Bundle: Plagiocephaly, Tongue-Tie and Intra-Oral Adjusting Protocols

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This streaming video set is a valuable tool to improve your clinical outcomes and grow your practice. The protocols demonstrated on these videos will allow you to address some of the most common issues in the pediatric practice with more confidence and clinical skill.

The art of intra-oral cranial adjusting are some of the most specific and effective ways to make cranial corrections. Intra-oral corrective protocols will often succeed when extra-oral corrections are not making the desired changes.

The clinical evaluation and corrective protocols for Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Scaphlocephaly and Flat-head syndrome are discussed as well as both extrinsic and intrinsic causes, the variations, and the treatment protocols for these cranial distortions.

The issue of tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is becoming more common in the pediatric population. To address this issue, Dr. Rosen discusses the protocols necessary to evaluate tongue-tie and what effect the different grades of tongue-tie have on the developing child. He also covers the different approaches to correction of the tongue-tie, when surgical intervention is necessary, and when more conservative procedures are appropriate. The effect of the palatine and maxillary bones on cranial bone growth, functional issues (i.e. nursing, feeding and speech) and the neurological development of the child are of paramount importance. Correction protocols for specific palate distortions are demonstrated as well as how these distortions affect the rest of the cranium.

A PDF workbook is included.

Titles In This Bundle

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