Nancy Watson program. Completed the online Certificate Program in SOT Pediatric training. Amazing program with lots to learn and inculcate into my technique skills. Thanks Martin and Nancy!

Mietta Magistrali, D.C., M.S., D.O.

Q: Can you tell us a little about what inspired you to take the course?

I studied osteopathy for 7 years here in Italy and learned cranio-sacral approach which fascinated me. Since putting together chiropractic and osteopathy is giving me a lot of satisfaction with adults, I wanted to do the same with pediatric population

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the course?

I love online programs, when you feel that concentration starts to disappear, you can stop and go on later. And with Dr. Rosen is important, because he can manage to tell you so many things in 5 minutes!!!! I took this course to integrate the studies I have been doing with osteopathy pediatric. And I am grateful for this because it has been interesting and useful. I had to put myself into discussion for the differences, but I managed to integrate especially the external cranial adjustment and other techniques for later childhood.

Stephanie Leindecker, D.C.

I have really enjoyed this program. I love to continue learning and I love the ability to go back and re-watch the videos, especially when a new case comes in. There is so much information and it has certainly improved my abilities and confidence in helping all of my patients! Thank you! Although I love in person seminars, it is not always possible to make it, so having this option has been wonderful.

Dr. Frances Bigas

It was awesome. A lot of info and should integrate the hands on with the course. It was very helpful to have the videos to go back and review techniques.

Dr. Kathy Cantwell

I am so very thankful for Marty and Nancy for bringing us this class. I will be studying my notes for the rest of my career and beyond! I have learned so much and have so much more confidence in my daily treatments. Since I already had my cranial certification through SOT, I was grateful to have this class on line rather than in person so I could stop and back up the videos to re-watch them. Also, I have yet to see Marty take a breath while he is teaching - lol. Having his pediatric textbook has also been a wonderful adjunct when I need a quick reference. My patients love his newest book as I have several copies laying around the office for all to enjoy. Having just taught my first class last year, I have a greater appreciation for what goes into making slides and notes. Marty, I cannot thank you enough for your love and dedication to our profession and for all of your training to help us to help the little human beings that will be the future of our planet! You rock!

Dr. Wendy Coburn

I just want to thank you for creating this online program for so many reasons! To help me grow as a practitioner to help more kiddos and families, (helping adults too), helping me stay engaged and learning, (a passion to always g row and learn), during this crazy season of no gatherings and travel. This course has been inspiring and I wish I could imprint all the teachings in my brain and re-watch the videos when I need insight. I know asking questions too will help! This course has also shown me to share more with parents about their child’s physiology and not avoid details. Parents are more engaged and interested in hearing about the dural meningeal, CSF, sphenobasilar respiratory connection, the cranial sacral, and the neural system and how it pertains to findings and corrections versus speaking about subluxation and its impact on function and healing. Like attracts like. I’m analytical, so why would my patients not want to know the details. Thank you for showing us how to communicate - the doctor shares were so important And I apologize I was not in person for almost all of them. I am grateful they are recorded to go back and learn more! I love the format of watching, reading and engaging as it solidifies concepts and someday soon hope to connect in person!

Thank you for all you do for our profession and the community of patients you and Nancy serve. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn.

Q: How has this program helped your practice?

I love the science the why the how and the opportunity to help my community more. I first decided or rather my decision was solidified to become a chiropractor when a doc I worked for while doing my undergrad helped a young boy that had been adopted, (no health history), with plagiocephaly. It’s always been a passion to pursue but somehow been held back - mostly belief in myself – now I know more and understand so much more – I hope I get the opportunity to make an even bigger difference to help kiddos and families start life and live life at an entirely new level.

Q: What are three takeaways from the program?

a) Helping parents understand the different areas we look at in a child's physiology when adjusting them. The CSF, Respiratory mechanism, ascending and descending pathways, sutural integrity/motion, nerve system impact, the dural meningeal system – to help them see it’s not just about symptom “X”. b) The importance of the sphenobasilar synchondrosis joint in our youth. c) I have so much more I want to learn as the human body is so incredible and innate is amazing when it has no interference!

Q: How has it changed your practice?

I’m checking everyone’s skulls, whereas before I was only checking school age til great grandparents from the occiput to the coccyx. How much more I can help kiddos with more thorough assessments and provide more care versus only using some craniosacral I had learned along the way, (only the tip of the iceberg). I'm excited to share more, write more, teach my community more as I continue to grow and learn! I’ve noticed some adults with troublesome migraines being relieved faster. I’ve seen littles whom have come in fussy, (under the age of 1), settle quicker, sleep easier and rest and digest better. I hope to be able to share more so I can serve more from the age of 1-101. I too have seen a couple of my concussion clients respond much quicker as well and last longer between visits. I am grateful for this course and inspired by our profession even more! I am hoping through this my communication is stronger and more people grab on to a better understanding of chiropractic for them and their families within our community and outside of our community!

Dr. Angela Taylor

Took the course because, after the home birth of our daughter my practice has taken a turn towards pediatrics, as I treat more and more referrals from my Midwives. It was a significant investment, as I only practice part-time, but the increased knowledge of cranial adjusting was absolutely worth it, I saw results in my patients immediately.
The smaller lessons once per week were ideal for a busy doctor and mother. I was able to keep up and at the same time continue my family and practice normally. Most surprising learning: My learning curve on the sphenoid bone! I learned so much and it was definitely something my skill set had been missing. Would recommend the course, to any Doc that sees infants and small children in their practice, this course is SO valuable and will help these kids out in so many ways.
I have been in practice for nearly 17 years, and have treated infants and children for my entire career. This course has been THE most useful tool in expanding my ability to adjust these little ones more thoroughly and see amazing results. It has truly helped me change lives. Drs. Rosen and Watson are gifted healers and they are talented teachers in the way they are able to clearly and expertly share their knowledge.

Dr. Bethany Carilli

After previously taking the Pediatric Certificate Program in-person, I knew that I wanted a way to dive deeper into the content, as it was so abundant (and truly overwhelming.) I have now completed the 10-month program and am amazed at how much information and skill sets are within this course. Introducing the information in a remote fashion allows for ease of studying at your own pace and convenience – important when running busy practices! The videos are able to be replayed to fully grasp concepts that may be foreign and allow you to practice skills that are required to perform the art of our profession. These concepts and skills are proving to be invaluable, day in and day out.

Understanding the connection of the dural meningeal system and how it relates to the health of the nervous system is paramount when detecting and correcting subluxations – something that is not addressed well enough in school. I have also been able to address cranial distortions in my patients that I could not figure out how to tap into previously. Seeing children’s health change in front of their parents’ and my eyes is worth every minute of studying this material. This program has opened my eyes into multiple ways to access the entire nervous system and has provided me with more skills to feel competent and confident with any pediatric case that arises in my practice. For this, I am eternally grateful to have found this program and teachers like Drs. Martin and Nancy.

Nancy Hinders, D.C.

Infants are harder to help than they used to be. Having been in practice over 30 years I need more tools and different options as I evaluate a child. Have always dabbled in cranial on infants and I wanted to expand my knowledge (Dr. Rosen is great at teaching this).
Three take away from the program: Loved the detailed presentations on cranial adjusting. The videos and demonstrations are excellent. My education was very minimal in the cranial area and SOT courses over 30 years ago. If I had taken this in person I would have hit overload very quickly, the shorter weekly lessons gave me time to digest, re-watch and learn a new language, then work on the techniques taught. The spinal Evaluation procedures will help when I get stuck and need to come at something a different way than my normal.
Don't do too much too fast. Dr. Rosen has a very systematic approach as he teaches and some things are multistep; part of me wants to follow exactly and do all, but reality is that I need to pick 2-3 corrections at a time and improve those and not try to do all. If need be, clear with what I know then go back to notes and add a new correction next time. Watch, submit questions , participate in the Q&A, so good! Repetition but some invaluable nuggets (see below). Loved learning from Dr. Marty and Dr. Nancy are a great team and have SO much knowledge we can benefit from.
A specific instance where I used these techniques: New patient under 5 months, neither parent are patients but great grandparents are. Initial visit lots of cranial distortion very visible, MD talking helmet. I was a bit nervous in that I knew some but we were still proceeding through techniques. But I kept it simple, spinal adjustment then a couple of specific cranial releases (my mind wanted to "do" more but "don't do too much too fast" came to my hands so I did a couple of the cranial/CSF finishing techniques we had covered, and Stopped! 2nd visit: I sure wish I had taken day 1 pictures! This infants head was a totally different shape, it was beautiful! Parents saw the absolute change and some of the subjective symptoms that were there had improved as well.
I believe it was in one of our Q&A sessions that Dr. Rosen covered a hyoid question from a doctor: I have an Adult patient who has improved greatly with his subjective complaint. He was very non chiro. initially but we have helped him greatly. We got to talking about his cervical spine surgery at least 3 years prior and that when they intubated him something went wrong. Since that time he has difficulty swallowing and more throat related issues. This Q&A session was within the 2 weeks prior to this conversation so I did the maneuver. Totally Great Response! I was stunned patient thrilled. We continued to do it a few treatments in a row, it feels different to palpate it now and will just check as needed. He quizzed me about how I knew to do what I did and It was one of this moments I told him that the good Lord had to have just placed him and my education in the right place at the right time as two weeks prior I would Not have known this maneuver and he had never told me about the swallowing problem until now.

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