Praise for Chiropractic Care for the Pregnant Patient

Dr. Stephanie Rittenour

This course is a phenomenal source of information to help your pregnant patients. It is hands on experience coupled with other information that can help everyone have the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy. I would recommend it!! Great information, clinical pearls and things that can immediately be implemented into practice.

Dr. April Kosinski

Taking this course will give you a better understanding of SOT and how it applies to prenatal and even postnatal patients.

Dr. Claire Gordon

I would highly recommend this course to others. The content is extensive and well taught. All of the aspects taught on the course are applicable to daily Clinical practice.

Drs Martin and Nancy Rosen are amongst the most dedicated Chiropractors alive today. Their drive to share their experience and knowledge is exceptional. They don't hold back with regard to what they teach and go out of their way to support their students and fellow Chiropractors. They cover a very wide range of topics within the parameters of the course content and teach with real thought for their learners. I can't imagine anyone regretting doing this course - that includes those who have recently graduated and those who are as long in the tooth as I am - I have been a Chiropractor over 25 years! I hope that you enjoy the courses as much as I have.

Julie Uren, D.C.

Chiropractic care for the pregnant patient is by far the best chiropractic technique course on pregnancy I have done. The modules were clear and the video demonstrations made the course easy to follow. The Q&A sessions were fabulous for clarifying and reviewing the modules. Martin and Nancy were so well prepared and available for any questions. I would definitely recommend this course.

Adam Osenga, D.C., CCSP

After taking the pregnancy course I felt more confident. It gave me another approach to helping mothers. I can’t really give you anything to improve on. One suggestion I might have is leaving the course up for review if possible.