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Bundle: Plagiocephaly, Tongue-Tie and Intra-Oral Adjusting Protocols

This 8-disc bundle set is a valuable tool to improve your clinical outcomes and grow your practice. The protocols demonstrated on these DVDs will allow you to address some of the most common issues in the pediatric practice with more confidence and clinical skill.

The art of intra-oral cranial adjusting are some of the most specific and effective ways to make cranial corrections. Intra-oral corrective protocols will often succeed when extra-oral corrections are not making the desired changes.

The clinical evaluation and corrective protocols for Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Scaphlocephaly and Flat-head syndrome are discussed as well as both extrinsic and intrinsic causes, the variations, and the treatment protocols for these cranial distortions.

The issue of tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is becoming more common in the pediatric population. To address this issue, Dr. Rosen discusses the protocols necessary to evaluate tongue-tie and what effect the different grades of tongue-tie have on the developing child. He also covers the different approaches to correction of the tongue-tie, when surgical intervention is necessary, and when more conservative procedures are appropriate. The effect of the palatine and maxillary bones on cranial bone growth, functional issues (i.e. nursing, feeding and speech) and the neurological development of the child are of paramount importance. Correction protocols for specific palate distortions are demonstrated as well as how these distortions affect the rest of the cranium.

A PDF workbook for each topic is included on a separate disc.

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Bundle: Pediatric Examination and Pediatric Spinal Adjusting

The best care for your Pediatric Patients, starts with a complete chiropractic examination. In these DVDs you will learn a comprehensive Pediatric Examination for newborns all the way to pre-teen. Our Pediatric Spinal Adjusting DVDs will give you full spinal adjusting protocols for both structural and tonal adjustments.

Pediatric Exam and Evaluation Protocols DVD

  • This two DVD set covers the examination procedures for the pediatric patient from infant to pre-teen.
  • Disc 1 explains and demonstrates the chiropractic and neurological examination protocols for the preambulatory infant. It includes palpation, reflex testing and chiropractic evaluation procedures necessary to assess the infant's spine. This evaluation will help the chiropractor to create a functional baseline and determine the major or primary subluxation pattern.
  • Disc 2 demonstrates the evaluation protocols for the toddler to pre-teen using chiropractic and neurological indicators to create a practical clinical assessment model.
  • Disc 3 contains a companion PDF workbook.

Pediatric Spinal Adjusting: Evaluation, Structural and Tonal Techniques DVD

  • In this 3-disc set (2 DVDs and a CD with PDF workbook) you will learn to evaluate and adjust the pediatric patient to determine the most effective and efficient way to restore proper neurological and structural balance.
  • Since brain growth, synaptic development, imprinting and susceptibility to input are greatest in the first two years of life, a specific skill set is necessary when evaluating and adjusting the pediatric patient.
  • There are numerous techniques and evaluation protocols demonstrated in this DVD set to address the specific needs of this population including structural and tonal adjusting methodologies.
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Bundle: Pediatric Spinal and Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols

If you currently have a pediatric practice or want to start building one this Pediatric Evaluation and Adjusting Bundle will give you the tools to grow your practice, improve your skills and get better, more consistent results with your pediatric patients.

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Bundle: Adult SOT® Spinal and Cranial Adjusting

SOT® is one of the most effective, comprehensive and clinically based chiropractic techniques in our profession. If you have ever wanted to study this technique or are currently using it in your practice this SOT® adjusting bundle is for you. Improve your proficiency or begin your study of this amazing chiropractic technique today!

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Bundle: Tongue-Tie Evaluation and Evaluation and Correction of Plagiocephaly and Flat-Head Syndrome

Two of the most common issues in the pediatric practice today are discussed, evaluated and clinically approached in this Tongue-tie and Plagiocephaly Bundle. Become the expert in your area, get more referrals and learn how to take care of these patients in an effective, efficient and safe way. Don't miss this opportunity - order today!

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Bundle: Pediatric Care, Tongue-Tie Evaluation and Common Challenges in the Pediatric Patient

Included in this Pediatric Bundle: 2nd Edition of Pediatric Chiropractic Care; Tongue-Tie and Palate Evaluation and Common Challenges in the Pediatric Patient

The 2nd Edition of Dr Martin Rosen's book: "Pediatric Chiropractic Care" has completely revised Chapter 3, now called The Pediatric Exam, to give the practitioner a more concise step-by-step approach to evaluating the pediatric spine and nervous system. We have also added several charts, a more detailed index and improved explanations of spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols.

This comprehensive book is a complete guide to pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting procedures. It can be used to supplement your current practice paradigm or as a guide to develop an effective and comprehensive approach to pediatric chiropractic care. There are over 200 pages filled with pictures, charts, diagrams and step-by-step instructions for dozens of spinal and cranial adjusting and evaluation techniques.

The issue of Tongue-tie is becoming more common in the pediatric population. In this 2 disc, Dr Rosen discusses the protocols necessary to evaluate tongue-tie and what effect the different grades have on the developing child. You will learn how to evaluate the palate and its relationship to cranial mechanics and tongue-tie. Correction protocols are also demonstrated. In the 3-disc set of Common Challenges in the Pediatric Patient you will learn specific techniques to assist in controlling neurological responses present in acute situations such as ear infections, teething, colic/digestive challenges and more.

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Complete Chiropractic Pediatric Library

For over 34 years Dr. Rosen has been teaching chiropractic technique to thousands of chiropractors and chiropractic students worldwide. Over the past 18 years much of his focus has been on the pediatric population. This Complete Pediatric Library is a culmination of his years of clinical experience and research.

As one of the foremost pediatric chiropractors Dr. Rosen is offering a unique opportunity to any chiropractor or chiropractic student who understands the importance of pediatric chiropractic care and wants to master the art and science of pediatric chiropractic spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols.

This 20-disc set and comprehensive book is truly one of the most thorough, inspirational and clinically valuable chiropractic pediatric programs available today.

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Bundle: Sacro Occipital Technique

In this SOT® Technique Bundle you will learn the procedures for evaluating your patient to determine the proper Category as well as the complete adjusting protocols for Category I, II and III with our 4 DVD set on SacroOccipital Technique.

In addition learn the specific adjusting protocols necessary to address the hyper-mobility and pelvic balance issues specific to the pregnant patients with the 3 DVD set on Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy. Learn the skills necessary to deal with the changing neurophysiological and biomechanical presentations of the pregnant patient and help with even the most challenging cases.

In the 3-DVD set on Occipital Fiber Analysis and CMRT, you will learn to locate, evaluate and neutralize the Occipital Fiber Indicators for vasomotor and viscerosomatic subluxations and to determine the major spinal imbalance that is affecting the patient’s dural meningeal and autonomic nervous system.

You will learn to corrective procedures for Occipital Line I and Line 2 as well as the supportive soft tissue procedures for the major organ systems including: lung and sinuses, stomach, gall bladder, ICV, pancreas, cecum, liver, spleen and immune system and more.

Sold separately, these DVDs would cost $615 with shipping.

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Bundle: Cranial Adjusting Protocols

If you want to move your practice to the next level of clinical competency this DVD bundle will be an invaluable tool. In this 12 disc set (including 3 PDF disc workbooks and 9 DVDs) you will learn specific cranial adjusting protocols for a variety of adult and pediatric presentations.

Included are techniques to evaluate and correct the cranial sutural system, specific cranial bone subluxation patterns, cerebrospinal fluid mechanics, the cranial dural meningeal system, TMD issues as well as specific symptomatic presentations.

Each technique protocol is taught in a lecture and hands-on demonstration format. They are designed to be implemented immediately into your practice regardless of your present spinal technique adjusting paradigm.

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Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class : Complete Collection

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