Class 8 - Correlation of Findings - Coming Soon

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Class 1 - The Pediatric Spinal Examination


  • Purpose of the Pediatric Examination
  • The Case History and Developmental Milestones
  • The Infant Chiropractic, Neurological and Functional Spinal Examination Including: Extremity Examination Procedures, Reflex Testing, Sense Development, Cranial Nerve Testing and Ancillary Examination Procedures
  • Specific Pediatric Exam Protocols Age 2+
  • Examination Correlations and Charts

Class 2 - Cranial Evaluation Protocols


  • Overview of Cranial Evaluation Procedures - Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium - Sutures and Fontanelles – Growth Patterns
  • Cranial bone ranges of motion
  • Manual, Dural, Secondary and Primary (CSF) Respiratory
  • Cranial Visual Subluxation Analysis
  • Palpation of the Cranium - External
  • Palpation of the Palate - Internal
  • Landmarks and Reciprocity with Cranial Bone Motion
  • Sphenobasilar Motion and Mechanics

Class 3 - Pediatric Spinal Adjusting


  • Structural and Meningeal/Low Force Adjusting Techniques
  • Neurological Indicators for Specific Adjusting Techniques
  • The Cervical Spine and Occiput, the Thoracic Spine, the Lumbar Spine, the Sacrum and the Pelvis
  • Categorizing the Subluxation
  • Specific Analysis for Primary Pattern
  • Examination and Additional Adjusting Protocols for Age 2 and Older

Class 4 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 1)


  • Review of Cranial Bone and CSF Movement and Physiology
  • General Rules and Guidelines and Classifications for Cranial Corrections
  • Cranial Adjusting Techniques (Extra-oral Corrections): Occipital Bone, Sphenoid Bone and Sphenobasilar, Temporal Bone, Frontal Bone Corrections, Maxilla and Zygoma, Skull Molding, CSF Directing and Balancing and Cranial Facial/Fruit Jar Sutural Techniques

Class 5 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 2): Condition-Specific Techniques


  • C-Section, CSF Regulation, Eustachian Tube Draining
  • Hypo-Activity and Hyper-Activity Issues, Seizure Approaches – Sagittal Suture Release and Sinus Issues Including Intra and Extra Oral Approaches
  • Vagus nerve balancing, Ear Infections, Nursing/Sucking issues, Headaches, Allergies, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Balancing
  • TMJ Companion Techniques and More
  • Correlation of Cranial Procedures for Specific Clinical Application

Class 6 - Intra-Oral Specific Cranial Bone Corrections - Coming Soon

Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class : Classes 1 - 5

In 2016, Dr. Martin Rosen offered an on-line Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class to a select group of dedicated doctors. This unique 10 month program was a comprehensive program that addressed the specific challenges for the care of the pediatric population. We are now making this Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class available to you in DVD and streaming video format.

Want to excel in practice? Do you long to provide the BEST care to your pediatric patients and sometimes feel there are gaps? Here is an opportunity to be able to explore specific challenges that you are experiencing with one of the most experiences and knowledgeable pediatric chiropractors in our profession.

Class 7 - Pediatric Conditions and Organic Imbalances - Coming Soon

Class 9 - Purpose of Pediatric Care - Coming Soon

Class 10 - Anatomy and Physiology - Coming Soon