Scoliosis Ancillary Adjusting Protocols and Home Care

It is estimated that six to nine million people in the U.S. alone have scoliosis. If you are working with this segment of the population, especially in pediatrics, you will need specific tools to maximize your chiropractic care and outcomes.

In this video set Dr. Rosen demonstrates the additional corrective procedures (once your regular care protocols have been applied) as well as home care exercises to facilitate the correction and/or stabilization of scoliosis.

These protocols are to be applied in conjunction with your regular chiropractic adjustments.

PDF workbook included – this includes the home care exercises as well as the adjusting protocols.

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Occipital Fiber Analysis and Soft Tissue Reflex Techniques (CMRT)

Do you have patients whose chronic subluxation patterns you have to adjust over and over again, and they never seem to go away? Are their health challenges not resolving even though your current technique paradigm says their subluxation patterns are decreasing? Would you like a few new tools to address these issues and facilitate a deeper healing for your patients?

In this video set you will learn how to maximize your spinal corrections by determining the type of subluxation present, structural, dural meningeal or viscersomatic, and the most effective adjusting protocols for each. Occipital fiber analysis offers the chiropractor a specific protocol for detecting the major subluxation or vertebral dysfunction and how to most effectively correct it.

Combined with the soft tissue protocols (Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique — CMRT) in this video you can help support the adjustments through the use of supportive soft tissue procedures to break or reduce the aberrant viscersomatic reflex arc common in chronic subluxation patterns.

In this streaming set, not only are the complete corrective procedures taught for the Occipital Fibers, but the supportive soft tissue procedures are covered for the major organ systems including: lung and sinuses, stomach, gall bladder, ICV, pancreas, cecum, liver, spleen and immune system, adrenals, kidneys, large intestine and hormonal system.

Includes a PDF workbook.

  • Price: $195.00