Online Program Curriculum


Online Program Curriculum

This 10-month certificate program is delivered over the course of forty weeks. Each 20-minute video is followed by homework assignments and supported by a private online group, and two live doctor sharing sessions.

Program Classes

  • The Case History
  • Spinal Examination of Pre-Ambulatory Infant
  • Occipital Fiber Analysis
  • Spinal Examination of Child 3 years and older
  • Pediatric Cranial Examination
  • CSF and Primary and Secondary Motion
  • Cranial Bone Movement
  • Dural Meningeal System and Sphenoid
  • Cranial Visual Analysis
  • Cervical and Occipital Meningeal Techniques
  • Pediatric Thoracic Adjusting
  • Pediatric Lumbar and Sacrum Techniques
  • Pediatric Pelvic and Ancillary Techniques
  • Types of Cranial Techniques and CSF
  • The Cranial Base and Adjusting Guidelines
  • Sphenoid and Sphenobasilar Corrections
  • Temporal, Occiput and Frontal Corrections
  • CSF Balancing Techniques
  • Cranial Condition Specific Techniques
  • Maxilla/Zygoma and Fruit Jar Techniques
  • Teething and Vagus Nerve Techniques
  • Symptomatic Cranial Corrections
  • Specific Cranial Correction Techniques

Alternatively, there is a 48-hour in-person version available.

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