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Pediatric Chiropractic Seminar Offerings - In Person Seminars


In this 3 16-hour, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive SOT® Certificate Pediatric Practitioner course you will learn to competently, confidently, efficiently, and safely work with the pediatric population.

You will attain the expertise to handle difficult and challenging cases that others cannot, create a lifetime-centered chiropractic care paradigm, and communicate the true value of the chiropractic adjustment and its importance to the proper growth and development of the infant, toddler, and child.

We want you to be able to provide the highest level of service for your family, patients and community as you endeavor to reach your greatest potential as a chiropractor. Once this is attained, you will reap the rewards from serving with skill, confidence and integrity.

In this certificate course you will learn comprehensive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols that will allow you to confidently, safely, and effectively work with any segment of the pediatric population.

Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent messaging and care protocols, strengthen and simplify your adjusting and case management procedures and transform your practice to the one you have been dreaming about.

1. Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Spine

Since brain growth, synaptic development, imprinting and susceptibility to input are greatest in the first two years of life, a specific skill set is necessary when evaluating and adjusting the pediatric patient. Do you have the necessary skills to determine whether a structural or meningeal/tonal correction is appropriate for your pediatric patient?

This 16-hour hands on seminar will not only give you the specific tools to work with both structural and meningeal/tonal subluxations, but these techniques can be incorporated into your current practice paradigm or give you the opportunity to create a whole new set of pediatric adjusting protocols. No longer will you have doubts about where, when and how to adjust the pediatric patient in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

2. Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Cranium

In this 16-hour seminar you will learn the skills to expertly evaluate an infant's cranium, including structural and functional parameters, and how to make specific corrections to any aberrant patterns, effectively, efficiently and safely. You will be able to take your practice to new levels and improve the quality and effectiveness of your chiropractic care by accessing the other 80% of the central nervous system directly through cranial adjusting.

Included in this seminar are both external and internal corrective protocols to help improve cerebrospinal fluid mechanics, reduce or remove abnormal dural tension, restore sphenobasilar motion, correct specific cranial bone imbalances and balancing techniques to restore normal sutural movement.

3. Clinical Integration

At times in practice, we reach plateaus in our patient care procedures. How would you like the skills and knowledge to move your patient's healing to the next level? In the pediatric practice we see a variety of challenges that may need a more integrated approach.

Issues such as:

  • Vagus nerve involvement
  • Tongue-tie
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Pediatric TMJ issues
  • Nursing problems
  • Digestive issues and Allergies

In this seminar you will learn the most common subluxation, structural, neurological and soft tissue patterns commonly found with many of the issues we come across in our pediatric practices.

Specific adjusting protocols and ancillary procedures are discussed, outlined, demonstrated and workshopped in this 16-hour hands-on seminar.

If you want to be able to work with and help some of the most challenging pediatric cases and become the go-to chiropractor in your community this seminar will be an invaluable tool to move you in that direction.

Pediatric Spinal and Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting Seminar

“The period from birth to 2, may be the most dynamic and important phase of postnatal brain development in humans…” Pediatric Chiropractic care affects the ability of the Central Nervous System to process information, form internal connections, respond to the environment and develop more normal and functional growth patterns. Imagine being able to make a positive input directly into this process.

In this 16-hour comprehensive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting seminar you will learn how to access the sensitive pediatric nervous system, safely, efficiently, and effectively. Get the results that you have dreamed of achieving in your patient care while growing your practice into a self-perpetuating referral machine.

This seminar will teach you complete spinal and cranial evaluation/examination protocols as well as adjusting protocols for the entire spine and cranium. You will be able to develop an indicator system that will tell you clearly, confidently and specifically where, when and what type of adjustment will be most effective on your pediatric patient.

If you want to improve your pediatric chiropractic skills, are just starting out in practice or are looking for new and better ways to serve the pediatric community this seminar will give you the tools necessary to build a consistent and successful pediatric practice built on performance, certainty and expertise.


How would you like to learn a technique that instills confidence and certainty in your evaluating and adjusting protocols, no matter the age or condition of your patient? How would you like a specific indicator and adjusting system the tells you where, when and how to make the most effective adjustment for your patient and at the same time lets you know if you have accomplished what you set out to do?

SOT® affords the practitioner just that level of confidence, efficiency and certainty. In this 16-hour hands-on seminar you will learn the complete evaluation and adjusting protocols for the SOT® Three Category System. The demonstrations, hands-on workshopping and lecture format will give you the ability to implement these protocols Monday morning in your office. Your questions will be answered, your skill set will be improved and your practice will flourish.

If you are new to SOT®, want to review its protocols, or want to hone your SOT® skills, this seminar is for you.

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