Praise for Our SOT® - The Three Categories Course

Dr. Doreen Day Holloway

I have been using SOT technique for years and I wanted to brush up on my knowledge. I love Dr. Rosen's teaching methods and this class: SOT 3 categories has confirmed that. Dr. Rosen is precise, accessible and his experience in practice clarifies aspects that can be puzzling when you're in the office. I am so glad I took this class. I learned something new in each module. My confidence benefited it and my business has grown! Thank you Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson!

Dr. Keiran Dinnie

This SOT Categories online course is a wonderful refresher or first time course. I chose to do it as a refresher and now feel as though I can incorporate the basics of SOT into my practice in a confident way. It is comprehensive and delivered in a methodical way to enhance retention. I look forward to doing more courses from Dr Rosen and Dr Watson.

I needed to refresh by SOT skills. I had a cursory knowledge of SOT and felt like I needed to know exactly how some of the tests/adjustments are performed, such as the psoas release and arm fossa test. Dr. Martin covers the theory very well and is highly articulate, the video demonstrations are clear and easy to follow, and the material is repeated throughout the course to enhance retention. I loved the program and intend to do all of the programs you offer over time when/if I'm financially able to do so.

Dr. Nathan Sikora

First off thank you both! This class has given me back hope for a true, thorough, holistic, simple, repeatable, and effective chiropractic technique. Your style, expertise, and service to the profession are unmatched! This class was very well thought out and supported many learning styles. I loved the speed of learning and your willingness to answer questions. From the bottom of my heart thank you for keeping this work going.

Dr. Nick Novakoski

This was my first experience with SOT. I started implementing bits and pieces into my practice and my patients started seeing better and better results. I received a voicemail from a lifelong chiropractic patient after running her through the system for the first time. She told me that was the BEST she had ever felt after an adjustment. By the end of the course, I had completely changed my entire exam and adjusted protocols to fit the 3 category system. Drs. Rosen and Watson do a wonderful job of explaining and simplifying complex biomechanics and neurology. If you are looking to standardize your analysis and adjusting protocols, while still maintaining a high level of individualized care, this class is for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Daniel Tierney, DC

I have been in practice for 15 years now. I initially interned as well as externed with a hybrid-SOT practitioner (Steven Moe, DC in MN). So, the material is not necessarily new to me. However, with this review, there are some subtleties in your teachings that will help enhance my approach with patients. Your material has also made me pause to consider alterations of my current process with patients (Kaizen). Thank you for your clear yet concise way of communicating SOT.