Class 9 - Purpose of Pediatric Care - Coming Soon

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Class 1 - The Pediatric Spinal Examination


  • Purpose of the Pediatric Examination
  • The Case History and Developmental Milestones
  • The Infant Chiropractic, Neurological and Functional Spinal Examination Including: Extremity Examination Procedures, Reflex Testing, Sense Development, Cranial Nerve Testing and Ancillary Examination Procedures
  • Specific Pediatric Exam Protocols Age 2+
  • Examination Correlations and Charts

Class 2 - Cranial Evaluation Protocols


  • Overview of Cranial Evaluation Procedures - Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium - Sutures and Fontanelles – Growth Patterns
  • Cranial bone ranges of motion
  • Manual, Dural, Secondary and Primary (CSF) Respiratory
  • Cranial Visual Subluxation Analysis
  • Palpation of the Cranium - External
  • Palpation of the Palate - Internal
  • Landmarks and Reciprocity with Cranial Bone Motion
  • Sphenobasilar Motion and Mechanics

Class 3 - Pediatric Spinal Adjusting


  • Structural and Meningeal/Low Force Adjusting Techniques
  • Neurological Indicators for Specific Adjusting Techniques
  • The Cervical Spine and Occiput, the Thoracic Spine, the Lumbar Spine, the Sacrum and the Pelvis
  • Categorizing the Subluxation
  • Specific Analysis for Primary Pattern
  • Examination and Additional Adjusting Protocols for Age 2 and Older

Class 4 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 1)


  • Review of Cranial Bone and CSF Movement and Physiology
  • General Rules and Guidelines and Classifications for Cranial Corrections
  • Cranial Adjusting Techniques (Extra-oral Corrections): Occipital Bone, Sphenoid Bone and Sphenobasilar, Temporal Bone, Frontal Bone Corrections, Maxilla and Zygoma, Skull Molding, CSF Directing and Balancing and Cranial Facial/Fruit Jar Sutural Techniques

Class 5 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 2): Condition-Specific Techniques


  • C-Section, CSF Regulation, Eustachian Tube Draining
  • Hypo-Activity and Hyper-Activity Issues, Seizure Approaches – Sagittal Suture Release and Sinus Issues Including Intra and Extra Oral Approaches
  • Vagus nerve balancing, Ear Infections, Nursing/Sucking issues, Headaches, Allergies, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Balancing
  • TMJ Companion Techniques and More
  • Correlation of Cranial Procedures for Specific Clinical Application

Class 6 - Intra-Oral Specific Cranial Bone Corrections - Coming Soon

Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class : Classes 1 - 5

Class 7 - Pediatric Conditions and Organic Imbalances - Coming Soon

Class 8 - Correlation of Findings - Coming Soon

Class 10 - Anatomy and Physiology - Coming Soon