SOT® Pediatric Certificate Membership

Receive access to exclusive content, discussion groups, and program discounts.

Our Vision for Members

We want to express our deep appreciation to a special set of chiropractors with unwavering commitment and dedication to the chiropractic profession. Their passion and expertise will make a significant impact on the lives of countless patients over the years. We recognize that these individuals are committed to excellence and are looking to take their educational journey to the next level. We want to be part of their journey and help them attain the level of skill and practice growth that they deserve.

Members will have access to an unparalleled learning experience, with availability to a range of educational resources, tools, and opportunities that support their individual needs and goals. They will have the opportunity to connect with an exclusive community of like-minded individuals, who are equally dedicated to their personal and professional growth.

We are seeking individuals who are committed to elevating the delivery of chiropractic adjustment as the forefront of their practice. If you share our passion for advancing patient care through precise and effective adjusting techniques, we will invite you to join our community and embark on a journey towards professional excellence with us.

Our Pediatric Certificate Program provides two avenues for certification: a 10-month online program and a 48-hour hybrid (16 hours online, 32 hours in-person) seminar series. Upon completing either of these programs, participants will be listed in our exclusive Pediatric Referral Directory and invited to join our membership program. Our members, who have found their professional home with us, aspire to master our techniques, and may eventually choose to join the Peak Potential Institute as part of our training staff.

300+ Chiropractic Adjusting Videos

  • Complete video coverage of content for SOT® Spinal and Cranial Pediatric Practitioner Exams
  • Demonstrations on hands-on adjusting protocols
  • Never before seen historic videos from chiropractic and cranial masters

Live Support From Our Doctors

  • Monthly live classes hosted by our doctors, covering topic requests from our membership
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with SOT® Pediatric Certificate Members
  • Receive support from Dr. Rosen and other members with challenging cases

Member-Exclusive Discounts

  • Receive honorarium for any referrals to our online or in-person programs
  • Receive a 20% discount on all online courses and 10% on all in-person programs + special rates for associates and spouses

Participate in Our Programs

  • Be the first to learn of our course and product offerings and give input on upcoming selections
  • Availability to apply to our “Train the Trainer” program (only offered once a year)

Did you receive an invitation?

Prospective members will be invited via email. For inquiries, Contact Us.

Feedback from Our Members

Testimonial: Lindsey Pfeiffer, DC CSSPP

“I utilized the videos of the exams and adjustments techniques the most, especially when preparing to take my examinations. As a visual learner, it helped to fill the gaps from my notes.

I found the monthly doctor sharing sessions to be very beneficial because it allowed myself and others to ask questions about current patients and get great advice from not only Marty and Nancy but from other docs that are practicing the same techniques.

I would recommend the vitality chats and the historic videos to those that haven’t taken advantage of them. The knowledge that gets shared from some of the greatest doctors in our profession is invaluable. It allows me to have access to them when that would not have been an option without being a member of this group.

This program is worth every penny. It helps give me clarity on cases, answer any questions that might arise and grow my knowledge as a provider. Whether you are just starting out in practice or have been practicing for decades it will help you up your game and allow you to stand out from other practitioners. I also highly recommend taking the certification exams because it will allow you to get a deeper understanding of the material and work that we do. Marty and Nancy truly care about you and your growth and this membership program allows you to have direct access to them.”

Testimonial: Courtney Neill, DC, CACCP, CSSPP, CSCPP

“I mostly use the demonstration videos on techniques, exams and adjusting, and I enjoy partaking in the doctor shares when my schedule aligns with it, but it’s great to be able to have it ‘in the vault’ to watch later if I missed it. I also enjoyed the vitality chats and the historic videos.

The demonstration videos were incredibly helpful while I was trying to study for my spinal and cranial exam. I think I have gone through all of them by this point. I also found the doctor shares to be helpful, particularly when there was a demonstration of a technique.

I have told many doctors who are nervous about the exam to sign up for this membership so that they can access these videos as often as they want for studying purposes.

You guys are really putting together a quality program, across the board, and I am so happy to be a part of it!”

Testimonial: Ken Cooper, DC, FICPA, CSSPP, CACCP

“Joining the Peak Potential Institute Membership program is a game-changer for any serious practitioner. Here’s why:

Monthly Doctor Sharing: These sessions have been invaluable to me! The insights and experiences shared by fellow doctors provide practical knowledge and foster a supportive community.

On-Demand Video Demonstrations: The program offers a wealth of on-demand videos demonstrating various adjusting techniques and cranial procedures. This resource is incredibly useful for refining skills and learning new methods.

Discounts and Affiliate Program: Membership comes with exclusive discounts and access to an affiliate program, adding significant value and opportunities for savings.

Exclusive Community: The membership isn’t about elitism; it’s about commitment. It brings together doctors who are genuinely dedicated to mastering their craft. This exclusivity allows for in-depth learning and meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Comprehensive Video Library: The extensive library of historic and instructional videos is a treasure trove of knowledge, making this membership program worth its weight in gold.

In summary, the Peak Potential Institute Membership program is a must-have for any doctor looking to elevate their practice through shared knowledge, exclusive resources, and a supportive community.”

The SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

Demonstrate your commitment to your profession and patients, enhance your skills, and place yourself on the road to mastery in the art of chiropractic adjustment.