Praise for Chiropractic Care for the Pregnant Patient

Nicholas Novakoski, D.C.

I am Webster certified and have been diving deep into SOT for the past year. I was very excited to look at chiropractic care for pregnancy through the lens of SOT.
My three takeaways:
1. The indicators. Not only does it give me certainty, but my patients think I am magic when they reduce after an adjustment!
2. The anatomy and physiology in the beginning portion has given me more certainty with my patient communication.
3. I loved the case management portion.
This program has given me certainty in my care and communication for prenatal patients. The seated blocking protocols are fantastic! It gave me a new tool to work with difficult patients. If you are looking for certainty with your care planning, communication and adjusting protocols for prenatal patients, this course is a must take! You guys are great! I am excited to keep studying with you!

Silke Laub, D.C.

I took this program to learn new strategies to care for the pregnant patient.
I love the format. Being able to rewind and re-watch until you have mastered the material is great. The content is extremely fascinating and applicable.
I personally thrive when I am learning. Learning keeps me excited about the job and that makes me a better physician. My patients are excited as well, especially when you have an indicator to make the correction and the indicator is gone.
Yesterday I worked with a patient with a breech baby. I struggled to completely balance her. She is a Cat 2 with round ligament pain and left SI discomfort. Worked per one and supine indicators and corrections and she was balancing out for the first time. She also stated that she feels the baby has changed position so tomorrow she is going to have an ultrasound (33 weeks) to see if the baby has turned. Her discomfort is completely gone.
The program is designed well and very valuable because you can utilize everything the next day. So much more value than an in-person class where I usually leave with one or 2 tidbits. This format let you really internalize the program.

Katie LaBarge, D.C.

I decided to take this course because I was repeatedly finding women, pregnant particularly, whose pelvises were giving me a hard time and were not properly aligned despite my best efforts with HVLA adjustments and other various techniques. I was hoping that I could help these women and future mamas in my office.
Even drop table adjustments that I previously considered very gentle can be too much given the instability during pregnancy. I can use other tools to help keep the belly off the table while making blocking more effective.
I love using this in my office and think that it will be a wonderful asset to my practice as I am able to assist women in reducing pregnancy related pain and women who have seen other chiropractors without much relief too. At home, I spent more time than anticipated as I found myself wanting to repeatedly watch the same videos to see what I missed the first time. The videos didn't take too long and the CTA was beneficial but I just spent too much time watching and rewatching (with the first 5 videos in particular).
I used the acetabulum assessment and correction just last week and got a message the next day from the mom who said she felt so rested and had just slept the best she had in years, since having her first child. I also have used the assists for helping start labor and mom reported that it helps to regulate contractions and she believes helped move things along.
I absolutely loved this course as the videos were manageable in length and the community was so supportive. I learned so much throughout each one as they are chalked full with wonderful tidbits in addition to the expected curriculum. I do wish that I was more versed in SOT prior but I didn't feel too lost without the background either. I was particularly fond of the different scenarios/case studies at the end as well as the support and presence in the FB group.
Thank you for another wonderful class! Fell behind due to life's circumstances and taking on more than I can chew but I am so glad that I took this course because it is already helping mamas in my office!

Charlene Hobbie, D.C.

I see a lot of pregnant patients in my practice and want to learn more ways of adjusting/treating them.
I learned new things that were easily implemented into my practice. The format of the course was flexible and fit into my schedule well. This course makes me want to continue and take more courses.
This course gave me more tools in treating pregnant patients and can even be used in my non-pregnant patients. I like that the course was not so demanding in hours jammed into one weekend, but spread out and allowed me to spend time with my family while learning.
I have been blocking some pregnant patients according to the Category II protocol and have seen decreased pelvic pain.
I enjoyed taking this course due to the flexibility in the schedule and the techniques were easily implemented into my practice. Highly recommended.
Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson work well together as a team.

Francesca Aliberti, D.C.

I wanted to keep extending my knowledge of how I can help my pregnant patients more. I know SOT works wonders for people in general, I've never taken an SOT course before so this whole series was perfect to take.
My three takeaways:
One it's very involved in the sense that if chiropractors have only taken Webster technique or haven't done any pregnancy training then this course will definitely help acquire the tools/more tools to help your pregnant patients. A lot of techniques I was learning for the first time which made me excited to know I have a whole new skill set to help my patients with.
Secondly, there's a community. So whenever you are in doubt there are the doctor live shares to watch/be a part of and contact via email or Facebook to ensure you comprehend the material.
Thirdly, while the material is very new for someone like me, constantly reiterating the important parts was perfect.
Just yesterday I utilized the assisted psoas correction after her psoas wasn't making much of a release with the work I was doing and noticed that made a fantastic difference.
Overall I really enjoyed the course. It's a lot to take in for someone new to SOT like me, especially once we started getting into the later parts of the course like the pituitary, liver etc. However, I feel like you did a really good job at repeating the really important parts that are the most common things I will need to be using.
I am definitely going to take another one of your SOT programs like this
Thanks for everything!

Monique Michelle Konau, D.C.

I decided to take the course because I wanted to expand my knowledge about the different techniques that can be used to treat pregnant patients and also deepen my understanding of the SOT technique.
My three takeaways:
1. Remember to check for organic problems, especially in the pregnant patient.
2. Try and encourage your community to see a chiropractor as soon as possible after conceiving or even better the weeks before. Also explain to them that they do benefit from care after birth as well.
3. Check your indications, often less is more.
I’m now more confident on how to communicate chiropractic care during pregnancy. I was also reminded that especially pregnant women don’t just need spinal adjustment but often times need treatment for different systems, e.g. organs, which has changed my way of practicing
I treated an elderly woman with lower back pain where I applied the orthopedic blocking technique which really helped her especially since she couldn't lie down. A pregnant patient had severe pain underneath her rib cage on one side. Using the protocols we learned in this program helped ease the pain.
I enjoyed taking the course with Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson because they always encouraged us to ask questions and made sure that they were answered either via email or during the Q&A sessions. I learned many new techniques which I could apply in practice the next day, and I could also deepen my understanding of the knowledge I already had through previous seminars. I liked that the information we learned was again briefly repeated throughout the course because sometimes new questions came up and other times it was helpful to go over it again. Another helpful thing was the transcript for each video as well as the PowerPoints/manual.

Dr. Joelle Johnson

I loved this course, lots of pearls to implement the next day in practice. It was concise, specialized information and immediate implementation in practice With a busy family, it was great with my crazy unpredictable schedule, to sit down and so it in 30 min increments. Seated blocking for lumbar pain has helps a lot of my pregnant patients and facet syndrome patients. I would strongly recommend this course, concise, accurate and easily implemented. Lots of wonderful information that can be implemented the next day.

Dr. Shenaigh Newman

I work with many pregnant patients and was hoping to learn a few new techniques to treat that population. There were valuable case study examples, different approaches for treatment of pregnancy, thorough outlines of technique The program introduced the idea that pregnant patients may not have regular HVLA adjustments and would be better treated with a more gentle approach. I used the seated lumbar adjustments and the pubic symphysis. Went well Dr. Watson and Dr. Rosen are both very passionate and knowledgeable about their field. This course outlines some new and useful techniques for treating the pregnant population. It was fairly heavy on prior SOT knowledge. That would've been helpful to know prior to it.

Lindsey Crook, D.C.

I was looking to increase my certainty in caring for my pregnant patients. There are many things that come up in practice that I have not always felt prepared for so I was hoping to alleviate some of the uncertainty.
My three takeaways:
1.There is always a way. If a patient is having difficulty with their pregnancy and supine or prone adjusting is not possible, seated is always an option.
2. Less is more when it comes to adjusting the pregnant patient.
3. A patient's body will change dramatically from Tri1-3 so we need to be able to accommodate and modify our techniques to support that.
This course has increased my confidence in adjusting a patient with structural challenges that are outside typical. I had a patient present 7mos along for initial care. She had extreme lower rib pain and was unable to lie, having been sleeping sitting upright for a week. I worked on her seated and did work with her Psoas and seated lumbars.
The course with the Drs. Rosen and Watson has given me a broader scope of ways to help my patients. I've been in practice 17 years and there is still so much to learn. The application of SOT gives a perspective that helps me to think outside the box when approaching a difficult case.

Dr. Lee Wen Jia

As I took the SOT Pediatric Programme previously, I am thinking that it will be great to learn more new skills to help both pregnant mummies and their babies. Through this course, I learnt many effective and gentle ways of adjustment for pregnant ladies to ensure the adjustment treatment on every pregnant lady is carried out in a safer method.
1. I learnt the body structure changes on pregnant mummies which can help me to have a better understanding about pregnant mummy body condition during different phases of pregnancy.
2. I learnt different conditions or symptoms that will be faced by pregnant ladies and the treatment for each condition.
3. I learnt SOT block technique which is really an amazing technique to me as it is a really effective technique when I perform it on my patients.
After finishing this course, I found that I can have better communication with mummies and ladies who are pregnant. I am able to explain to them in a better and professional way during the report of finding, which can make them have more understanding of their condition and more willing to start or continue with the treatment.
I met one pregnant lady and that was her first pregnancy. She was very nervous and worried about hers and her baby's condition. She experienced lower back pain and soreness. She used to self-crack her lower back to relieve her symptoms. After checking and treatment, she felt relief on her lower back, but she also felt tightness around her sacroiliac joints. After a few months of treatments, her condition is improving and she has safely delivered a healthy and cute baby.
I feel that this is a really great and amazing course. Through this course, chiropractors can have a golden opportunity to learn a specific, safer and effective technique for pregnant ladies. Besides, not only treatment, this course also gives a clear picture and explanation about how pregnancy causes changes in women's body condition and structure, which is really helpful to chiropractors to have a better understanding about it.
After finishing this course, I feel that I have more confidence when I meet pregnant ladies. Honestly speaking, previously I have no confidence with handling treatment for pregnant mummies. However, after learning and exposing myself to this amazing SOT technique, I found that I become more confident when facing patients who are in pregnancy. I really want to thank Dr Martin and Dr Watson who taught me this awesome technique. I hope there will be more chiropractors and patients from all over the world will get benefits from the great technique. Last but not least, I wish I will have more chances to learn from Dr. Martin and Dr. Watson in the future.

I have treated pregnant patients for many years but wanted to know more techniques or different ways to be able to treat different conditions in the pregnant patient.
Having learned some introductory level SOT techniques, the occipital fibres introduction and especially the morning sickness part.
It has brought me a new confidence to deal with my pregnant patients on a professional level.
Being that I was just able to view the majority of the course in the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to put the coursework into use yet.
I think that both Drs. Rosen and Watson have an excellent ability of teaching and explaining even the more complex components of working with both pregnant or paediatric patients in an easy to understand manner for us, even if we don't have the SOT background.
Great course work and looking forward to doing some more studying with you in the future.

Maria Leonor Sweetmore

Maria Rapp, DC

I wanted to get more ideas for treating my pregnant patients.
I learned some new strategies for treatment, even though I do not use SOT, I got a great review of anatomy and physiology of the pregnant patient, I feel more confident treating this population.
I have already utilized a few techniques on patients that I was not getting good results with.
I had never heard of the treatment for morning sickness, and I seem to be having some success with decreasing this problem in a few of my pregnant patients.
I have been in practice for 30 years, and I thought I had seen just about all possibilities for treatment. It was nice to have a review of anatomy and to get more ideas for treatment to add to my arsenal. When I see 40-60 patients a day, there is always a group that does not respond to my standard treatment. I used a few ideas from just about every video within a week of watching it. No matter how long you are in practice, you can always learn something new.
The doctors are very knowledgeable and thorough. It was nice to have the ability to ask questions in the live sessions and Facebook page.

Kylie Phillips, D.C.

I wanted to learn more about helping the pregnant Mum's I see in my office, there is always something every so often that doesn't respond to care so I wanted to get some more techniques for my tool box to best serve my community.
My three take-aways: The program is broken into manageable weekly chunks. It is immediately applicable to use in the office and you will learn how safely and competently care for pregnant women (but it is also applicable to anyone in the office).
This program has given me more confidence and certainty in the office I have enjoyed learning/using my brain again and joining a group/community of like-minded people.
I think the biggest change has been to use the blocks for all categories in pregnancy – prior to this course I only blocked Cat 2 but now I have the pillows/knowledge to keep using the blocks through pregnancy The best example has been a lady who was a Cat 3 and had been in very bad pain for months prior to the appointment and from the first visit she was more comfortable and mobile.
This course is the best pregnancy course out there, you can take the skills you learn and use them immediately in the office and most of all pregnant Mum's who may have been afraid of chiropractic care end up loving care because it is so comfortable for them.
I really appreciate how available you are to answer questions and your willingness to share your wisdom and knowledge.

Cesar Segura, D.C.

I took this course for the quality of the teachers and the topics involved with the hope of being able to give more professional, gentle, specific and effective attention in caring for the pregnant patient.
My three takeaways:
1. Quality of teachers
2. Space to ask questions and clarify concepts
3. Broad and complete agenda with the main topics involved the pregnancy
This course has generated a more complete knowledge of the changes involved in pregnancy as well as its approach, allowing me to provide better care and at the same time generating more confidence about chiropractic management in the patient pregnant. Personally, it has expanded my range of benefits as well as the ability to safely face the changes that women are experiencing at different stages of her pregnancy.
Many of techniques learned have been very useful, such as the technique for the previous sacral base and its evaluation through cranial indicators; this has allowed me to manage many lumbar or sacral pain in a totally smooth way, without discomfort and providing a fast and effective resolution.
I believe that programs like this, deep, extensive, with a description of the mechanisms involved in both the injury and its resolution, not only give more confidence to the chiropractor, but also allow enough time to mature the concepts, which can be applied immediately after learning, in order to fine-tune its use and at the same time clarify any doubts that may arise.
Thank you for allowing many, who cannot by distance, to access this great knowledge in a dynamic, entertaining and attractive way to the practitioner.

Trey Rodriguez, D.C.

I took this course to learn from Dr Rosen and to just have more knowledge and tools.
There are always different ways to do things and some people may respond better to certain techniques. SOT is a more gentle approach and could serve your patient better. I have more knowledge and ways to apply technique to any situation/clinical case. I think, ultimately you have to find what works best for that particular person.
More knowledge is always good to have and it is definitely good to have more tools in your toolbox clinically. If something isn't working, you have other options. A ton of info in this course and I think anyone who sees pregnant moms should definitely take this course.

Suzanne Frye, D.C.

I wanted to increase my knowledge in the treatment of pregnant patients.
I appreciated the ability to watch the videos on my time availability. I appreciated the ability to re-watch the videos to really understand the material. I appreciated the question and answer portion. The program has increased my knowledge and confidence in treating pregnant patients. The ability to diagnose the main component of the presenting problem of the patient has helped my practice by being knowledgeable and confident in the care of the patient.
This program can help you and your practice in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of your patients. Your patients will see the knowledge that you have and become assured that you are the correct Doctor for them.

Hailey Burpo, D.C.

I took this program to have more skills to help with my pregnant patients.
It was a good look into SOT and hit the areas of the technique that you can use the next day in office. I’d like to expand it and take more SOT courses with Peak potential because it has been 15 years since really diving into SOT In school. Reviewing the videos over and over seems to really help me and it helps to watch Doc work with actual patients. I really enjoyed the tidbits of information that were given to help with certain specific pregnancy cases.
This program has really helped me to be able to reach those pregnant patients that have severe pain. I have a patient that cannot sleep at night nor get comfortable except when she is in the shower. We started blocking her Cat 2 and working more on her psoas and she is now able to rest at night. She has less leg pain as well.
This program is something all chiros can benefit from because it is a less invasive procedure and it allows you to open up your practice for many different needs. It’s a great tool to use on all patients and I have started incorporating it on all patients. It is also easier on my body as an adjuster.
Thank you; it has been a great class and a huge blessing to my practice. I will be taking other classes in the future.

Erin McLaughlin

I have always enjoyed caring for pregnant patients, and I wanted to enhance and strengthen my assessment and adjustment procedures for this population.
My three takeaways:
1) Excellent format with weekly lessons and homework
2) Call to action homework to create pregnant info handouts/posters was incredibly useful.
3) Excellent collection of useful information about things commonly seen in each trimester of pregnancy.
This program has enhanced my interest in caring for pregnant patients, and I feel refreshed and equipped to serve. Currently caring for a woman (37 weeks at her visit today) who has benefited greatly from her care over the past 5 weeks. Significantly reduced pain in the pubic symphysis and round ligament.
I enjoyed the weekly lesson format of this course and also found the Facebook q&a’s helpful as a review and opportunity to learn from the questions posed by other participants. At times, it was a little difficult to keep up with the pace at which the content was delivered within the videos themselves, and therefore I found having the slides and transcripts very crucial to my understanding. Thank you very much.

Jamie Wuistinger, D.C.

I treat 50% pregnant mamas and am always looking to further my skills.
It was great! I loved the refresher on SOT. It's made me more confident in my skills and knowledge.
I loved the course and the breakdown of the materials - small, but-sized chunks of info to easily refresh and integrate.

Dr. Stephanie Rittenour

This course is a phenomenal source of information to help your pregnant patients. It is hands on experience coupled with other information that can help everyone have the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy. I would recommend it!! Great information, clinical pearls and things that can immediately be implemented into practice.

Dr. April Kosinski

Taking this course will give you a better understanding of SOT and how it applies to prenatal and even postnatal patients.

Meaghan Brent, D.C.

I love working with pregnant women and I wanted to refresh my SOT techniques, and learn any new tools for the pregnant population.
Great pacing and ability to incorporate the material into practice right away. I was able to add more tools in the care of pregnant women and also many other patients using the blocking techniques!
I started blocking more and more people right away! I had one person who could barely walk into the office one day and was in so much pain I decided to only block her. When she stood up she was amazed at the result! I have also been able to use the seated blocking for a couple pregnant women which was a great alternate way to work on them when they couldn't get onto the table!
Great pacing for a doctor with a busy practice and life as a mom to be able to keep up, and not feel overwhelmed with the material and weekly assignments.
Thank you for your time and expertise. I enjoy learning from you!

Dr. Claire Gordon

I would highly recommend this course to others. The content is extensive and well taught. All of the aspects taught on the course are applicable to daily Clinical practice.

Drs Martin and Nancy Rosen are amongst the most dedicated Chiropractors alive today. Their drive to share their experience and knowledge is exceptional. They don't hold back with regard to what they teach and go out of their way to support their students and fellow Chiropractors. They cover a very wide range of topics within the parameters of the course content and teach with real thought for their learners. I can't imagine anyone regretting doing this course - that includes those who have recently graduated and those who are as long in the tooth as I am - I have been a Chiropractor over 25 years! I hope that you enjoy the courses as much as I have.

Julie Uren, D.C.

Chiropractic care for the pregnant patient is by far the best chiropractic technique course on pregnancy I have done. The modules were clear and the video demonstrations made the course easy to follow. The Q&A sessions were fabulous for clarifying and reviewing the modules. Martin and Nancy were so well prepared and available for any questions. I would definitely recommend this course.

Jennifer Newman D.C.

I took this program to add more skills and knowledge to my toolbox for assisting pregnant patients.
I have found that you provide an abundance of information! It is well broken up so that it isn't overwhelming. I love that you provide slides, transcripts and videos. This makes the information easier to understand and allows me to access the information after the course ends. I feel like all chiropractors could benefit their patients by learning to implement these skills in their practice.

Mietta Magistrali, D.C.

I took this course, after the pediatric course because I wanted to review the pregnancy. I enjoy being able to watch the videos when I am able to focus and review them. Always something to learn and I am using some new techniques, with results.

Adam Osenga, D.C., CCSP

After taking the pregnancy course I felt more confident. It gave me another approach to helping mothers. I can’t really give you anything to improve on. One suggestion I might have is leaving the course up for review if possible.