It's All In The Head

After 40 years of clinical practice and teaching thousands of chiropractors as well as seeing tens of thousands of pediatric patients, we are excited to announce the release of our first book designed for the general public.

This book was written to empower parents and other health care professionals to see the telltale signs of cranial/facial structural and functional issues that can not only affect children's health but inhibit the attainment of their true potential.

The future of society's health rests in the children it produces and giving them the greatest opportunity to reach their full health potential is every parent's purpose.

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What's In This Book?

In this 120-page book you will get insights in your child’s proper neurological development, how their nervous system works, what signs and symptoms may point to abnormal developmental issues and what to or where to go when you have questions or concerns.

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Table of Contents


The Wonder of Human Development

The question parents most often ask is: "Is what my child doing or looks like normal"?

In this chapter, we discuss the difference between what is normal and what is common.

Chapter One

Birth: The Beginning of Life

Birth is a miraculous experience. What is actually happening to the infant during this process?

In this chapter we discuss the birth process and its affect on the infant.

Chapter Two

The Structures Beneath

Learning about the structures that protect your child's rapidly growing nervous system can give you a window into how to determine what is normal vs. common.

In this chapter, we discuss the external and internal factors that affect the development of your child's nervous system.

Chapter Three

The Developing Brain

This chapter will give you a window into the truly miraculous neurological development that is occurring in the first year of your child's life.

Chapter Four

Milestones and Reflexes

What are the things you should be looking for to make sure that your child is developing to their optimum potential?

In this chapter, we discuss the markers that can help you key in to detect aberrant neurological development before the symptoms show.

Chapter Five

Our Nervous System

Understanding how the nervous system works and having an idea about some of its parts can give parents a way to understand the processes that control their child's development.

This chapter will help you to appreciate the intricacy of the nervous system and how you as a parent can help foster a healthier, happier child.

Chapter Six

The Shape of Things

Here we discuss some of the most common structural and functional issues often seen in the pediatric population, what you should look for and what to do if you find them.

Chapter Seven

Structure and Function

Understanding the relationship between structure and function can help you understand the importance of fostering more normal structural growth and developmental patterns to facilitate optimum functional capacity in your child.

Chapter Eight

What's Wrong With This Face

We all see our children as beautiful and perfect the way they are. At times, certain physical quirks become apparent and we wonder is this a problem?

In this chapter, we will give you some guidelines to help you determine when a "quirk or glitch" is something you should be concerned about.

Chapter Nine

What To Do?

Parents are often the first to notice that something is not quite right with their child. When this happens, you need a place or direction to go to determine what if anything needs to be done to support your child.

In this chapter, we discuss some of the options available for parents who have questions or concerns about their child's structural or functional development.

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Testimonials for The Book

"As we develop our ideas of health, one thing stands glaringly clear: Our long-term health outlook starts at birth and the better we care for ourselves at an early age, the healthier we will be throughout our years. As we discover true health, we realize that common is not necessarily normal, and normal is not always common.

Finally, we have a way to distinguish both for infants and children, which is finding cranial distortions and correcting them. This book and work are so powerful as it allows for the body to heal itself in the most efficient and productive way possible through an optimally functioning nervous system. This book needs to be in the hands of everyone who has children, cares for children, and works with children. After all, the children of today will be our leaders tomorrow."

Dr. Ron Oberstein

President, Life Chiropractic College West

"What we think is normal may not be the best for our children. It's All In The Head is an insightful exploration to understand why many commonplace phenomena in infants and children may be a window to unlocking their human potential. This book will empower the reader with perspective and tools to help the future of humanity.

In my years of professional practice, I have wanted a book that could outline for my patient's the intimate relationship of the structure of the skull and the body with the function of the brain and nervous system. This is that book. Dr's Rosen and Watson have created a readable, practical guide for both parents and clinicians."

Peter Kevorkian, DC

President of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

"As a practitioner for over forty years the most common question I am asked is, "What can I read on what it is that you do." My usual response is, "nothing that I know without getting really technical." Their response is always one of disappointment...for me too! Therefore, having a book that really explains "things" is a godsend not only for us practitioners, but for the patients, Moms, Dads, and families that walk through our doors!

The material gives the reader a clear and concise perspective on the relationships that quietly and invisibly exist within the human body. Revealing how we as practitioner's subtlety influence these relationships functionally and structurally in order to achieve health and balance within the body. Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson have masterfully created a readable and understandable guide to "what it is that I actually do."

Dr. Robert LaRusso

"Every parent needs this book - especially new parents seeking optimal brain development for their child!

Craniopathy taught by Rosen is the keystone of my family wellness practice. We receive daily referrals from pediatricians, pediatric dentists, lactation consultants and other pediatric professionals because this specific chiropractic cranial work is vastly different than anything else they see.

"It's All in the Head" outlines the how and why the cranium is the most important piece (and many times the missing link) of your child's neurological growth and development. After reading this book, you'll know exactly what to look for and when in your child to maximizing their brain health potential - for life!"

Dr. Whitley Jagnanan, DC, CST

"As we are caring for our newborn we often forget to observe the magnificent trajectory of brain development that evolves especially during the first few years of life. The cerebellum itself triples in size in the first year as the infant achieves many milestones including rolling over, sitting up, standing and possibly walking. We usually don't nurture this development as it happens organically.

Most parents don't realize that when the trajectory of brain development is abnormal, often observed by delayed milestones, that there are ways to often correct the imbalances.

It's All In the Head is the first comprehensive book ever written to teach you as parents about neurological growth and development. You will understand what is going on and you will know what to do if you notice an imbalance or delay with your child. This is so important as the sooner a potential problem is observed and corrected, the sooner the infant/toddler can continue to grow and thrive on a proper neurodevelopmental trajectory. This book is a must for every parent!"


"It's All in Your Head" is a book that every parent needs to have in their home. It's a book that's been long missing from our collective understanding of just how important the cranium is in a child's development. It provides clear insight and answers to your questions of why and how cranial distortions affect not only structure but also function."

Dr. Roberta Stack

"As a new mother in the late 1970's, I wish this illuminating book had been available, guiding me, reassuring me as well as providing warning signs for my two children's early development.

As a proud grandparent now with three little ones making their way, my son and daughter-in-law will have what I lacked. How fortunate for them to have this critical knowledge as their children grow.

This book needs to be in every young parents' reference library."

Fran West

"What an amazing blessing it is for parents to have this information at their fingertips! As a pediatric chiropractor that utilizes specific cranial techniques in practice, I have been witness to miracles. Every parent needs a copy of this book!"

Valerie A Stroupe, DC, CACCP.

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